Self Esteem. IMPROVE IT!

Point blank! I care about your mental well-being. Without stressing ourselves out here, let me shed some light throughout some self-help coach tips to overcome poor self-esteem vs. Good self-esteem.

Self Improving Thy Self Esteem is a steamy subject because most our self-esteem surrounds our emotional subjective!

Choose you. Choose to let go instead of trying to control it and resist it.


  1. Self Talk, who does it? We all do! In our awake hours we are in self talk mode. It is, in it’s entirety, natural.
  2. Is it possible that instead of focusing on what you feel about yourself at any given moment please check first if you are going through anything challenging in your life presently. Our emotional and psychological health can have a drastic, negative influence when it comes to our thought process and how we rationalize and think.
  3. Try asking yourself questions you are willingly able to answer honestly. This leaves room for self reflection and the focus shifts towards personal growth rather than self blame and discharging pain onto ourselves and others. Toss the negative emotions.
  4. Your journey is about embracing you and extend it to knowing your true self and who you really are and what your purpose is in this physical experience.
  5. A Maintenance journal is a great tip to not only channel your energy and emotions but something about writing or in our technological world; typing your emotions and feelings down in front of you to see, is a skill you should be darn proud of. Make sure you pair it with a positive affirmation when it comes to your natural beautiful you.
  6. Your well-being flowing with your presence and existence here is a beautiful thing if you just let go of a lot of the mental baggage we can all carry around if we remain unaware.
  7. Positivism takes maintenance like anything in life. Attend to it. Do not ignore, suppress or resist. Let it flow through you. Think of yourself as water. Life comes in waves. Are you going to flow with the wave or let it take you under? Questions in relation to our self talk is progress! Especially (yes or no questions) Close Ended- to dignify how you feel first and then an open-ended question that exudes talking it out.
  8.  Journal flow if you have to. Read it out loud. Consciously Breathe.
  9. Positive affirmations are your positive self talk and putting it into manifestation such as planning and goal setting  is being successful!
  10. EXERCISE!! What is your preference for exercise? Move your body. A brisk walk. Running up and down your stairs. Going for a run. Going to the gym. Your state of negative emotion will exchange itself with a new space and you will find it won’t  be as heightened once you engage in some type of exercise and release. Would you like me to guarantee? The guarantee is you applying yourself. Self awareness. You hold the key. You got this!
  11. Our mind, body, spirit flow communicates to us and when we start really paying attention to it we find the best results and therapeutics.
  12. I AM _________! Fill in the blank with a positive about you. I AM CAPABLE. I AM STRONG. I AM say your name. I AM SMART. I AM FULL OF SELF LOVE. I AM ONE. I WILL______!


Negative self talk will lead to spreading it to others. This will and does happen every day in my journey through observing and listening. Two silent actions lived through our senses, yet influential towards self-improvement and self discovery!

Taking everything in as a teacher or lesson in disguise is part of my self talk. You know who made me more self-aware of my negative vs positive self talk?! My firstborn son. I use and continue to use positive self talk in everything I do.

Children listen and observe they are great teachers. Incorporating outspoken Self talk for him remaims extremely helpful for his progression towards persistent, inconclusive well-being and for mine as well.

During this very challenging emotional time I was constantly writing and reflecting on what it was doing positively.

In the disguise of it all, it taught him to repeat certain positive affirmations and this was a reward towards my self care and his self care and both of our self esteem at groundwork level simultaneously!

Apply Your best self as much as you can. You WILL INSPIRE greatness for yourself first and foremost so that you can better serve others. Your internal self extending and radiating outwards to the external self.

What a profound creation. Inner body balance. Radiate Glow.

Rest Easy. Quietude. Assured. Repose Positive.

You do not have a soul. You are a Soul.

Please feel free to elaborate or comment.

I Appreciate your existence.

Much Love,

Patricia Divine Essence

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  1. Thanks for writing this article on tips to improve self esteem.i really find this article information on how to improve my self esteem and am sure many will find it helpful too.

    Having a good self esteem goes along way in achieving a set goal and before you can love someone, you must for love yourself. Good self esteem plays important role in our lives as a human being 

  2. Great Content and Imformation!

    What a concise and thorough article on self esteem and how to improve it. I love the way you outlined your points, I can say authoritatively that they are motivating and fascinating. I have always believed in my self for years which gives me much more courage that I will surely achieve my dreams irregardless of the challenges I am facing presently.

  3. Thanks for such a brilliant post, this is clearly a motivational post on improving self esteem. This article is well written for overcoming self esteem. Positive affirmations are to be put in planning and working towards the goals and objectives. Doing daily exercise can helps to overcome the self esteem ,self talk with strong faith. Thanks for taking your time to write this lovely article. Best regards 

    1. Thanks so much for taking your sweet valuable time to read and elaborate. Inspiring. 🙂
      Thanks for your kind words.

      Light and Love to you.


  4. Whatever we are to become in life, we must have a self esteem. What you can’t visualize you can’t actualize. These twelve tips in your post are essentially the twelve commandments of self esteem and positive thinking.


  5. I loved all the points you made on how to improve self-esteem. I have been on this road for so long and I found out something really interesting that not a lot of people really hammer on and that is the fact that things can happen innour lives that can deal a huge blow to our self-esteem, no matter how self-aware we have become. And I haven’t come across a lot of materials on rebuilding self-esteem or even knowing how to come to terms with the fact that we aren’t where we used to be.

    Meditation and positive affirmations did really work wonders and is still working wonders for me. I had to accept that I was as confident as I used to be because of a life situation and then I gradually let myself heal and started the process to getting back my self-esteem. And I know that I would Improve it!

    1. Sincerely though. I feel every word. Thanks for sharing!
      You are right. A gradual flow of rebuilding, staying creative and staying positive. Healing. Yes.

      Much Love to you,

  6. I like your list of everything that you can do to improve your self esteem and your life. Can you give me an example of a time when you had low self esteem and you did something to improve it? I like it when people give us examples of times when they improved their situation through their thoughts and actions.

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