My Honest Review- Dove Beauty Bar.

Being that I am a healthy skin care artist pretty much my whole life starting from adolescence. As I got into my thirties I got really inspired by those who understand and value great clean products! A soap that has worked for me although delivering moisture and leaving my skin soft has been the Dove Beauty Bar-Moisturizing Cream.

Dove is a well-known brand and has been around for a very long time. Many people use it in their daily shower/baths and skin regime all over the world and I’m going to break down this beauty bar for you.


Dove soap has been noted on various platforms to be Cruelty free. As far as testing on animals and is certified with the PETA logo in relation to the cruelty of animals inclinations.

People all over the world are becoming more consciously aware of the products they choose to be a part of and it’s only going to grow as the years go by.

Dove’s parent company Unilever, has stated in the past that it supports calls for a ban on animal testing, similar to the EU ban that exists today!

Cruelty free vs using products from animals,  we’ll thats another story for another time!

I will commend Dove for their campaigns regarding self-esteem and promoting body confidence.

I love these kinds of campaigns and many women all over the world took part in many ways to start loving and embracing their body just the way it is.

Again, I always give credit where it is due!

This was definitely a positive campaign for girls too and I can only hope Dove continues to be a brand with more plant base and flower life in their soaps so that window is always open for a broader selection among the moisturized cream soaps for the future and the way individuals are evolving when it comes to their lifestyle choices.!

Dove beauty bar leaves the skin feeling soft and it’s great on skin that can be easily irritated from other soaps depending on an individuals skin.

A known fact is the scent the bar has. Indefinitely,  if kept in a cupboard or small bathroom/ compartment/ area have the surrounding area smelling soft, fresh and soapy.

What captures most consumers and continued use of this bar is the moisture it puts back into your skin.

If I had the opportunity to converse with a dove representative I would love to indulge and learn in how they make this soap.

Honestly, we lose moisture and this bar feels after using it that it implements moisture back inside your skin without stripping your skin of moisture.

Now let us get down to the cons shall we?


Most complaints I research is regarding possible animal fat used in this bar.

Ideally, we all know animals are used for meat consumption all over the world.

I understand, vegetarians and vegans especially; why they don’t even think twice about purchasing Dove because of these reasons. This is choice.

People are making more conscious choices and integrating in their life more positive lifestyles when it comes to our earth and animals and the environment and this is awesome but not the focal point of this review.

In a world where animals are used for food what happens to the animal after that?

The rendered fat rest assured unless you go towards green beauty skin care and make up you will be receiving something derived from animals unless specified.

This is no secret anymore in our world of technology and  information. It comes down to choice.

I have sensitive skin as to why I will use the Dove beauty bar. I haven’t tried the other Dove bars.

This bar came to my attention through my children.

The experience for them equates to no skin irritations what so ever thus  far.

I will give Dove credit where it is due and appreciate the moisture in the soap alone!

We use various soaps in our household that is strictly usually with natural ingredients and soaps that protect the skin barrier.              

I would love for dove to use more plants and flowers in their soaps and I stumbled across a lavender one recently that I saw while shopping. I may have to try it next and give a review. I may just do that!

It’s all about trying the experience and reflecting on how it makes your skin feel!
Based solely on moisture of the soap and the consistent use on my skin when I use it intermittently and my children’s skin more often.

I give Dove Beauty Bar Soap:

8/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!!!!

I surely hope my review was useful and helpful for you and if you have any questions or concerns regarding my experience and review with white/blanc Dove Beauty Bar please feel free to elaborate and comment below.

Thank you!

Kind Regards,

Patricia Divine Essence

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