Skin Care And Make Up!

I am all for your own choices and preferences when it comes to make up.

All in all, skin care is the face you have to live with in your everyday life. We all inevitably

Will age through the natural aging process so taking Care of our skin and natural beauty is where my

Passion resonates first and foremost!

I stand and will continue to stand strongly along the lines of “ if you can eat your facial/ skin products then please do apply it to my face and hair.

Consider it safe and beneficial and free from toxins!

Mother Nature serves brilliance and incorporating Safe ingredients is what I am all about!

Skin care while living Vibrantly and growing with our skin is a privilege denied to many.

Making conscious, healthy choices will exude an even fascinating glow once the choice of make up is applied!

Skin care is essential! Make up is a choice. No make up just restoring and renewing skin care photo below.


Whether you put make up on for yourself every morning before leaving the house or you won’t leave the house what so ever unless you put make up on  Is all up to your choice.

I do and will ask you why though?

Just to grasp more about you is my pure intention! It’s my natural, passionate curiosity. Continue to open and reason with me! 😉

Skin care on the other hand is essential! When I implement my skin blog I sprout from my internal core. What foods do you eat, are you on any medications etc!

I love talking to others about their skin care without sounding to pushy or overly curious if the topic presents itself.

I love to continue to indulge and help others find their essence through skin health, overall health and beauty and maintenance to improve their overall skin appearance and their self- confidence in a healthier body and glowing skin.

It’s  all connected after all, if you really stop and think about it for a minute or two.

Consulting and embracing each other natural beauty is my passion and to let others know that aging is inevitable! Immensely although, giving our skin the care, restoration and renewal it needs comes from essential personal care, healthy eating and well, pro-mask-inating! 😉

I love this word!

Procrastinating is just yielding for more time. Time to which we need to plan out better.

Yes, we all get in that juggle where we are chasing time.

I just try to do things along the way that save time or prepare beforehand so that time is not a factor.

The rush mentality I am not falling for it. I do not do things to my fullest potential when caught up in this mind space.

Summer vibes brings on great creativity. Our imagination is always there awaiting for us to use it!

Night time routines try to incorporate a vitamin C night cream/ mask in your regimen. It not only helps and prevents your skin from sun damage it is a strong antioxidant helps improve spots while building collagen and an intense moisturizer!

A beautiful grounding night routine sheds light towards a ready face come rise and shine! Vitamin C rich masks and serums are also a great way to use prior to applying make up to your face if you choose to do so!

Obviously you are not going to diminish miracles but the more you moisturize it will help your skin even out and balance your skin through the ravaging of time!

Ice Cube Hack

Apart from freezing an ice cube engulfed in aloe Vera as per my previous blog post.

This is extremely important also! Please listen in- all my make up lovers!

Let us start with make up try rubbing an ice cube all over your face first. Not only does this close the pores, helps with better make up administration and gives your face a great glow.

In this hot summer it is a great method to cool down as well!

Grab another ice cube and place it to the posterior part of your neck  head looking straight ahead  move the ice all around neck focusing on middle where neck trunk and brain stem area is. Then going down spine if you’re up  for it! 🙂 Benefits outweigh the risks or complaints here.

The ice motive may even get rid of some redness areas, unexpected puffiness that you may be experiencing.

Summer days are hot and this especially is convenient and essential prior to applying heavier make up like cover up and such if you choose to use it.

Applying clean, organic beauty is something I’m passionate about. Clean= natural, green make up products.

Wouldn’t it be gold to apply antioxidant rich make up to our faces?! Sign me up right?

We are so passionate about keeping ourselves internally healthy or making our immune systems stronger interchangeably  we sometimes can overlook the products we use daily on our faces, skin!

Trust me whether you use clean beauty or not;

the ice cube hack is a go to!

Warm hot days and a quick way to cool down is a bonus!

How to eat for healthy skin.

To each their own. I am not here to change people to go Vegan.

I’m not here to change anyone’s meal preference, diet, and how they go about their day.

Furthermore, knowing yourself and what foods to eat that suit your overall well-being, health and skin is where my passion lies.

Face mask of the summer is celery powered. I use it as a moisturizer and face mask.

Vitamins A, K, C and it deeply cleanses my pores, aides in free radical damage and to top it all off; an anti-inflammatory.

Add your celery to your smoothies with a splash of citrus and carrot and greens.

Voila to your vibrant flow!

I keep telling myself if I eat like a bird I will never over eat or self loathe over quantity!

This works for me! What works for you!?

Life is too short and maintaining my consciousness towards what I choose to use on my skin to which foods make me feel my best is what I can passionately advocate for and only help those to find their best self!

Amazingly, this works for my BMI (basic metabolic index) and my overall digestive system.

May I ask, what works best for you? What foods don’t make you feel your best?

Aging is a natural part of life that can’t be avoided; although, there are ways and foods that can help us age beautifully and better inside and radiate outside!

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the fats on this planet. It’s good for your skin along with coconut oil and it’s so good I even massage it through my scalp ladies and gents!

Living a healthy lifestyle and staying consistent will radiate on the outside through time! What is usually happening inside our bodies has a way of showing us outside of our bodies!

Experiment with your teas and flower petals and let me know how your experience was.

I leisurely try to bring the spa life to my bathroom as much as possible not only does it enhance my self care it also brings me peace of mind and my skin and body deserves it!

Epsom Salt And Flower Pedal Baths.

Spring and summer exudes flourishing of flowers and plant life so why not exfoliate and live like you have the ocean at your fingertips.

Bring a spa visit to your bath routine.

Collect those petals of flowers from your nearest flower shop/ farm while you’re outdoors and place them in your bath and soak up the scent and vibrant benefits the flower power has while you relax in a soaking hot bath.

Epsom salts(magnesium sulphate), essential oils eucalyptus, lavender. The benefits are hard to ignore!

If you have children they won’t even notice you adding it into their baths.

What a great way for them to calm and relax and detoxify down after a day outside!

Spearmint tea aids in acne prone skin and acts as an anti-androgen. Have a nice warm cup and if you don’t drink warm during the warmer days we’ll drink it cold! 🙂

Aiding in the hormonal changes that put bodies can go through and with our skin being the external organ it is a win-win to give these tips a try!

I love to add sunflower petals or any flower. The tea sets the tone or mood of which splash I want to bask in. The flower I add a bonus to help moisturize and boost. Aloe Vera is also applied to my skin in the bath.

Listen I don’t get to vacation much so I bring the vacation to the tub!

Citrus calling all lemons, limes and the citrus family with a splash of herbs please!

Have you tried this?! The majority goes takes their bath like they usually do with a special bath bomb or bubble bath of their choice or soap but have you dived in with Mother Nature like for real?!

Now, to get through the scorching summers (or any season for that matter, depending on where you are in the world) finish off with a nice cool shower!

Before your warm to hot bath try steaming up in a sauna or run the hot shower for a while before entering and sit and relax for a bit while sweating it out! Little tips and tricks to help send the toxins out through your pores while opening them and the cold shower post your bath to help close pores.

I feel rejuvenated just imagining it! Visualizing it first, sets the tone of creation! You’re almost there!

Benefits of a cool rinse following a warm/hot bath shower speeds up your metabolism. If you already have a fast metabolism well there are many benefits to a cool rinse off nonetheless!

In closing, We all want to look good and feel good inside and out! We can all reflect without being to dramatic about the signs of aging and age.

Living authentically is using the power we all have within to restore, help build and choose better lifestyles for ourselves that vibrantly rejuvenate us!

We can flow with time and continue to flourish along with it! It starts in the mind and your thought process! Taking care of our skin, body with or without make up is vital towards our overall well-being, self esteem, self love and beauty essence!

Continue to smile at one another give a compliment to someone. Spread love and light!

Thank you very much for tuning into my blog. Please feel free to elaborate and comment. I seek your experiences and thoughts as well!

Much Love and Much Peace Of Mind,

Patricia Divine Essence





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  1. Oh wow I love these ideas! I absolutely agree that eating healthy is where good skin care starts. It just makes sense. In most cases what we put in (eat) or don’t put in will show up eventually on our skin. I’ve heard about using the ice block on the face but I haven’t tried it yet. I think I’ll do that today! While I’ve never had an issue with acne, I like the spearmint tea idea, as I think it may have a calming and cooling effect. 

    I do have one question though. I am curious a s to how you use the Extra virgin olive oil in your hair. Can you provide some more information on that aspect?

    1. What we eat means more than just the crave we may feel based most of the time on what your body needs as far as vitamins/nutrients. You are so right it will and does show up on our skin! Spearmint tea is amazing. It has a real cool effect and it is completely relaxing as well. Extra virgin Olive oil is for skin care too third eye forehead area and especially for scalp care and if you have dry to sever dry hair. My hair is really thick and curly so applying scalp care is a daily thing if not every other day checking my scalp is more important to me than my hair because our hair grows from the roots so gardening our scalp is how healthy our hair will also be plus The nutrients and supplements we may need as well 😉

      Thank you for stopping by and elaborating with me.

      Patricia Divine Essence

  2. This is true: skin care is essential. Among all the range of practices that support skin integrity I believe the most important is what we eat. It will have direct impact on our skin, but it also will affect our entire body and even our mood. The other practices will have an immediate impact, but our diet will be showing through our skin even many years ahead from today. Just my personal opinion. Do you partly agree?

    1. Of course I agree. Totally! It’s so true as we get older in numbers we start to realize what we can tolerate and what we may need to stay away from in regards to or health and everyday eating choices of the past. For one example a person with a heart condition may be told to sooner or later in later age to stay away from red meats to Help decrease the events of a cardiovascular event right?! Why do we as humans wait until we suffer or have a ill effect/trauma to change? We need to really tune in. It’s never really about just skin care for me. Well being has a precedence to overcome all obstacles if you really attain, maintain and restore while
      Being conscious of your life journey = lifestyle. ❤️

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