Organic Vegan Face Skin Care.

What drove me originally towards vegan and organic, is not because of the fancy names! Simply because, I myself, (morning regime, natural fresh face);

have made and continue to naturally make products for my face and overall skin care from collectively purchasing food from the local grocery stores/ farmers markets/ farms.

I also use flower pedals in my face regimes! Oh yes! Flowers pass on and I like to pick them when they are at their peak of their heightened smell and flourishing.

Creativity is the cornerstone of skin integrity and everlasting divine skin care.

Purchasing life, healthy foods is a regular, consistent hobby of mine! A task that has to be done anyways, so might as well stay rested as the creative soul that I am and truly use up what I am buying right?

Keep it fun and exciting!

Organic and vegan face skin care to me is in the food we plant and what Mother Nature gives us. It’s in our fruits, plants, vegetables, nuts, seeds, flowers, plant life.

Many products that lean towards Vegan, ECO Friendly, NON GMO, ORGANIC are becoming more mainstream as individuals become more conscious of their everyday choices and preferences.

Great SkinCare starts from within and this is exactly why I am passionate about GROUNDWORK!! From the ground up.

To really gain momentum in our organic skin care face regime you have to indulge into the mini refrigerator. Nothing speaks volumes to persistent efficient face care like a mini spa fridge!

Convenient, saves you time and you learn to grow and organize your regime to better suit your needs and your self care.

**mini spa fridge!**

Not only does this little convenient friend keep my products cool. It reminds me of how important and dedicated my passion for facing really is.

Some of my make up and skin care like lipsticks, elixirs, astringents, serums, moisturizers and my homemade products, Aloe Vera, etc are kept in the mini spa fridge along with other products. Did you even know you needed one or wanted one?

You know, Just to start giving you the visual.

Give it a try and let me know how you find your products and regime conveniently packed and stored.

Your face and skin will inspire you. Your self love will inspire you.

Just knowing there are clean, non GMO, organic, vegan products out there is refreshing for myself and many people becoming more conscious of their overall facial!

Winter To Spring Transition Regime

Weather changes. Season ends. New Season begins.

What does this mean upon reflection and groundwork it means warmer temperatures’ are coming mixed in with temperamental cold, rain,  climates!

Therefore, I choose the lighter weight products on my face.

Really let my face breath after laying the groundwork to my natural face. Such as my Aloe Vera primer.

If I wear make up its more on top of extra priming and hydrating initially first and once again post make up wear of course!

My night mask Is already in the freezer as I’m having my morning coffee. Organic Skin care is all about gardening your face. Work your art. Transition your skin care routine as the seasons ever change.

Feel the momentum.

Prepare yourself. Quick, easy vibrant steps to halo make your transition face regime present.

You don’t want to be packing on the oil and grease on your facial regime too much with the warmer temperatures’ lurking and cold to warm climate changes.

Lightweight options such as vegan friendly, organic options become a huge part of my priming and adjusting to new weather changes. My lightweight moisturizers with the SPF content to help my face during the long hours in the sun is already in my purse ready for me to use! Making sure your face is also protected from UV A and B rays of light are key.

Elastin and Collagen are then affected! See how everything connects when it comes to your vibrancy!

It all starts with routine. Change of season shifts us is in gears without even realizing it at times.

Shopping for more Eco friendly beauty products is more than a good idea. I feel you my beauty conscious consumers. Who doesn’t  love to look and feel great?While making conscious choices.

Earth friendly choices perhaps?

Little actions go a long way for just one example. My astringents, toners and serums or anything that could be used to go on my face on the go I place in little spray bottles.

This in turn not only saves product it decreases waste. I do not put the product on a face pad I spray it directly on my face and massage away.

Serums are a sensational choice for your face regime in this spring season simply because they are lighter than your average moisturizer cream or creams during the day. Serums boost and replenish.


All I am going to say is face packs! Now, what I mean by face pack is not a pack of stuff you pit on your face to prepare yourself from the weather conditions and changes.

Face pack as in a therapeutic face mask. Adjustable straps soothes puffy eyes during overnight. Yes you guessed it. I love my eye wear face pack on my face!

Quite frankly, I hold my upper facial/ eye wear face mask with great integrity as I crawl into my bed once my night is ceasing to a final end! I also apply The cool mask intermittently as needed in the morning as well. Refresh!

Did I mention this face mask can be frozen for a couple hours prior to applying or you can heat up the face mask!?

At night, once my face is all cleansed, face masked, and massaged. My Eye face mask plays an important cool role in revitalizing my under eye, cheek bone and forehead areas as I fall asleep.

Ready to dream and manifest.

Promoting great facial and skin care is a beautiful hobby. Treat it like one and it will slowly diminish the resistance of it as you get into a suitable routine.  As I snack on my assorted nuts and seeds.

Spring clean your face too! Seasons are for setting aside the old and unraveling the new! Anything left is great to continue!

Hope my tips have inspired you in some way.

Please feel free to leave any comments open for  elaboration!

Much Love,

Patricia Divine Essence

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  1. I found this to be such an interesting read about vegan and organic skin care! I am actually terrible about looking after my skin, but as I am getting older, I am feeling like I need to do more! I changed to a vegan diet nearly a year ago, I think it might be time now to start looking at other vegan options!

    1. Oh wow!! Vegan as in a year ago. Good for you! It is definitely a change of lifestyle and I commend you for your transition. It can be challenging at times. Your diet alone aids in your skin too every little act counts.
      I’m glad you found my blog helpful. Please feel free to visit anytime. I wish you great success with your vegan lifestyle add all it will bring. ?

  2. One of the things I wish I had done more of is to take better care of my skin. I am happy that I came across this article. You did a great job of highlighting the important of caring for the skin and face. Not because of the superficial reasons that are highlighted in magazines and on television, but for sensible reasons. I would like to know more about the masks and the natural products that would be most suitable for skin type, condition of skin, time of year, maintenance and so on so I will continue to visit and explore your site and take better care of my skin. Much thanks for this solid article.


    1. Glad you found it helpful. Yes I integrate skin care for grounding reasons and for self care and well being. Being confident and truly happy in your skin and growing with it along this life’s journey. 🙂
      Thank you so much!
      You are very welcome.
      Take care.

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