My Honest Review On Cocoa Locks.

We all want that amazingly flowing skin tone and that amazingly flowing length of full embodied hair don’t we?

In this review I am going to summarize the product Cocoa Locks and what it has done for my hair!

Cocoa Locks hot chocolate has been a part of my daily regimen for the past 6 months!

I found Cocoa Locks via the Internet!  I was writing throughout my day in my journal and came across longer, stronger, healthy hair and from there on read more into Cocoa Locks!

I received my first three month program solely for my own hair and skin experience journey was excited to provide consistent, beneficial help to others where I can throughout my journey not only as a blogger but as a continuous consumer and individual as well always!                                     

Yes I took a chance!      

Challenges are sweet!


Sweet Whey Powder, fat reduced cocoa powder, skimmed milk powder, biotin, folic acid, selenium enriched yeast, zinc sulphate, salt, thickener (E 466), anti-caking agent (E551), flavouring.


I am speaking soulfully on behalf of the hot chocolate program only.

One cup per day for a consistent, dedicated three months got my hair more longer and stronger and back to its natural hair was before I had two children!

I then continued another three months to equal 6 months and my hair has grown at least 7-8 inches at least!

I noticed the length because I check every month the length of my hair after getting out of the shower and combing my hair straight!

The length after three months was a great relief!

I was more amazed with the thickness that my natural hair was lacking!

I love thick hair! Like a beautiful garden! I am all about volume!

The thing here is, these essential vitamins provided in this product improved my hair and skin and for that.

I am grateful!

Every bit counts!

My hair is at its’ highest potential again! I do take other supplement that aids in healthier skin and hair as well!

That will be posted on my next review!

Cocoa locks offers spin wheels for great discounts!

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Something I find Cocoa Locks can grow in is the range of opportunities to create the brand suitable for vegan lifestyles as well!

In time, In my honest opinion I know it would definitely be a bonus! Having the option here!

Dairy can be substituted with non dairy milks too and It would be beneficial for all walks of life depending on lifestyle/preferences it would be a positive thing to see!

Another down side would be the ingredients list.

I do not personally have a problem with these ingredients ( thickener and caking agent). Just emphasizing that consumers interested may seek more research in these ingredients when viewing them; is really the basis to my “con” sort of speak.

I sound my reviews from introspection and what I think others will question or reflect upon!

Personally, Cocoa Locks has provided me with thicker and fuller and stronger hair!

Diligently helped my hair just by sipping hot chocolate after my morning facial or my time spent doing my night spa meditation.

It has made me more content towards knowing distinctively my hair has potential, it just needed a boost and Cocoa Locks defiantly has provided this to me!

Grab yourself a nice comfy seat and relax and try out your program today with Cocoa Locks.

Hope my review was helpful for those seeking personal program experience with this product.

Please feel free to comment and share your experience with me! I’d love to listen in and converse with you.


Patricia Divine Essence

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