Sweat It Out Skin!

Hello to all, I hope this blog post finds you extremely well! Wherever you are enjoying summer months!

I am in Canada near Toronto so the summer is beautiful and I don’t want it to be over as autumn now slowly approaches us!

So I’m soaking it up even if it means through sweat!

Let’s talk about sweating it out!

I’m not talking about sweating out nerves or anxiety.

I am going to shed some light on sweating and how it is good for our skin and body. The good sweat it out sort of speak!

Sweat it out Skincare! …. Oh I like that!


When your skin experiences a good sweat it is cleansing itself of toxins from the deep pores.

Strenuous activity, sauna time, sitting out just sweating it out in the sun while you walk, sit, run/staying active; read, sail, visit outside with friends and family.

Have you ever just basked in the sun with no complaints and just let the exocrine sweat just drip away while staying hydrated?

I hope of course!


Just keep in mind that even feelings of tension, excitement, stress and anxiety can cause us to sweat too.

This can happen also through the foods and drinks we choose to consume such as coffee can increase anxiety therefore increase sweat production.

Yes we need to focus on how we are sweating too.

Many benefits that sweat regulates our temperature by releasing salt and water through our sweat.

Drip Sweat To Drip off Pounds?

I use to really think that sweating was a huge contributor for losing pounds but what I came to realize was it was mostly watered weight that comes off.

It really isn’t a huge, distinct, measurable amount of pounds/ calories!

If you begin to hydrate yourself once again and eat; you’re pretty much putting on the weight you’ve lost. Therefore, another reason to be conscious of my output vs input and/or vice versa.

After I sweat it out a lot! I’m not going to line up for a huge, hefty burger or something heavy on my stomach sort of speak!

This is where I choose a fruit/veggie super food smoothie or a salad.

As far as sweating goes what makes us cringe about it?

Why have we grown to not like our sweat?

Sure, it may have a distinct stench to it at times but it also tells us that,  once again our bodies are amazing at excreting out when we need to cool down!

I find myself wearing layers of clothing on some days due to not knowing how the weather will turn out in the midst of summer to fall.

Heating up our face in a sauna or steamed bathroom opens pores trying to extract through the skin by massaging your face!

Sweat It Out Tea Please!

Hot tea on a hot day. You’re a tea sweat away.

Tea withstands coffee and I am a superb coffee drinker as much as anyone!

I love the way it smells, how you feel when you take your first sip but when consciously aware I also know that coffee will never be enough!

I tend to impulse for coffee so it can have control over me if I don’t tell it to back off sometimes!

Like coffee, Sorry but, I got this without you.

Thank You Tea.

There are options!

Therefore, I put coffee on the top shelf out of reach sort of speak and embrace tea.

Tea undoubtedly hydrates you! (Caffeine Free of course).

Oh yes even on the hottest day!

Count in your antioxidants and improve your calmer moods to a tea! Ha!

Conscious of my coffee impulses;

I find sweating out to tea is a better option towards a healthier me anyways in the long run.

Sweating may sound not so appealing but it reaks (no pun intended)

Of great benefits for you like zapping zits away, detoxifying your body ramps

Up your feel good natural endorphins, aid in flushing out kidney stones and much more!

Autumn is a side step away and starting a day with tea instead of coffee is possible change in gears.

Let us pull a full stop once tea for just a minute or two please shall we? Did you know there is a herbal tea for every mood you may be experiencing?


Feeling heightened anxiety or anxious?

Chamomile Tea.

Feeling consistent anger or you’re feeling just angry?Lemon or Orange Pekoe

Orange Pekoke Or Lemon Tea.

Feeling like you need a pick me up in the sense of more energy?

Black Tea.

Feeling down or depressed like symptoms?

Lemongrass Tea.

Feeling more tension and stressed out?     


Feeling a tad restless/uneasy?

Peppermint Tea.

Feeling like you need more sleep?

Lavender Tea.

Feeling really tired and need to get going?

Green Tea.

Feeling heightened anxiety or really anxious?

Tart Cherry Tea.                          

Dandelion Root Tea/Dandelion Steeped Tea/Drink definitely has beneficiary ailments to your mood, well-being  and beyond! 

These are just a selective taste of these teas available to you to give a try consistently and see how they resonate with you and help alleviate some of your moods/state of being.


Sweating has and will continue to be a part of your rest of your life! Might as well embrace it, seek and realize that the sweat is good for you apart of some of the things I asked you to consider looking into in this blog as far as excessive sweating noted above.

Sweat it out skin is all about replenishing your body.

Working off that stress/tension built up in your busy working body amongst the constant flow within the habit called ‘life’.

Try teas, instead of coffees to aid in the vibrant flow of smoother circulation as you sweat out yourself! 🙂

Less sugar intake or no sugar intake can also help you get past the sugar withdrawals/cravings your body may experience as well!

I hope this blog has created a better outlook when it comes to your sweat and if it captures your awareness on how beautiful sweating really is; then I’m humbled.

I always say during your workout or dance performance/active lifestyle;

Could You imagine how we all would feel if our bodies were not built this way?

For Instance, if we didn’t sweat at all?!

What would that truly feel like?

Would you exercise as much?

How would you be able to cool down?

In just that,

I am honoured and grateful to sweat out and give my skin and body the cleansing it deserves!

As always, feel free to comment and elaborate on this blog and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Until Next Time,


Patricia Divine Essence


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