Collagen For Your Beautiful Skin. Count Me In Elastin!

Wow! What can I say about collagen when it comes to overall skin care. A whole damn lot! I will choose not to do that here.

Instead, have you ever just stopped and thought about your skin’s collagen productivity lately?

Randomly odd, right? Most of you will say no. That’s ok. Nevertheless, just think about it for a few seconds.

Your collagen in your body stands for the most abundant protein there is. Count them. NINE essential amino acids. Can you feel your proteins building up? No big deal right?

We are all getting older, in turn, our skin’s aging process loses elasticity and it is our damn right to want to take care of our skin’s elastic band and protect our skins structure and strength!

Where do I sign up?! This isn’t even a question. Miraculous, if you take the time within your self care to really grasp what it is you should know and how and focus more on the internal body extending out to your external body.

You shall breeze through.


I am a huge collagen advocate. Simply, so important and plays such a huge role in our bodies.It’s as simple as taking hydrolyzed collagen from grass fed cows or pasture raised cows and placing a teaspoon or two in your morning milk, juice, power smoothie. Whichever your preference based on your daily food choices.

Collagen rich foods help! I understand if you’re on the go at times. Preparing full, colourful embodied meals can be challenging. I understand! Collagen has a diverse load of benefits that I’m sure you would love to know about! Perhaps, a small reminder:

  • Helps you with your appetite.
  • Assists you to feel full and for longer periods of time
  • As I mentioned, improves your skin’s elasticity.
  • Great for our liver function.
  • Improves your cardiovascular health.
  • True aid in the growth of your hair and nails.
  • Rectifies digestion.
  • Decreased joint pain.
  • Revamps and Regulates your capillary blood sugar.

Next, for all the wonderful vegetarians / vegans of our beautiful planet. Collagen supplements for vegans is a real thing! No worries I got you! I prefer all sorts of replenishing collagen. As long as it is a great source which includes NON-GMO & ORGANIC.

As huge plant and vegetable based eater myself. I understand the depth as to how essential even the right food choices I make that enables my body to replenish and work at its best.


Foods that increase our collagen production such as plants, citrus such as lemons I squeeze lemon or lime on almost everything. Well except when I’m eating an orange. Vitamin C is fascinating at helping collagen synthesis take flight. Leafy greens, orange peppers, sweet potatoes, etc such foods help restore collagen. Keep your shopping cart full of enriched vegetables, leafy greens, lentils, fish and meat options that will help with collagen along with a super food supplement!

I understand and know how difficult finding vegan collagen supplements for collagen rich intake is at times. Especially when you feel you are not Ingesting enough through the food you eat alone!

I hope you continue to drink your gallons of water while reading this. Water in its abundance, rest assured helps restore your collagen as well. Tiny acts you do make a difference.


In the meantime, grab your eggs. Crack one egg (egg white only in a bowl). Squeeze a dash of lemon. A dash of lime. Plaster and massage this homemade mask to your face. Leave on for about 15 minutes and rinse off with cool temperature water.

Dab dry. Boost tip.


Don’t say you don’t got time. Time is what makes you exist. Drink up some quick and easy natural homemade collagen boosting drinks. Incorporate leafy greens, fruits, nuts, lentils, beans, citrus, vitamin C, Vitamin E in your diet. Supplements of D, C, E especially in winter months are very important.

Smoothies effectively and efficiently are a headway to collagen rich intake. Plus adding in your supplement as needed as well.

Check out and stay tuned to my homemade smoothies and homemade masks all to which continue to strengthen, restore, elasticize your internal body so that the external body remains a collagen rich, vibrant glow, everywhere you go!

Keep your eyes peeled for the top ten empowered smoothies and contents I add into collagen powered drinks. I will also be sharing!


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