My Honest Reviews-Neutrogena Hydro Boost Exfoliating Cleanser

It is that time to review a Neutrogena project that you can grab off the shelf at any local Shoppers or stores that may carry Neutrogena products!

We all try to find products that work well with our skin routine and our skin!

Hyaluronic Acid devours your skin in one sizable pump.

Making your skin feel plump, exfoliated and soft!

I can rely on this face scrub to maintain my soft, clean, pimple free regime! Coincidentally, I can also suggest ways to enhance productivity, healthier choices and ingredients as well! 🙂

A very lightweight scrub and it doesn’t stick to you although I’m curious still to see what is out there!

It has the boost but does it have the boast?

Oil free so great to use prior to make up application!

This product ; I can instantly feel the fast absorption happening it is light on my face, smells great and my face feels thoroughly washed.

What is fascinating about this cleanse and the results it provides makes me want to try out the whole hydro boost line!



When we replenish water and strengthening skin’s moisture barrier, resulting in hydrated, supple, plump skin! When we apply anything to are skin that is alcohol based we must replace the balance with more moisturizing of the skin or you will have complications that may start out mild and exacerbate. Like dryness, itchiness, psoriasis, redness, rashes so on and so forth.

Our hyaluronic centers naturally found in our skin can and

Does store water and pours it back into our skin for a days worth of moisture!

Hyaluronic acid is my true HA moment. ; hyaluronic rich skin care I always feel content that my skin care s getting the moisture it needs.


This cleanser exfoliation scrub day a very affordable and sold in most beauty areas of any store near you.

The scrub is a great way to use after you’ve already moisturized or before you moisturizer your face.

Improvements and honest review of this product that I use as well is coming shortly!

Let me add,

I don’t hold back!

Every product needs growth and expansion for either the betterment of the condition of this earth and secondly for the humane way we treat other sentient beings on this earth.


The animals and the conservation of our green spaces/mother nature!!

Another aspect you save is time really.

Fearfully yet gracefully I scrub my face and neck and I use a circular motion while pinching my face, pulling to get the blood circulation flowing! It has a pinch and vibration that delivers the product into my pores and skin.

Oh I’m sorry does this sound a tad weird? Well my skin is supple and my skin turgor is great!

Now, let’s get to the cons of this exfoliation wash! The word con leaves room for positive growth/change so when I honestly review I promote honesty yet deliver changes that can be made to make the product better for those of us who truly care about our skin!


Now, my reviews are never intended to disrupt a business that has definitely been around for years.

Safety ingredients and restoring our planet by choosing more natural ingredients(clean think greener earth) is what I’m all about and may continue to elaborate based on ethical, greener for not only the economist and environment but our skin is the first line of defense the largest organ in relation to our physiology!

What I will do is be honest because most of my reviews are based on collaborative understanding as to why certain ingredients are on the label of the product.

Let us quickly yet constructively look at the ingredients shall we?!

Shall we utilize our time going over ingredients that may be questionable in the sense that most of us who are not scientists or chemists know exactly what they represent firsthand and what they stand for so on and so forth.


1.Sodium C14-16 = Also known as Olfein Sulfonate. NOT A SULFATE! Basically is a Surfactant that is integrated with sulfonate salts prepared by sulfonation of alpha ole fins that can be derived from coconuts that produces the foamy texture received in store bottle soaps, shampoos, cleansers, etc! This helps break down water and oil build yet at the same time if you are prone to dryness this sulfonate will break down your skin and can definitely cause irritation. This product doesn’t label what it is derived from it just says when looking up the ingredient that it can be derived from coconuts… Well, can it or can’t it? What is derived here? Am I the only one who questions what is put on the very surface on your skin and what ways it can be improved and positive growth towards cleaner, greener more choices? 2. Cocamidmidopropyl Hydroxysultaine

This cleansing agent has been discussed in many instances and intense logical debates that it is a TAD toxic! Is tad allowed here?.

Tad for tat let’s make positive moves forward towards a more sustainable products for both our health and the planet. Ideally, almost everyone nowadays looks as ingredients and if they have difficulty pronouncing the ingredient they simultaneously question it. I have issues when you are using ingredients that may and tend to leave fragrance/preservatives.

Can we like get rid of preservatives 2020?!





In a tremendous amount of reading on this ingredient I can only find a majority of polysorbate that is used more towards cosmetic and beauty type products that go on our skin is Polysorbate 20 and it is “considered safe” collectively although in cosmetic products being the focus here there has been numerous documented cases where this very ingredient has led to many skin allergies.

Now let us gather and look a tad closer into what polysorbate is:

~ Emulsifier ~Surfactant (surface-active agent)~ fragrance Ingredient~

The process in a few short words for making polysorbate begins with sorbitol a sugar based alcohol that is naturally found in some fruits. The sorbitol dehydrates and then you have sorbitan. This ingredient if you wanted a clear picture as to what it looks like it exists in the form of a light yellowish-clear viscous substance/liquid.

Now, the con with emulsifiers are simply that your skin depending on who you are and what your skin type is can leave your skin feeling like a washed out effect!= skin feels overly tight/dry. If you need to put your moisturizing cream/serums what have you more than twice a day than you may want to start asking yourself why not fit a better wash with your skin and go more natural? I always wondered why such big companies don’t try to collaborate with more of the Mother Earth/nature/green world of it all?!

Adding real ingredients and better yet it would be better for us and the environment?

  • Emulsifiers alter and lower the ability of our skin barrier to defend itself against outside elements! This is factual just like hand sanitizers but that’s a whole other subject.

An all in one cream/wash with implements of botanical/real Mother Nature qualities built into these washes would have exponential lurkers and more satisfied results! 🙂


Where are we? Is this cosmetic chemicals to avoid?

Let me remind everyone I respect every job in this world well except for some but I won’t get into that here .

I don’t understand how we are saving the ecosystem and keeping ourselves as healthy as can!3 with ingredients/chemicals like these in our products.

I don’t think I’m alone one this one either just preferably LOUD! Loud with a positive intention.

Every chemical ingredient comes with risk no one can tell me different. What I mean by risk is change in surrounding going from stable conditions to mild-moderate symptoms. Like irritation/rash(dermatitis) as I stated previously.

It has been documented also that it may also cause respiratory tract irritation if inhaled or give off a harmful dust. However, studies of Carbopol polymers (acrylate cross polymers) suggest that its properties will make it a more significant ingredient in the future.?

May or Can these things be assessed and evaluated like towards greener products why do we have some chemicals in some and then a green beauty/organic line why can’t we just get rid of toxic pesticides and chemicals that are not good for us? There is always room for growth.




This ingredient component was is various cosmetic and industrial products.

People may walk on eggshells all day for others not to admit/question/assertively admit that this ingredient is toxic!




⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️6/10 **

Clean out those ingredients a tad; add some plants, botanicals, essential oils, minerals, fruit enzymes, damn it’ll bump you to higher heights. Collaborate with more conscientious ingredients, ethical ingredients and that there will at least show consumers and the global economy that green change is closer than we think..?

Sooner or later you have to come to terms with toxic and non toxic.
Better quality; better committed customers.

What leaves symptoms and what doesn’t. Clean products from natural resources to keep our earth flourishing must be integrated into the products more. Organic thriving products. Fair trade non GMO chemicals/pesticide free?!
Is that stretching too far?

I don’t think so.

Well the truth can definitely be controversial. Truth should bring consistent evaluation, room for positive growth and change.

I’ve cut the ingredient break down short this time and spoke lightly on some main ones there without going in too deeply!

Thank you for stopping by feel free to comment and I will respond promptly.

Hope you enjoyed my honest review for this product.

Be well. Take care of yourself first.

Please continue to spread love, patience and kindnesss to every human you encounterthrough these challenging times.

Much Love Always,

Patricia Divine Essence

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  1. Oh wow, thanks for sharing such an informative post about Neutrogena facial cleanser. I am sure that other conventional cleanser do have the same ingredients as well and that is scary, why do I want to use this on my face? Do you have any brand that is better for the environment and for us? 

    1. Yes it boggles my mind that products that we apply, ingest and all the else has toxic ingredients and he I also in them. If you visit my Instagram and click on the link in end of spring I will be having homemade skin and hair products that are made with clean, Mother Nature and god given intended nurturing in them. Essential oils, plants, fruits, flowers it is taking a lot of organizing and in due time I would love if you stopped by my store maybe you will find something you like and you can always try out a sample we could talk about your face; skin type perhaps etc. There are many clean, non toxic products out there and it is amazing to see. 🙂 

      Thank you so much for visiting. Take care and add me On IG Nuttanee! 

      Stay Well,

      Patricia Maragos/PatriciaDivineEssence


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