Self Maintenance-You Owe It To Yourself!

No matter who you are you owe it to yourself every single day! Being caught up in a busy work schedule or perhaps it’s motherhood or fatherhood or what I like to call personal-hood.! The habitual patterns of life can and will get in the way of your self maintenance! You owe it to yourself while you are here to fully self accept yourself and to positively share it with others.


In order to truly self accept yourself you need to be able to know, accept and embrace the less desirable attributes about yourself as well. Unconditional self acceptance. Pinpointing not only the positive attributes. Embracing the negative attributes as well. Embracing and spending time, hence reflecting on the negative is where your growth can start to take place for real change within yourself! This focus is to fully start accepting all of yourself.


  • Self reflection and being honest with yourself. The positive and negative. Granted that, if you’re are not honest with yourself. Subconscious will be set to autopilot. In turn, hinder your positive progress. Don’t try to reflect too much at the beginning of the day this will have an effect on your thoughts and emotions depending on what you are reflecting on. The best time for me is at the end of the day.I generate a way to better myself or improve based on the day I just experienced and go to bed with a positive mindset.
  • Depending on your day, set aside (even if it is only 20 minutes) for just you; without no other distractions to start. Some people enjoy swimming, yoga, exercising, reading a book, sitting outside by the water, etc! Immensely, you’re separating yourself from the external environment and centering on just yourself. Try to dedicate more time with you as time goes on. Make an appointment with yourself. Start your day with positive intentions. Find someone who resonates with you whether it is at work, a colleague, a friend. Learn something new with this person; something you know nothing about where the other person does and you work together alongside.
  • Self maintenance exudes self-improvement. Find a motive to want to improve in a certain area in your life. Whether it be at work, or in a certain relationship you have with someone. Motivate each other. Cultivate an inspiring experience where you or another person can continue to grow on this life’s journey even if it means apart.  Make amends. Inspire yourself. Inspire another individual.
  • Keep it practical. Don’t be socially hard on yourself.
  • In today’s world as technological as it is, set aside or turn off your mobile devices and read a book instead or create something you are passionate about. Get involved with another story other than your own! Books are fascinating at creating profound wisdom within us. Tap into a great book and see where it takes you.
  • Pick a new or find a passionate hobby to disperse yourself in. It will open you up mentally, physically and emotionally even spiritually.
  • Mind, Body and Spirit.
  • Whichever fears you have (if any). Work through them! Learn a new skill or create and build something apart from your daily routine.

Continuously owing yourself the maintenance and self-love to fuel not only yourself but you’re surrounding energy you exude and to which surrounds others around you that you encounter. Do you remember a time you woke up feeling great, positive to start a new day and went to grab your morning coffee or any incident  of another person in front of you shouting at you or had a mean look on their face or treated someone frantically!!? How did you feel inside? Did you feel the energy shift at all? The energy transference? I don’t know about you, but I am the assertive person who lets others know genuinely that their behavior is unnecessary. I bring to you this example simply because our behaviours do have and will have an effect on others. Constantly keeping our energy in balance is a constant practice.

Self love is continuous simply because if we do not stay in close contact with ourselves we begin to immerse our self and our current state or repetitive thought process on to others and emotional instability is displayed. Self care and self dedication which takes persistence in return just makes you feel more happy and is secondary to how we treat others! Mind and heart connection is immensely important!


What you put out into the universe will come back to you. Honestly, challenges and negative occurrences take place in all of our lives! Channeling these lessons and testaments of life and resort to mindfulness, positive affirmations and goal setting to live a better life within you first determines how you behave and treat those around you. 

First experience your feelings for what they are. Make sure it’s not a feeling or emotion that is attached to negative setbacks or patterns that you’ve experienced before.  Stop, rewind, Reflect as you forward and resume. This is where your awareness comes into play. Sincerely, it is all about listening and being in a place of observing rather than reacting.


Running from pain or suppressing pain which attaches itself to deep emotional feelings isn’t healthy and will find its way, catching up with you in a hasty manner. Your inner balance is your mindfulness! Connecting what you feel with where you want to be is a positive outlook. Come to acknowledge onneratanding running from your pain Vs. embracing your pain.     I choose to embrace pain because pain is inevitable in this life journey for all of us!

Without resisting it. I choose to synthesize my feelings consciously, so that moving forward is a conscious choice and my behaviour and actions follow this conscious choice I make with myself and self maintain in all my self care and self maintenance practice. Practice makes Progress!

Granted that, if you shall ever need to comment or ask questions or share a part of your life where your self maintenance, self-love and center balance was extremely challenging please share! I am genuinely here to support and listen.

I hope my writing delivered some light or peace within you here. Wishing you well.

Continue to support your true self and shine your abundant light to yourself and to others. The world needs more of you and you got it to give!

Much Love,

Patricia Divine Essence

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  1. Loving ourselves is a much easier thing to say than to do. In fact, learning to love yourself and appreciate yourself is something that is often pushed to the back burner in favor of the many stresses and concerns of life. The most important, though, is the relationship we have with ourselves. You have to navigate a long and complicated road that is filled with self – doubt, failure, uncertainty, and negative external influences to really find your way to self – acceptance. If you just start the journey of loving yourself, you can feel a bit overwhelming about it all. But in the form of some tried and tested methods of reflection, self – care, and self – acceptance, we need a little help.

  2. You have got me thinking in the right direction with this post, I feel I have been too busy trying to do so many things that I forget making myself happy or having a me time, working for a long time without thinking about having as little as an hour for myself sounds wrong and I’m definitely going work on myself and try to appreciate myself for both my best and worse times.

    1. Yes.  Sounds good! 

      It is a constant balance to maintain that’s for sure. 

      Thank you so much for your input and thoughts. 

      Greatly Appreciated. 


  3. Thanks for sharing this article on self maintenance. I must commend your effort in putting this together this article. This article is richly loaded with the right information needed about self maintenance. I agree with you that no matter what we still have responsibilities to ourselves. I agree completely with all the points you mentioned about self love and self maintenance. This is a great lesson to me and I think I have learnt something great today. 

    1. I am extremely humbled that you found this as a helpful lesson.

      I put some extra thought into this one. 

      Thank you for sharing and commenting. 



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