Sweet Skin Care For Simmer Down Deep Wrinkles.


Observe. Stop panicking. Are you sure the wrinkles you’re currently complaining about and witnessing are truly deep down wrinkles?


is it possible they could be your beautiful expression lines? Look deeper. Your sweet skin care starts from your thought process. Please glance at your face right now. I will wait for you.

Yes. I’m still here. You cannot surpass the aging process and the environment to which you are in plays a toll also on your face not just age as many may assume. Learn to love the skin you are in. Growth will be much more fun and less stressful.

You can control how you respond to certain things, challenges in your life so that your face does not cringe up! Have you ever told your face to stay out of whatever it was you were facing? I have once, it didn’t work much. I cried anyways.

The expression lines are from your facial muscles relating to your expressions we all make on a daily basis and repetition of those expressions cause the skin to crease over time. I call it the expression highway! Self love is a highway with different signs every which way.

Next time you are mad, or even laughing, the certain expression lines on your face are usually a result of these expressions and responses our faces have endured through our experiences.


If you don’t feel like smiling, offer your smile anyways. Someone will surely need it even if you’re not made aware of it. Smiling is the groundwork to your feel good vibes. The smile will ignite a response in you. Just focus and stay aware of your thoughts and emotional expressions more. These all add up to your face complexion and health.


Focusing on vitamins E, D, and A is essential!
Hemp Skin Products are amazing to massage into skin at night especially along with a retinol as mentioned in my other post.

Retinoids are also essential and is why I add oils into my fruit masks as you will begin to see, hopefully follow through and feel. Resonate with me.

Three vitamins mentioned is vastly, a positive difference!

Gracefully, this an obvious regime to have in your corner.
Make sure you take some time to comment on any of my posts I love to elaborate.
Stay tuned for empowering deep wrinkle care fruit masks enriched with vitamins and oils to send your overnight face to vitamin face stare.
Only difference is it won’t be others staring that has you in tune with you.

It’ll be the stares you give yourself from time to time.

Now let’s see that beautiful smile.

Much Love,

Patricia Divine Essence

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  1. hello Patricia, I totally agree what you said about your beauty and age.
    I do like a person who keeps true to their age. There is nothing wrong with improving ones self, but there is a fine line between beauty and fake.
    women over 50 trying to look like they are 20 by injecting Botox into their faces.

    Also how you feel inside will show eventually on the outside. So like you said, keep smiling and just do you.

    I do like your overall design and it was easy to navigate.

    I wish you success with your new website

  2. Wow!! I feel as though I look younger immediately after reading this post! Great inspirational content! I look forward to reading your other posts. I am now in my mid forties and my skin care regimen is more crucial now….obviously than when I was in my twenties and thirties. I have always had a consistent daily regimen…and still do. However, I am now interested in adding natural facials, specific to various needs, to that regimen. Thank you for such great information….delivered in such a positive way! 🙂

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