April Flowers Bring Facial Powers.

April Flowers Bring Facial Powers.

Change of season. Spring is here. Many celebrate Easter; and I’m not sure if you’ve noticed the gorgeous flower assortments within your store surroundings lately?! So bright and  gorgeous out there!

Something I’d  really like to get my face into. Yes, flower petal facials please!

Hello total recall!

Get yourself started with rose petals or tulip petals, lilies even lavender. There are so many flowers to choose from! It’s all about observing and integrating and reflecting.

Flowers are so sweet and deliver such tranquility all on their own. Many are loaded with hydration, antioxidants to help diminish any scarring, fine line and wrinkles.

Yes flowers are this amazing. Amazing scents. This nourishes the soul that I am. The Soul that you are.

When the flower is close to passing I pick them and either steep them in boiling water and introduce it to my face care regimens.

Petals of Prominence.


I’ve been flowers into my smoothies and adding them to my homemade face masks for years.

Yes, perhaps yes, that makes me a flower eater I guess you could say if you want to get into specifics here.

Flower petals once picked, I store within a paper towel wrap and place it in .my mini spa fridge.

One petal by one petal I unravel an exuberant homemade facial every night or every morning. When I’m not chasing time, lucky me embraces and enjoys the benefits of this facial both morning and night!

Give it a try and comment below please I would love to listen to all you have to say.

Next time you’re in a store enjoying your day really observe the flowers that pass you by. Maybe, awhile you’re choosing a flower for your loved one or yourself anytime at anytime.

Visualize The endless possibilities of vibrancy face care you are seemingly in presence of.

Sensational!! From the ground up.

Oh Patricia Divine Essence and her groundwork woes again.

This is everyday practice. Grounding with facials.

Oh! How I like that!

You are so worth it! Indulge. Disperse yourself.

Give this concoction a spin!

Flower Honey Face Mask

After soaking flower petals mix up one petal or two only with preferred flower you chose and add a bit of honey. Approximately three drops depending on how many petals you use. I do three drops or half a teaspoon to every petal and grind ingredients. Then add a splash squeeze of lemon and corner top to half a teaspoon of fresh ground up fine coffee beans.

Mix it up observe the texture and consistency before application. Make sure your face is cleansed well. Heat applied to face first prior to mask. Heat therapy or warm water dab to your face and dry. Go with your preference of heat prior to opening the pores.  

Paste it on yourself. Lay back and feel the flower power. Half an hour to an hour at times. I leave this mask on my face. Rinse with cool water.

It’s in the little things.

Everything counts.

Every ingredient.

Your time in the present.

Your divine energy.

Vibe away and Enjoy in yourself. 

Stay Wild Flower Child.

In joy, we trust.

I encourage any flower simply because flowers no matter what kind benefit me and serves us all something our skin and body would adore and should try at least once right? Is it possible?

Mother Nature nurtures.

I personally have no allergies so using any kind of flower is an open door.

Learn and grow with your preferences based on experience.

It all depends on the individual in relation to allergies of course.

Biochemically, the flower petals are a huge part of my creative passion for nature and natural beauty, embracing my true self and what nature truly provides us all on an everyday basis when truly cared for!

Use your flower power no matter who you are! I love my wild flower petal homemade face masks! They continue to discreetly yet magically provide and I absolutely love the skin care products out there that I’ve tried myself that have petals added to them!


In Essence, Divinely So!

I hope each one of you has and enjoys a beautiful time with close friends, family, people you adore the most this season.

Happy Holidays to all. Happy Easter.

Much Love,

Patricia Divine Essence

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  1. Yummy. The flower honey face mask sounds wonderful! I also enjoy flowers for tea too. Hibiscus is one of my favorites. But I was wondering which flowers do you consider Easter Flowers? I’m not really a big follower of the tradition so I’m not sure which flowers I should be using. Also, are there any flowers outside of Easter flowers that you would recommend for the honey face mask? Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Whichever flowers are around in stores during Easter season. All sorts of kinds within the stores or floral shops. I say Easter simply because of the calendar time/season that it is. I am aware some may not celebrate the tradition as to why I choose happy holidays or change of season. 🙂
      I love that you use hibiscus. I use it on my face regimes as well. I have to most definitely drink more flower petal tea for sure! Thank you so much for the reminder! I recommend any flower with this homemade mask. If you need certain specifics to which you are aiming for in regards to what a specific flower provides then this is where I personally research further. There are so many flowers. This as a result maintains my natural, creative (not having any stops to which flower I choose).
      Rose petal for starters give a try in this mask. Also leave me a comment if you wish. I’d love to hear about your experience!!
      I hope this helps you in your quest. I’m so glad you enjoyed this piece.

    2. The flowers flooding the stores at this season change. The various colours and kinds.
      I really enjoy hibiscus tea, rose tea and lavender tea. Flowers are definitely edible. Removing the centre of it of course.
      For starters for the honey face mask try rose or tulip.
      You are very welcome! 🙂

  2. I love flowers a lot  to the extent that I’m even thinking when I buy a house I will make a garden of different flowers in the front of my house. Just like you I have no allergies to flowers although I know some people who are allergic to a particular flower. I’m glad I came across your site because it will really help me as I will be engaging myself in horticulture .

    1. Wow! That is a very great goal to have and sounds like a great idea! Total groundwork would be from attending to he Soil and growing one’s own flower garden for sure!
      Flowers do bring a lot of colour, life and brightness to our visions that’s for sure.
      I am extremely happy my blog has helped you in a way.
      Horticulture is a beautiful way!
      Much Appreciated.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I like how you tied this topic to Easter. I love all things Easter and spring. This is the second website I have visited that discusses the consuming of flowers. I have always enjoyed looking at flowers but I have not considered eating them.I appreciate that you shared the recipe for the face mask. It appears that flowers have many benefits beyond visual satisfaction Thank you again.


    1. I love spring and Easter time of season as well! Oh yes. Flower petals are edible. I would love to hear your next flower tea venture. Feel free to share if it is new to you.
      You’re welcome.

  4. I love this article because I also love flowers. I always felt a little sad that I could never do anything but enjoy smelling them and looking at them until they die, but your article has opened my eyes. I will be following some of your suggestions as I don’t have any allergies that I know of. I will be bookmarking your site and coming back to see what else you have to share with us. Will you be sharing how you put them in smoothies and which kind of flowers you use for that? That sounds so interesting. 

    1. I am so humbled that you enjoyed yourself here and will be returning. Thanks so much.
      I will definitely in the near future be writing more about the flowers I use for smoothies for sure!
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Much Love.

    2. I am humbled that my article opened your eyes. May you look at flowers in a different light. Smoothies you an add any flower petal the thing with smoothies is you won’t even taste the flower. It is a great way to get started! I would love to hear about your first flower smoothie venture. 🙂

  5. What a beautiful article! I love the idea of putting flowers on as a face mask. Honestly, I had never thought of that. Hard to believe since I am an avid outdoor person, but I learned something today! What are the benefits of putting flowers in a face mask? What exactly does it do to the skin? I am definitely going to try your flower honey face mask. It sounds heavenly! I could use it right now! You have made everyone want to go out and pick a flower, thank you for inspiring us! 

    1. Flowers can provide a wide range of benefits. Moisture(hydration) ,antioxidants, calming effects, etc. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog on flower steeped teas and massaging your face using your hands and fingers to help keep your face blood flow and exercising it! 🙂

    2. Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it. It helps moisturize. Hydrate. Depending on the flower they deliver antioxidants and certain vitamins for your skin. Disperse yourself in them like you do to make a meal out f vegetables/food. 🙂

  6. Wow,, I agree with you and thank you for this post. Flowers are symbols of love, wealth, beauty, hospitality, patience, joy, purity and many more. Flowers are a part of the most important occasions in our lives.It is impossible for any person to be completely unaware of flower meanings.Flowers help to enhance the beauty of our faces.Flowers’ importance in nature is everywhere—they can feed insects, birds, animals and humans; provide natural medicines for humans and some animals; and aid in a plant’s reproduction by enticing outside pollinators. Without flowers, plants would merely be green, and the world would be a duller place.(Happy Easter.)

    1. Awesome ! You’re right! Flowers are symbols of love.
      Thank you for elaborating. Glad you enjoyed it.
      Happy Change of Season. Happy Spring. Happy Easter. 🙂

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