Bang It Bangles By: Patricia Divine Essence

Bangles and their unique details.

Making jewelry and creating handmade accessories, clothes has been in the cornerstone of my mind sinc I was a teenager. Around the high school years I felt very out of place with resonating to anyone that really liked the same creations I did. School you never really centered on the inner you the focus is getting the work done that is assigned to you.

This really is when I started to silently sit in my own feelings, emotions, thoughts. Through collecting different pieces of jewelry throughout the years as child, fabrics from previous outgrown clothes, beads, brass, materials and things you could use to make something out of it.


Soldering and crafting bangles is a great jewelry piece I add to my boutique collection.

inspired by Indian jewelry looks/styles and keeping an eye out for various ethnicities when I incorporate and create.

I use the term remake because I never like to waste anything. Whether it be an ancient sweater that’s been in my closet for years to jewels I have collected over the years I look at everything as an articulate thing that can be remade into something else if need be. If I am to cut T-shirt’s into a tank top I am that person who uses the sleeves to make a Hairband or use it for something else. I am always trying to interior design something.

This journey along with this pandemic that hit us all in 2020 made me dive into creating even further than ever before! Sure I’m hitting some stall moments but these moments make for my children homeschooling and trying to balance everything as a mother. In these times’ creativity has been the center Stone of this household. Production for my online store is u deniable at times’ not going as productive as initially intended but if I can dedicate at least half hour to adding more to my boutique currently I am a happy camper. Custom orders and having virtual auctions/meets during this virtual everything has been a bittersweet, humbling transition.

Bangles and bracelets have been a great way for children to apply themselves to with their mom at times’ as the circle of the bracelet at my boutique signifies the circle of life. Teaching them lessons through creativity has a relaxing, stress free notion to it where they can also feel like they are contributing their own sense of self to creating for others/customers.

I’ve got a lot of creative ideas that stream through this rain of mine and I can seriously say I’m never bored as they’re is always something to do/create/start/complete.

I hope once you start to see my online store open up this year you can just know that every piece was articulated from start to finish with Unique detailing and a one-off a kind mindset. Every piece handmade/remade with love, joy, peace in mind.

I want to acknowledge all other fellow small businesses and know that I fully support each h and every one locally/online for I truly understand what it takes, what it feels like to grow something of your own and to embrace that every Individual is good at something:)

There is so much more to come and create and complete so for now I say farewell, and thank you for tuning Into my blog and boutique!

Much love and internal peace to you.

In Good Health,

Patricia Divine Essence


Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is keeping as well as they can through these very challenging times.

A lot of controversy surrounding mask wearing, well let me just say I/’m a walking example that they are not good for your well-being if be want to stay focused on the best optimal POSITIVE HEALTH care for ourselves.

I am a graduate nurse of 2002; I’ve been through many outbreaks such as SARS, H1N1, Gastrointestinal, COVID19 just hits the top with absolutely making no sense as to why be have to cover our very faces.
I understand it helps to decrease droplet transmission and I understand the importance of direct care and mask wearing so before I receive the impulsive, reactive, responsive behaviours thrown my way, I just want to make that all clear first and foremost. Long term and consistent wearing while exerting is detrimental to your health and I experienced this first hand. Flu season is dead? Medical exacerbated pre existing health conditions are dead?

We have separated ourselves so far from being human it’s like a game.

As I watch our elderly ambulating on their own with these masks that are not breathable I ask myself if someone has congestive heart failure, or suffers with a chronic condition that hinders their blood circulation to begin with- are these masks not putting more of a hinder on their health? If not; we haven’t had the transparent proof over extended period of time to debunk that myth as many things are so readily debunked.
Are cells not suppose to receive oxygen..consistently over a period of time if a cell doesn’t receive a certain percentage of oxygen what do you thing takes place?
How do cells become cancerous?

Since when do we dismiss a human’s experience and separate so far from the truth…Since when do we receive a positive result from a nasal swab and not rule out by doing further tests to prove that it is not a false positive with a possible X-ray- further blood tests etc?

What do you think possibly happens to our immune systems when we distance ourselves/ cut off human being interaction and connection/interpersonal communication, totally limit our time outside, sanitize everything in sight with chemicals that have been documented down as causing some side affects, restrict our breathing of oxygen for prolonged periods of time awhile living in constant fear?!

A war on invisible viruses is really just a war on your everyday life!

Thousands of years we have dealt with microscopic organisms.
This pandemic was already orchestrated if you research and actually tune into what people like Bill Gates has said during TED talks. He said that if a people are going to be dying it will be through a virus and not a war? Not a direct quote but how does someone who isn’t even a doctor already know this was going to happen… We’re we led astray? …

Someone is lying and I refuse to have our children suffer huge consequences without questioning what is really going on?

As a nurse I refuse to scare people by the simple fact that viruses will never be totally eliminated and the simple fact of scaring the daylights out of people like jeepers creepers; I know is a very inhumane way to go as well.

Every physician must know that never in history have we treated a disease with a cure! Doesn’t exist or we would have cures here and real profit would be made on finding the root problem having surgery and restoring your health. Money would be poured into real education on how to improve your immunity. You would have wellness check ups at home.

We have only dealt with symptoms and use pharmaceutical drugs to hinder and keep these symptoms at bay while ignoring the underlining root of course.

Is your true real health/well-being really found in a physician’s office?

Ask yourself these questions.

People need to inner stand that we get sick when our bodies are deficient of minerals, nutritional deficiencies, overload of toxins(toxicity) not viruses and bacteria! Our god given bodies try to fight off viruses on their own.

so when we have a NATURAL reflex such as a cough, sneeze or fever it is the bodies way of saying you need to fight something off not with fear but with in tune, cautious attention!? Nope today it’s oh man that person may have COVID or psychologically it has placed in the human mind a threat towards someone else.

Aside from the corrupt fact that we are breathing in environmental hazards all the time, being supplied with toxic, pesticide enriched foods oh and did I mention they’re GMO, some people still don’t even have food or clean water to drink in some under developed countries but hey they are the first to get injected with vaccines that don’t deliver the very sustaining physiological needs that they need in order to stay alive! But hey…what do I know…

Am I the only person who is passionate about cleaning our air, water and food first before be start injecting people with vaccines that have damaged and went as even as far as killing them?

Or let us look at the screening symptoms shall be and how to differentiate between getting COVID vs wearing a mask for prolonged periods of time in exertion and getting sick and the same exact symptoms noted on the screening tool used? (Shortness of breath? Well Yes. Chest pain? Well yes. Diaherra from eating shitty dairy and processed foods, gmo foods?

Well yes should I go on?,…. Nah I’ll remain humble.

Evidently people that believe bacteria and viruses are the cause of illness awhile disregarding real nutrition and toxins are always sick?!!.. Oh the irony.

Deficient in minerals and toxicity within the body’s cells is where I focus and read about. We have a vast majority of doctors on one side that are speaking out and another that are not. There wouldn’t be a debate if there was something going on now would there be?……


Last I checked when you wear a mask your lung bases are not genuinely being filled and then exchanged out correctly as naturally intended when we inhale deeply and exhale it all out! Toxins from the lungs are entrapped and you are breathing that in! This is fact. 

Shallow breaths are taking place and carbon dioxide is in your mask and if you systemically look at this and your body over a period of time endures you will see the effects of the lungs and heart!

If any underlining/pre existing medical conditions exist wearing masks while working, and extended periods of time HAS exacerbated Effects to this pre existing conditions that perhaps were silently occurring in your human body with no real alarm…

In that simple fact in turn the cloth mask affect us and it’s stupid to think that they don’t. This is minus the psychological aspect of it all. Are we possibly protecting ourselves from something that is being sprayed in the air(airborne) ? If so we are to be geared up with the proper masks as shown above.( first picture)…

A common question being asked is: do cloth masks really prevent us from receiving COVID-19?

most common answer online…

“Well-designed and well-fitting masks or face coverings can prevent the spread of your infectious respiratory droplets. They may also help protect you from the infectious respiratory droplets of others”

I don’t know about you but since when are we considered infectious especially if we feel good and keep our distance?
Since when does a healthy person who has never been questioned by their family doctor that they’re not in turn considered unhealthy have to go outside to get tested to tell everyone that they are healthy or not?

Does anyone else ask these questions? These are serious times and I question corporate intentions at all costs especially the cost of our innocent children given to us by the good lord himself! Social cues at school don’t matter as a part of developmental, emotional, psychological well being anymore? Consent no longer matters? 

I see the psychological damage, emotional, psycho social, developmental to name a few like we are just going to wake up one day and this corruption will be gone?

We will be able to freely breathe and smile and travel with freedom of speech again?

I am going to close this one early folks because I never in a million years thought I’d have to walk around and see everyone in a mask as much as it helps with transmission we have to ask ourselves if we are even ready to live in a better world for the children we leave this planet earth to


Remain in the evil corruption of this world, medical tyranny and confusion it is leaving around to linger.

If this new normal is to totally remove our own human body autonomy.

To completely outsource our own Good lord given health for profits without looking at the very oath Doctors have to do no harm….

To totally disregard our inherent spirituality…

To walk around and not talk to each other and to treat one another as threats to our health…

To be continuously told what to think and feel….

To blindly accept what be are told and to withhold our own god given senses as a human being…

To shame on others if they think differently/shaming dissenting opinions….

To view the very reality you’re living as something separate and to live in fear….

Well then I continue to reject it. And why do you think that you shouldn’t reject it also?

If this is all in good faith, and not a plague of complete corruption hiding from the public scientific truths which might go against corporate economic interests then I revoke my words but I have a really big problem with people not being able to hug and kiss grandpa or grandma or visit them/ loved ones because they might send them to their death bed!?….

This is not where I am folks.
This psychological condition is called manipulation.

Poor nutrition and perpetual fear, lack of connections, and the synthetic toxins we apply, inhale, inject and ingest are FAR GREATER threats to our human health than are the non living microscopic particles and microscopic organisms we have been living with for thousands and thousands of years!!
Somebody is Lying….

Stay Safe. Stay Kind. If someone is taking a little breather and exposing their nose there is highly likely a good reason for it!

Stay In Tune With Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Much Love,



My Honest Reviews-Neutrogena Hydro Boost Exfoliating Cleanser

It is that time to review a Neutrogena project that you can grab off the shelf at any local Shoppers or stores that may carry Neutrogena products!

We all try to find products that work well with our skin routine and our skin!

Hyaluronic Acid devours your skin in one sizable pump.

Making your skin feel plump, exfoliated and soft!

I can rely on this face scrub to maintain my soft, clean, pimple free regime! Coincidentally, I can also suggest ways to enhance productivity, healthier choices and ingredients as well! 🙂

A very lightweight scrub and it doesn’t stick to you although I’m curious still to see what is out there!

It has the boost but does it have the boast?

Oil free so great to use prior to make up application!

This product ; I can instantly feel the fast absorption happening it is light on my face, smells great and my face feels thoroughly washed.

What is fascinating about this cleanse and the results it provides makes me want to try out the whole hydro boost line!



When we replenish water and strengthening skin’s moisture barrier, resulting in hydrated, supple, plump skin! When we apply anything to are skin that is alcohol based we must replace the balance with more moisturizing of the skin or you will have complications that may start out mild and exacerbate. Like dryness, itchiness, psoriasis, redness, rashes so on and so forth.

Our hyaluronic centers naturally found in our skin can and

Does store water and pours it back into our skin for a days worth of moisture!

Hyaluronic acid is my true HA moment. ; hyaluronic rich skin care I always feel content that my skin care s getting the moisture it needs.


This cleanser exfoliation scrub day a very affordable and sold in most beauty areas of any store near you.

The scrub is a great way to use after you’ve already moisturized or before you moisturizer your face.

Improvements and honest review of this product that I use as well is coming shortly!

Let me add,

I don’t hold back!

Every product needs growth and expansion for either the betterment of the condition of this earth and secondly for the humane way we treat other sentient beings on this earth.


The animals and the conservation of our green spaces/mother nature!!

Another aspect you save is time really.

Fearfully yet gracefully I scrub my face and neck and I use a circular motion while pinching my face, pulling to get the blood circulation flowing! It has a pinch and vibration that delivers the product into my pores and skin.

Oh I’m sorry does this sound a tad weird? Well my skin is supple and my skin turgor is great!

Now, let’s get to the cons of this exfoliation wash! The word con leaves room for positive growth/change so when I honestly review I promote honesty yet deliver changes that can be made to make the product better for those of us who truly care about our skin!


Now, my reviews are never intended to disrupt a business that has definitely been around for years.

Safety ingredients and restoring our planet by choosing more natural ingredients(clean think greener earth) is what I’m all about and may continue to elaborate based on ethical, greener for not only the economist and environment but our skin is the first line of defense the largest organ in relation to our physiology!

What I will do is be honest because most of my reviews are based on collaborative understanding as to why certain ingredients are on the label of the product.

Let us quickly yet constructively look at the ingredients shall we?!

Shall we utilize our time going over ingredients that may be questionable in the sense that most of us who are not scientists or chemists know exactly what they represent firsthand and what they stand for so on and so forth.


1.Sodium C14-16 = Also known as Olfein Sulfonate. NOT A SULFATE! Basically is a Surfactant that is integrated with sulfonate salts prepared by sulfonation of alpha ole fins that can be derived from coconuts that produces the foamy texture received in store bottle soaps, shampoos, cleansers, etc! This helps break down water and oil build yet at the same time if you are prone to dryness this sulfonate will break down your skin and can definitely cause irritation. This product doesn’t label what it is derived from it just says when looking up the ingredient that it can be derived from coconuts… Well, can it or can’t it? What is derived here? Am I the only one who questions what is put on the very surface on your skin and what ways it can be improved and positive growth towards cleaner, greener more choices? 2. Cocamidmidopropyl Hydroxysultaine

This cleansing agent has been discussed in many instances and intense logical debates that it is a TAD toxic! Is tad allowed here?.

Tad for tat let’s make positive moves forward towards a more sustainable products for both our health and the planet. Ideally, almost everyone nowadays looks as ingredients and if they have difficulty pronouncing the ingredient they simultaneously question it. I have issues when you are using ingredients that may and tend to leave fragrance/preservatives.

Can we like get rid of preservatives 2020?!





In a tremendous amount of reading on this ingredient I can only find a majority of polysorbate that is used more towards cosmetic and beauty type products that go on our skin is Polysorbate 20 and it is “considered safe” collectively although in cosmetic products being the focus here there has been numerous documented cases where this very ingredient has led to many skin allergies.

Now let us gather and look a tad closer into what polysorbate is:

~ Emulsifier ~Surfactant (surface-active agent)~ fragrance Ingredient~

The process in a few short words for making polysorbate begins with sorbitol a sugar based alcohol that is naturally found in some fruits. The sorbitol dehydrates and then you have sorbitan. This ingredient if you wanted a clear picture as to what it looks like it exists in the form of a light yellowish-clear viscous substance/liquid.

Now, the con with emulsifiers are simply that your skin depending on who you are and what your skin type is can leave your skin feeling like a washed out effect!= skin feels overly tight/dry. If you need to put your moisturizing cream/serums what have you more than twice a day than you may want to start asking yourself why not fit a better wash with your skin and go more natural? I always wondered why such big companies don’t try to collaborate with more of the Mother Earth/nature/green world of it all?!

Adding real ingredients and better yet it would be better for us and the environment?

  • Emulsifiers alter and lower the ability of our skin barrier to defend itself against outside elements! This is factual just like hand sanitizers but that’s a whole other subject.

An all in one cream/wash with implements of botanical/real Mother Nature qualities built into these washes would have exponential lurkers and more satisfied results! 🙂


Where are we? Is this cosmetic chemicals to avoid?

Let me remind everyone I respect every job in this world well except for some but I won’t get into that here .

I don’t understand how we are saving the ecosystem and keeping ourselves as healthy as can!3 with ingredients/chemicals like these in our products.

I don’t think I’m alone one this one either just preferably LOUD! Loud with a positive intention.

Every chemical ingredient comes with risk no one can tell me different. What I mean by risk is change in surrounding going from stable conditions to mild-moderate symptoms. Like irritation/rash(dermatitis) as I stated previously.

It has been documented also that it may also cause respiratory tract irritation if inhaled or give off a harmful dust. However, studies of Carbopol polymers (acrylate cross polymers) suggest that its properties will make it a more significant ingredient in the future.?

May or Can these things be assessed and evaluated like towards greener products why do we have some chemicals in some and then a green beauty/organic line why can’t we just get rid of toxic pesticides and chemicals that are not good for us? There is always room for growth.




This ingredient component was is various cosmetic and industrial products.

People may walk on eggshells all day for others not to admit/question/assertively admit that this ingredient is toxic!




⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️6/10 **

Clean out those ingredients a tad; add some plants, botanicals, essential oils, minerals, fruit enzymes, damn it’ll bump you to higher heights. Collaborate with more conscientious ingredients, ethical ingredients and that there will at least show consumers and the global economy that green change is closer than we think..?

Sooner or later you have to come to terms with toxic and non toxic.
Better quality; better committed customers.

What leaves symptoms and what doesn’t. Clean products from natural resources to keep our earth flourishing must be integrated into the products more. Organic thriving products. Fair trade non GMO chemicals/pesticide free?!
Is that stretching too far?

I don’t think so.

Well the truth can definitely be controversial. Truth should bring consistent evaluation, room for positive growth and change.

I’ve cut the ingredient break down short this time and spoke lightly on some main ones there without going in too deeply!

Thank you for stopping by feel free to comment and I will respond promptly.

Hope you enjoyed my honest review for this product.

Be well. Take care of yourself first.

Please continue to spread love, patience and kindnesss to every human you encounterthrough these challenging times.

Much Love Always,

Patricia Divine Essence

Kaleidoscopes and Colour Therapy.

Well, Um, Geez!

Social Distancing. Self Isolation.

Challenging and Questionable Times…

My journal entry from when I was a child are raw, sometimes not nice, the true essence of myself!

No mask, no band aid, no excuse just reliable feelings and conjugations of how my day was / my experiences in certain situations

Other than dance; of course, there wasn’t a real outlet in the 1980s for stress release for kids!

In simple terms.

Evidently, like yes you have the swim meet, the piano lesson, gymnastic lesson, dance lesson, hockey practice, but when did you have a place you could go with fellow school classmates or bring yourself to a collaboration of fun activities such as stretching, theatrical dance, singing, performance art, guided imagery and dance?

That is a simple question.

We didn’t!


Kaleidoscopic images and colour therapy brings my mood and focus to levels you can’t really put into words!

Like being able to naturally and smoothly transition consciousness in various altered states all awhile exhibiting more flowing, executive functioning.

When creativity takes hold stretching yoga and this regime just felt like it would resonate with my being during these challenging times.

Imagination is everything. I think I am in a wondrous state of gratitude just hoping for the best that the universe has my back and everyone else’s!

Sometimes just shifting your thought process can begin a completely different day!

What not a better time than now to explode with words on this very stressful time right now with a global pandemic within this physical realm of existence.

Introducing this to my children has been phenomenal.

A great way to balance out the hardcore, energetic homeschooling!

Structuring Free play with intense workbook learning. Finding a balance a constructive routine that at times; will not go as planned

Furthermore, Integrating Reaction and Response/Responding methods you aid in transitioning/ cognitive functions. Going diligently through slow, rhythmic movements that entail stretching and breathing!

Great for unwinding/introductory to restful states/sleep. Relaxation techniques and coaching my children has been effective

Especially for children who deal with Attention Deficit Disorder or Obsessive Complusove Disorder, Autism, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), developmental challenges across the board.

The imagery of the kaleidoscope I hope remains engraved in subconscious minds to revert racing thoughts, anxiety, enhance focus, enhance relaxation to the present moment.

May the memory of the scope make you a persistent mobile of stillness!

Entering different brain waves using this technique I find has a practical sense towards sticking to it (routine) and following along and through (consistency) without realizing it.
A soothing flow of colourful pictures while stretching and talking openly and calmly has created a calm, “break” space for us.


Along my physical journey I told a beautiful friend I thought at the time when she was so caught up in what happened to her she didn’t even see that she was presently alive and this was her in the light standing before me asking me why didn’t I listen to you…

I told her years before this the importance of learning to be your own best friend without attachment of anyone.

She at the time thought I was wicked for saying this we discussed perspectives our opinion and thoughts on those perspectives and I simply told her that I don’t give advice to anyone unless I KNOW it has worked.

The simple thought focus of what I say and it’s form and why I chose to speak and say it in that moment, in that experience for her!

You see, in everyday life we go along and just say whatever we want to whoever we want at times for no reason other than to soothe our own emotional wounds.

Hurtful things.

It hurts me to see it, hear about it, feel it as I have experienced it myself.

People who lack consistent, successful, self healing are inadvertently hurtful towards others!

Self healing and creating/building healthy relationships are interdependent on one another; wouldn’t you agree?

Think About It!

We are supposed to naturally love one another, not walk around not trusting one another, not wondering what this person or if that person will hurt me or not,


why did I get treated this way? How about I let me go get mad or go project my traumas and anger / pain onto someone else and cause them pain.

Where does the cycle end?!…..

I told my friend that the only reason why I told her that you have to be your own best friend in this physical realm is because ( I’ve already gone through a few things in my life and spent these valuable moments to exchange through my verbal coaching who I needed when I didn’t have anyone to come to my rescue.

“There will come a time when the only person you will have around there for you is your damn self”

Well, to this day I perhaps shouldn’t of used the word damn because she got mad at my comment that was her instant reaction not response because in my journal journey world.

There is a difference! RESPONSE vs REACTION!!!!

Clearly, when you break it down they stand as not the same and many times reactions can be verbal and full off delusion.


Sometimes Reactions can be nonverbal and full of theatrics. My fancy word for aggression/anger grunts, kicking, etc!!

Response is speaking/using verbal, calm communication when homeostasis is present or when someone can easily express themselves with the intent to not inflict their pain/ignorance onto someone else.

We all need SELF HEALING!

Shouldn’t reflection of one self not be a continuous process?

This pandemic as much as it is challenging I am sincerely wondering if individuals are taking this time out of more pain and fear tendencies and centering it more towards proactive, mindful self healing!!

Introspection; the time we try more to convince ourselves that everything is of because we are used to having that arrive arm secretly trying to prepare us for whatever comes next but what comes next?

It is fear of the unknown because the media likes to scare people!!

Turn it off if it minds feeds you panic, frustration, worry and FEAR!

Go outside and do some exercises, use your human senses to help guide you through.

If the only vision we have of ourselves comes from the opinions, perceptions and paradigms of those around us then our view is like the reflection in the crazy mirror room at the carnival!

Isn’t this true?

Is this some hidden secret that no one wants to say out loud?!

The major media programming has a hard time not broadcasting more about perhaps the goodness that takes place everyday around the world, and the great positive work people are doing daily for fellow humans and our planet called earth to which we all live!


Here is a quote I made up myself a long time ago.

“There’s going to be times when the only person you can rely on and truly fall in complete love with is yourself! There are going to be times when the only best friend you really have present on your journey is yourself!”

Before I wrote that quote of mine for the first time I thought deeply about many people on this planet who are just alone.

No family here on Earth, perhaps friends or acquaintances live far away or the best friend they had perhaps passed away.

In a way, I sort of train my brain of these possibilities that could take place in life that would affect my daily life!

Self Acceptance, Self Awareness, Self Preservation, Self Esteem, Self Control can only grow positively from harbouring

Self awareness!

Do you think about this at least once a day!?

It has become an almost automatic reflection on my part.


Because how can you not be self-aware during reflection intervals?!

To really reflect on your day or in your mental journal…aka JOURNEY!


Holistic approaches that sincerely aims to bring balance of energy to our bodies!

Self Practice approach is assertively encouraged. Low threshold for patience renders small simple steps to start out. If you can absorb two minutes one day then it is still in the books as trying to test your patience threshold.

Train Your Brain!

So it Works!

Colours are everywhere. When you turn on a device such as a TV, computer, when you open your eyes, when you glance outside you are surrounded by colours.

It questions me constantly; is this a great way to communicate to nonverbal individuals? Set their mood/threshold? Colours and signs are everywhere and when we consistently promote these tiny details into individuals lives it emphasizes their outlook and their power within.

Using colour imagery to help joyfully stimulate minds of children, teenagers, adults and the respectable elderly.

I’ve witnessed depression, grieving, irritable moods, mood disorders, and other mental health conditions alleviate through colour therapy and guided imagery.

It is amazing to see!


Colours are continuously surrounding us and our natural environment/surroundings.

Out of each moment try to find gratitude in the small colourful things around you it may just brighten your day and hopefully add some courageous light to your many bright ideas, thoughts and feelings.

I hope your days to come are of peace of mind; until next time!

Much Love,

Patricia Maragos/Patricia Divine Essence

Visualize Role Play. Let It Flow Learning.

Sitting by the beautiful Lake Ontario with my eldest it was the perfect opportunity to not only teach my son about his internal emotions but to actually visually show him by using the flow of waves.

What wonderful moments they are during the calmness of him being still and lessons that flowed through me to pass on to my sons; as I would do for any child/adolescent/young adult/adult/elderly I encounter throughout my nursing career within the community.

I find preparing lessons sometimes can get too time-consuming and doesn’t really prepare you for the unexpected, the fixations, etc!
Another fact; having a son on the spectrum- he learns and develops his skills differently.

While also testing me to see if I react!

Stimulation is great although too much may cause his dopamine to extremely rise and there you will have acting out just to gain a response!

Drum Roll Please… 🙂

I praise his intelligence every chance I get!
Especially, with transitioning and change in routine/ activities of daily living.
I keep reminding him that all this work is applied to his skills he will have!
To help him take that fear away that he can hold on to at times.

This is why let it flow learning and role-play has embarked an inner voice for him now (while still at times trying to remember how to apply it to everyday life and knowing this, returns to me a humbled heart.

It is a continuous, consistent lesson we practice!

Visualization Is Learning!

Creating images to deliver a message really helps me as a mother and nurse!

I can take each encounter I have with my sons’ growth on the spectrum (ASD) and apply it to everyone else in a sense depending on the barrier/individualized care needs.

Let me try to break it down. Visualization works!

Grab empathy and really listen without words. Reaction to a behaviour or challenge has and will be a tiring spiral especially if a child or individual has echolalia in relation to being on the spectrum or feeds off of your reaction.
Self help tools should be created at a young age and growth a continuous milestone!

Furthermore, the context of their words may not even relate to the situation at hand.
Processing the words to say in that moment is very challenging for them. They may repeat a set of words or phrases that are familiar to them to communicate to us!

The best way to keep the flow of communication going is to paraphrase or ask open-ended questions to what they say.

The mom in me wants to correct yet creatively and smoothly; I have grown and transitioned into a more understanding phrase that has to do with context of conversation while displaying it through my consistent, patient actions.

I try to wisely range my wording so that a constant no/ what are you doing/  doesn’t come into play.
I’ve trialed many different ways and tools. Demonstrating and asking open ended questions to comprehend his thinking techniques is my goal!

I try to deal with heightened anxiety or high functioning with more ease and assertion.
Motivational coaching has always sparked a light in my heart and it feels good doing it!
In turn, it shows my son how to remain assertive and to stay motivated as well!

These children take mental notes on us too..;)

Understand that, my child and any other child/ young adult with challenges are very intelligent beings and they will constantly thrive and learn by keeping it exciting, brand new showing them positive coping mechanisms on the regular while being supportive to their emotional needs.
Guide them!

Reward them when they present to you modifications and positive efforts towards their behaviour!
Trust me they need to hear it and feel it even if they didn’t have an extended meltdown! Maybe it was only two minutes. They need to feel safe, they need to feel love and support unconditionally!

Echolalia is basically learning by imitation. Repeating what is heard. In child terms (“Don’t Copy Me”) “Stop Copying Me” someone with echolalia will repeat these words even if it doesn’t apply it is like it is stored in memory and it is challenging to decipher it.

It is possible although!

Initially, we need to bring forth real awareness of these cues to all children/ adolescents/ adults/ elderly so that we can all work towards, while truly inner stand the different cues received to deliver the best optimal care and guidance for everyone!

When a child has no recollection on how to start a conversation or initiate play or conversation we need to be able to prompt, ask and really dive in with both ears and listen while taking notes on what works and what doesn’t!

Sincerely, this has become competence, repetition, consistency for me in teaching, coaching, integrating, flow of fundamentals so on and so forth.

YES! There will be days when your question a set back or a regression and your question your core abilities to the point where your can burn out!

Don’t think it won’t happen because it will!

Just have your necessary thinking tools with you!

For instance, to give you a visualization….

Some days and this can be due to tiredness, hunger, sensory overload, not feeling well.
Initiate body scan as I like to add humour to fluency and comprehension.

I try to have a little marker board or something I can write on at hand in case my son(or an any child/individual) needs to see me write down the word down.

The focus shifts. It is very helpful! This cues in at times “Mom, what are you talking about?”

Another phrase my son has familiarized himself with through hearing and applying it where ever he wishes.

Staying positive and forth coming my approach to this is laughter and repeating t he question to him and starting a conversation.
sometimes I catch my son now that he is getting older whispering and doing his self talk to himself!
Therefore, he is practicing the words to use by listening to me interact with him.

Every moment can be a mini miracle when we strive to unite and both be better versions of ourselves!

It’s comical and my sudden instincts want to correct him yet through trials and tribulations what best works for him is when I continue saying what I’m talking about then I enter something simple to which he will understand and carry on.

Context and Dialogue!

I continue to show him that is what I am talking about! 🙂

Do you understand? Yes I do mom or No I don’t.

There will be repeated lessons if you’re truly present in your child/individual’s life by the end of the day your mouth will be so dry from talking and teaching and repeating and showing other ways towards the flow of constant learning!

I like to be humble in that WE ARE ALL CONSTANTLY LEARNING

throughout our life span, so imagine children and all that they have to face as they grow… A Whole Lot!!!!

Adults have a hard time all the time, not so good days so children will as well!
They feel stress and the weight of the world too!


Let me tell your learning how to cope, manage, interject, redirect, gentle persuasion, encourage, motivate, patiently adapt and alter your care based on the subjective data you are receiving from an individual in turn assists you with care that not only helps but truly supports atypical/”neurodiversity”/dementia/ and many more that relates to illness/challenges/crisis! 

When your really tune into someone nonverbally and try to perceive the world from their mind;  you really have no choice but to stop and really pay attention without saying a word.

Actively Tune In!

Take into consideration that going into an intense situation abruptly can have a huge range in difference than going into the same intense situation more lightly and softly.

Now, I am not saying be a push over because who has got time for that?! 🙂

All I am saying is listening and absorbing information is listening too. It is communicating. It is an amazing skill to have and be proud of or open to learn more about and implement.

Through listening we can learn about someone, feel their energy vibe, tune into their emotional intelligence sort of speak.

Listening is observing as I like to remind my child and anyone.

Actively listening sometimes needs no response verbally just showing them that you’re there to help them and support them if they need it!

Not to point a spotlight on any given someone.

Furthermore, honestly, we all carry human behaviour it is what makes us human.

It is what makes us all alike/similar in such ways.

More ways than we like to admit at times!

Genuinely though, it’s through nonverbal cues, the things not said where I really learn the most.

My eldest son has made me learn more about this than anyone else and he continues to.
I am honoured to be with him through this journey!

He has been a great teacher to me as I am to him!

Positive feedback and phrases are my set goal with my child and any other child I encounter!

Teach role-play it’s a great way to visualize with your child situations that may play out in their regular day!

Example: My son at his previous school came home and for about a month had in his brain the phrase:

“Go away, your not my friend” Of course my first reactions mentally to myself were who the heck said that to you?!

I’ve caught a couple of kids say not so nice things when I’m not right in front of him while playing trying to make friends the best way he knew how as he was consistently trying to make new friends and non verbally fit in!
Through, imitating (imitate learners) what they were doing or running alongside other children laughing and smiling with them; yet not asking if he could play with them!
He has surpassed the silence and slowly started to open up  out of his shell- through vocalizing for about a year now.
The weight of my shoulders has decreased and so has his.
his face is brighter with smiles and my emotions are a whirlwind with his!

He did the best he could with what tools he could use and could process what to say in those moments!

It was a whirlwind of emotions let me tell you!

ABA therapy continues-as he soon will venture into a new therapy school since we have moved. It’s been about three months of no therapy and we are looking forward to continuing again soon to keep his skills adequate and decrease the risk of regression in those set skills!

I always tell him you cannot go wrong with pro action! 🙂

As I show him!

You cannot control how others may respond to you what you can do is not let it bother you and realize you are a great kid and anyone who truly listens to you will resonate with good intentions and will want to be your friend naturally!
(and yes I break down words I use and teach the meaning through spelling and role play too)! I have too!

So my son can gain  understanding/visualization!

To this day,  I still use keywords and repetitively remind and coach, teach what it means through my actions and role-playing.

Scenario teachings are so great for younger children because instead of waiting for them to face challenges outside of their home they can be invited to learn with those they trust the most while at home!
Call it a pre-introduction if you will.

It demonstrates each taking a turn in getting bullied for instance how to respond, how do you think it makes her/him feel?

Simply setting out examples on how to get through certain things as a young child.

Emphasizing on responding to it positively and not reacting to it!

I was always trying to figure that out when clearly I had to change up how I demonstrate how he can decipher that phrase heard with more positive ones!

It was a challenge and I use instances where we are out in nature or car rides ( one of the best times while he is visually stimulated looking out the car window to implement great vocal lessons about almost anything from personalities, phrases heard, what he is seeing, etc!!

OR a great auditory book/ lesson can be played surrounding your lesson.

Change the tone!

At home, you best believe I have a stimulation room.

This promotes personal space, adaptation, fluency, compression more at ease, lessons through calmness of the senses.
LED colourful lights move gracefully reflecting off the walls, calm soothing instrumental music, guided imagery in correlation to toleration of course.

The attention is there; when I speak clearly and more slowly I still come down to his eye level as well accordingly when genuinely trying to understand what he is feeling.

While encouraging and redirecting more adaptive behaviours.

ASD (Autism Sensitivity)

Sensory Sensitivity Is The Core feature of autism!

In just this, I apply this to other mental ailments when dealing with the mind at its state of Manic, anxiety, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Delirium, early stages of dementia/Alzheimer’s, grief, loss, death, stress, ALS, developmental challenges, etc!

There are varying ways of outwardly responding and expressing awareness of these sensory sensitivities such as light, sound, touch, smell, hear and pain!.

Please make children more aware of these things.

I make sure Role play is essentially practiced and is magnificent for children/adolescents to not only see it with their own eyes in front of them yet, through being in it sort of like lightly yet mindfully tapping someone into the situation at hand sort of speak.

A kick into someone else’s shoes!!

This is where Compassion and Empathy energy surrounds us.

It is there!

It is just a question of caring or not!
Sometimes Apathy energy is chosen instead.

Please try to inner stand that most of a child’s temperament can be understood through understanding the trait attached to the emotion and the fact that many cannot verbalize what they want to say at times.

It takes constant diligence, resilience, time and some real hard core PATIENCE!!

Asking open-ended questions or a question followed by a yes or no helps me a lot to pin point his processing and understanding is always the GOAL!

I need to know through this navigation if children are truly listening/ processing my words.

Secondly I talk in a clear, tone with inquisition!

Yes, trust me, I can be direct but I remain assertive and proactive!


Especially for effort!!

Even if it’s just fifteen full minutes of spelling or reading comprehension today!

I reward that fifteen minutes of effort!

It at times extends to more minutes and enjoyment!

Auditory Sensitivity (hyperacusis)

Action- Automatic nonverbal cue of covering bilateral ears with both palms (one on each ear).

Auditory sensitivity’s or being in crowded places like a mall, or fast pace people walking can heighten behaviours with children with auditory sensitivities.

We have to collectively understand that difficulties and challenges with communication, social interaction, behaviour regulation/ abnormal responses to sound are going to repeat/ overly show face and what continues to be displayed through involuntary behaviours such as STIMMING/ FIXATED responses.
(Verbal/Non Verbal)

Loud noises like music turned up too loud-something I observe/assess when vocalized or nonverbally recognized!

In return, part of my assessment skills is screening sound, fast visuals, sensory sensitivities for the person I’m encountering.
These all become susceptible variables within my integrated compassionate care!

Different Types Of Disabilities/Challenges

Intellectual- A challenge in problem solving, reasoning, understanding completely what is being said.

Social and practical skills enhanced through adaptation.

Developmental- Significant behavioural, social, communication challenges. Can impact a person from day to day/ their lifespan.

Physical- Correlates to physical functionality. Interferes with endurance, stamina, impairments relating to activities of daily living (ADL’s) such as- sleep disorders, respiratory, Multiple Sclerosis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis(ALS), spinal cord/brain injury, epilepsy for just some examples.

Learning (See, Hear And Understand Things Differently)- Brain is wired differently (neurological) therefore children/adults with learning disabilities/challenges are as smart or smarter than their peers.

Here at my vibrant flow I love to dive into other areas of learning and motivationTo inspire/

coach anyone through any difficult challenges they may face!

I would love to thank you so much for being present here with me and for stopping by!

Kindest Regards,

Patricia Maragos/
Patricia Divine Essence

Sweat It Out Skin!

Hello to all, I hope this blog post finds you extremely well! Wherever you are enjoying summer months!

I am in Canada near Toronto so the summer is beautiful and I don’t want it to be over as autumn now slowly approaches us!

So I’m soaking it up even if it means through sweat!

Let’s talk about sweating it out!

I’m not talking about sweating out nerves or anxiety.

I am going to shed some light on sweating and how it is good for our skin and body. The good sweat it out sort of speak!

Sweat it out Skincare! …. Oh I like that!


When your skin experiences a good sweat it is cleansing itself of toxins from the deep pores.

Strenuous activity, sauna time, sitting out just sweating it out in the sun while you walk, sit, run/staying active; read, sail, visit outside with friends and family.

Have you ever just basked in the sun with no complaints and just let the exocrine sweat just drip away while staying hydrated?

I hope of course!


Just keep in mind that even feelings of tension, excitement, stress and anxiety can cause us to sweat too.

This can happen also through the foods and drinks we choose to consume such as coffee can increase anxiety therefore increase sweat production.

Yes we need to focus on how we are sweating too.

Many benefits that sweat regulates our temperature by releasing salt and water through our sweat.

Drip Sweat To Drip off Pounds?

I use to really think that sweating was a huge contributor for losing pounds but what I came to realize was it was mostly watered weight that comes off.

It really isn’t a huge, distinct, measurable amount of pounds/ calories!

If you begin to hydrate yourself once again and eat; you’re pretty much putting on the weight you’ve lost. Therefore, another reason to be conscious of my output vs input and/or vice versa.

After I sweat it out a lot! I’m not going to line up for a huge, hefty burger or something heavy on my stomach sort of speak!

This is where I choose a fruit/veggie super food smoothie or a salad.

As far as sweating goes what makes us cringe about it?

Why have we grown to not like our sweat?

Sure, it may have a distinct stench to it at times but it also tells us that,  once again our bodies are amazing at excreting out when we need to cool down!

I find myself wearing layers of clothing on some days due to not knowing how the weather will turn out in the midst of summer to fall.

Heating up our face in a sauna or steamed bathroom opens pores trying to extract through the skin by massaging your face!

Sweat It Out Tea Please!

Hot tea on a hot day. You’re a tea sweat away.

Tea withstands coffee and I am a superb coffee drinker as much as anyone!

I love the way it smells, how you feel when you take your first sip but when consciously aware I also know that coffee will never be enough!

I tend to impulse for coffee so it can have control over me if I don’t tell it to back off sometimes!

Like coffee, Sorry but, I got this without you.

Thank You Tea.

There are options!

Therefore, I put coffee on the top shelf out of reach sort of speak and embrace tea.

Tea undoubtedly hydrates you! (Caffeine Free of course).

Oh yes even on the hottest day!

Count in your antioxidants and improve your calmer moods to a tea! Ha!

Conscious of my coffee impulses;

I find sweating out to tea is a better option towards a healthier me anyways in the long run.

Sweating may sound not so appealing but it reaks (no pun intended)

Of great benefits for you like zapping zits away, detoxifying your body ramps

Up your feel good natural endorphins, aid in flushing out kidney stones and much more!

Autumn is a side step away and starting a day with tea instead of coffee is possible change in gears.

Let us pull a full stop once tea for just a minute or two please shall we? Did you know there is a herbal tea for every mood you may be experiencing?


Feeling heightened anxiety or anxious?

Chamomile Tea.

Feeling consistent anger or you’re feeling just angry?Lemon or Orange Pekoe

Orange Pekoke Or Lemon Tea.

Feeling like you need a pick me up in the sense of more energy?

Black Tea.

Feeling down or depressed like symptoms?

Lemongrass Tea.

Feeling more tension and stressed out?     


Feeling a tad restless/uneasy?

Peppermint Tea.

Feeling like you need more sleep?

Lavender Tea.

Feeling really tired and need to get going?

Green Tea.

Feeling heightened anxiety or really anxious?

Tart Cherry Tea.                          

Dandelion Root Tea/Dandelion Steeped Tea/Drink definitely has beneficiary ailments to your mood, well-being  and beyond! 

These are just a selective taste of these teas available to you to give a try consistently and see how they resonate with you and help alleviate some of your moods/state of being.


Sweating has and will continue to be a part of your rest of your life! Might as well embrace it, seek and realize that the sweat is good for you apart of some of the things I asked you to consider looking into in this blog as far as excessive sweating noted above.

Sweat it out skin is all about replenishing your body.

Working off that stress/tension built up in your busy working body amongst the constant flow within the habit called ‘life’.

Try teas, instead of coffees to aid in the vibrant flow of smoother circulation as you sweat out yourself! 🙂

Less sugar intake or no sugar intake can also help you get past the sugar withdrawals/cravings your body may experience as well!

I hope this blog has created a better outlook when it comes to your sweat and if it captures your awareness on how beautiful sweating really is; then I’m humbled.

I always say during your workout or dance performance/active lifestyle;

Could You imagine how we all would feel if our bodies were not built this way?

For Instance, if we didn’t sweat at all?!

What would that truly feel like?

Would you exercise as much?

How would you be able to cool down?

In just that,

I am honoured and grateful to sweat out and give my skin and body the cleansing it deserves!

As always, feel free to comment and elaborate on this blog and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Until Next Time,


Patricia Divine Essence


Skin Care And Make Up!

I am all for your own choices and preferences when it comes to make up.

All in all, skin care is the face you have to live with in your everyday life. We all inevitably

Will age through the natural aging process so taking Care of our skin and natural beauty is where my

Passion resonates first and foremost!

I stand and will continue to stand strongly along the lines of “ if you can eat your facial/ skin products then please do apply it to my face and hair.

Consider it safe and beneficial and free from toxins!

Mother Nature serves brilliance and incorporating Safe ingredients is what I am all about!

Skin care while living Vibrantly and growing with our skin is a privilege denied to many.

Making conscious, healthy choices will exude an even fascinating glow once the choice of make up is applied!

Skin care is essential! Make up is a choice. No make up just restoring and renewing skin care photo below.


Whether you put make up on for yourself every morning before leaving the house or you won’t leave the house what so ever unless you put make up on  Is all up to your choice.

I do and will ask you why though?

Just to grasp more about you is my pure intention! It’s my natural, passionate curiosity. Continue to open and reason with me! 😉

Skin care on the other hand is essential! When I implement my skin blog I sprout from my internal core. What foods do you eat, are you on any medications etc!

I love talking to others about their skin care without sounding to pushy or overly curious if the topic presents itself.

I love to continue to indulge and help others find their essence through skin health, overall health and beauty and maintenance to improve their overall skin appearance and their self- confidence in a healthier body and glowing skin.

It’s  all connected after all, if you really stop and think about it for a minute or two.

Consulting and embracing each other natural beauty is my passion and to let others know that aging is inevitable! Immensely although, giving our skin the care, restoration and renewal it needs comes from essential personal care, healthy eating and well, pro-mask-inating! 😉

I love this word!

Procrastinating is just yielding for more time. Time to which we need to plan out better.

Yes, we all get in that juggle where we are chasing time.

I just try to do things along the way that save time or prepare beforehand so that time is not a factor.

The rush mentality I am not falling for it. I do not do things to my fullest potential when caught up in this mind space.

Summer vibes brings on great creativity. Our imagination is always there awaiting for us to use it!

Night time routines try to incorporate a vitamin C night cream/ mask in your regimen. It not only helps and prevents your skin from sun damage it is a strong antioxidant helps improve spots while building collagen and an intense moisturizer!

A beautiful grounding night routine sheds light towards a ready face come rise and shine! Vitamin C rich masks and serums are also a great way to use prior to applying make up to your face if you choose to do so!

Obviously you are not going to diminish miracles but the more you moisturize it will help your skin even out and balance your skin through the ravaging of time!

Ice Cube Hack

Apart from freezing an ice cube engulfed in aloe Vera as per my previous blog post.

This is extremely important also! Please listen in- all my make up lovers!

Let us start with make up try rubbing an ice cube all over your face first. Not only does this close the pores, helps with better make up administration and gives your face a great glow.

In this hot summer it is a great method to cool down as well!

Grab another ice cube and place it to the posterior part of your neck  head looking straight ahead  move the ice all around neck focusing on middle where neck trunk and brain stem area is. Then going down spine if you’re up  for it! 🙂 Benefits outweigh the risks or complaints here.

The ice motive may even get rid of some redness areas, unexpected puffiness that you may be experiencing.

Summer days are hot and this especially is convenient and essential prior to applying heavier make up like cover up and such if you choose to use it.

Applying clean, organic beauty is something I’m passionate about. Clean= natural, green make up products.

Wouldn’t it be gold to apply antioxidant rich make up to our faces?! Sign me up right?

We are so passionate about keeping ourselves internally healthy or making our immune systems stronger interchangeably  we sometimes can overlook the products we use daily on our faces, skin!

Trust me whether you use clean beauty or not;

the ice cube hack is a go to!

Warm hot days and a quick way to cool down is a bonus!

How to eat for healthy skin.

To each their own. I am not here to change people to go Vegan.

I’m not here to change anyone’s meal preference, diet, and how they go about their day.

Furthermore, knowing yourself and what foods to eat that suit your overall well-being, health and skin is where my passion lies.

Face mask of the summer is celery powered. I use it as a moisturizer and face mask.

Vitamins A, K, C and it deeply cleanses my pores, aides in free radical damage and to top it all off; an anti-inflammatory.

Add your celery to your smoothies with a splash of citrus and carrot and greens.

Voila to your vibrant flow!

I keep telling myself if I eat like a bird I will never over eat or self loathe over quantity!

This works for me! What works for you!?

Life is too short and maintaining my consciousness towards what I choose to use on my skin to which foods make me feel my best is what I can passionately advocate for and only help those to find their best self!

Amazingly, this works for my BMI (basic metabolic index) and my overall digestive system.

May I ask, what works best for you? What foods don’t make you feel your best?

Aging is a natural part of life that can’t be avoided; although, there are ways and foods that can help us age beautifully and better inside and radiate outside!

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the fats on this planet. It’s good for your skin along with coconut oil and it’s so good I even massage it through my scalp ladies and gents!

Living a healthy lifestyle and staying consistent will radiate on the outside through time! What is usually happening inside our bodies has a way of showing us outside of our bodies!

Experiment with your teas and flower petals and let me know how your experience was.

I leisurely try to bring the spa life to my bathroom as much as possible not only does it enhance my self care it also brings me peace of mind and my skin and body deserves it!

Epsom Salt And Flower Pedal Baths.

Spring and summer exudes flourishing of flowers and plant life so why not exfoliate and live like you have the ocean at your fingertips.

Bring a spa visit to your bath routine.

Collect those petals of flowers from your nearest flower shop/ farm while you’re outdoors and place them in your bath and soak up the scent and vibrant benefits the flower power has while you relax in a soaking hot bath.

Epsom salts(magnesium sulphate), essential oils eucalyptus, lavender. The benefits are hard to ignore!

If you have children they won’t even notice you adding it into their baths.

What a great way for them to calm and relax and detoxify down after a day outside!

Spearmint tea aids in acne prone skin and acts as an anti-androgen. Have a nice warm cup and if you don’t drink warm during the warmer days we’ll drink it cold! 🙂

Aiding in the hormonal changes that put bodies can go through and with our skin being the external organ it is a win-win to give these tips a try!

I love to add sunflower petals or any flower. The tea sets the tone or mood of which splash I want to bask in. The flower I add a bonus to help moisturize and boost. Aloe Vera is also applied to my skin in the bath.

Listen I don’t get to vacation much so I bring the vacation to the tub!

Citrus calling all lemons, limes and the citrus family with a splash of herbs please!

Have you tried this?! The majority goes takes their bath like they usually do with a special bath bomb or bubble bath of their choice or soap but have you dived in with Mother Nature like for real?!

Now, to get through the scorching summers (or any season for that matter, depending on where you are in the world) finish off with a nice cool shower!

Before your warm to hot bath try steaming up in a sauna or run the hot shower for a while before entering and sit and relax for a bit while sweating it out! Little tips and tricks to help send the toxins out through your pores while opening them and the cold shower post your bath to help close pores.

I feel rejuvenated just imagining it! Visualizing it first, sets the tone of creation! You’re almost there!

Benefits of a cool rinse following a warm/hot bath shower speeds up your metabolism. If you already have a fast metabolism well there are many benefits to a cool rinse off nonetheless!

In closing, We all want to look good and feel good inside and out! We can all reflect without being to dramatic about the signs of aging and age.

Living authentically is using the power we all have within to restore, help build and choose better lifestyles for ourselves that vibrantly rejuvenate us!

We can flow with time and continue to flourish along with it! It starts in the mind and your thought process! Taking care of our skin, body with or without make up is vital towards our overall well-being, self esteem, self love and beauty essence!

Continue to smile at one another give a compliment to someone. Spread love and light!

Thank you very much for tuning into my blog. Please feel free to elaborate and comment. I seek your experiences and thoughts as well!

Much Love and Much Peace Of Mind,

Patricia Divine Essence





Ashwagandha Powder Benefits.

I would love to share with you something I’ve recently came across during my busy, hectic lifestyle of what is called Motherhood/Parenthood and balancing everything in between!

Work life, home life, self care, child care and all of the things in between!

I’ve been open to trying new herbs that not only would benefit my body and mind health as a busy mother but also open to learning and wondering what exactly nature was trying to tell me through this adaptogen surely known as Ashwagandha.

Originally, if you haven’t heard of this herb let me help you become more familiar.

Ashwagandha has been used as medicine/herb in India for about 3000 years!

I want to start by admitting that I came to a very stressful, burnout lately.

Without getting too personal!

I was running on adrenaline and hardly no sleep.

I let stress get the worse of me which increased anxiety and as I let time go on this way I needed support! WE ALL DO!

All in all, this herb was a complete brain booster paired along with conscious eating choices to get me back to feeling more content and alleviated my stress response!

Can You Tell The Difference Between Anxiety And Stress?

Recently my mind and body went into overdrive. It was established by inadequate sleep.

Working nights and staying wide awake to then going home to be with my children since I am pretty hard on myself and am very passionate about putting them first!

I still have to work on this; as a mother, as a woman, to not feel bad or guilty when needing the time for self care and when asking for that time!

I felt very stressed out and just exhausted which in turn made my mood and capabilities decrease.

This goes beyond my natural, positive, energetic mood so I take it very seriously.

In these challenging
days I was writing in my journal and telling myself that I was going to be alright and I did everything under the sun to help alleviate my stress response.

I felt very deeply about some things in my life and they drastically changed and I admit I got into a very sad state.

The lady who always stuck out her hand to help someone else and others now needed the help and support this time!

As much  as we like to sweep these kinds of things under our rugs sometimes and not admit it to ourselves and think we are OK…………

You know what?

It is OK to not be OK!

It is OK to find a balance and resolve at a steady pace was my motive!

I chose to stand firmly and honestly tell myself that I’ve been through quite a lot.

Anxiety and stress are two major components in stagnation and learning more about them in depth was very important to me during this difficult time for many personal reasons.

Stress for us all will cause anxiety as a secondary result do you agree?

Anxiety has a huge effect our brains in relation to performing cognition well (mental performance), our overall mood, etc!

Just keep in mind your response is the stress and anxiety is your reaction to that stress or stresssor.

Constantly learning and being open to how to perhaps reduce your stress and how much it can have an impact on your mind and body is so important!

Chronic stress since stress and anxiety somewhat can explicit the same physical symptoms!

Being aware of chronic stress is more of a detriment to look for!

Along with anxiety if it’s persistent and continuous feeling of dread then you need to take a step back and ask for help and seek support around you.

If you do not have any close family or friends near by well do I ever feel for you wholeheartedly!

You can still seek help and support around you. There are helpful hearts, minds and hands all around.

Knock Out Stress And Anxiety Without The Mess Entirely!

1. Stressor & Anxiety– Could be from worrying about bills/unpaid bills, worried about things out of your control really. Romantic relationships/ committed relationships over it is like grieving and it leaves a feeling of loss/ important life events that may occur on your physical journey.

Outcome depends really on your stress response; and anxiety causes you to be ineluctably distressed to which interferes with your everyday life. Also what your situation is if you have to deal with it on a constant basis,etc!

Keep in mind, stress triggers anxiety.

Within the unraveling physical symptoms can look rather the same so it’s very important to notice heightened stress and it’s response to a threat in any given situation.

Now when I say mess it doesn’t mean as in “clean up your mess you look ridiculous.”

I seriously mean that if you every day stress yourself it will lead to a storm within you that is unbalanced due to various reasons which then in turn increases your anxiety which then decreases your mental performance, mood, constant worry, so on and so forth.

It may be the time to make time with yourself and attend self care. Yes?

Time outs do not work TIME IN’S do! That Life.

Don’t let it control you. Let go of control and embrace what is as if you woke up that day and live it like you have a positive purpose here.

Stress reduction Should be the cornerstone of everything we do and are involved in and attending to it consciously and with your full awareness will constitute the grounding your mind and body needs to positively restore.

Changing The Mind.

Changing Your Mind!


Your gut health is so important in the role for brain performance. Let us get into how probiotics improve and enhance your brain health and function too!

Our guts as funny as it sounds when I say it sometimes “ Trust Your Guts” is interconnected with your brain and you’re cognition!

Our digestive tract is nothing to play with!

Remember the saying “You Are What You Eat”?!

Does anyone not believe this saying today?

I know I stand by it strongly and I find when I emotionally make choices is when I can get into a little storm within.

A mess can be anything tailored to an individual. For instance, eating something and not feeling good afterwards and receiving physical signs that it was probably not best to eat what you just ate.

Your healthy gut flora and keeping it healthy feels more vibrant!

I enjoy not craving sugary foods and desserts like I once use too! Yes I enjoy life and have that once in a while indulgence but I understand balance and when my body is negatively telling me some things are out of balance.

Body talks are fascinating. Wouldn’t you agree? If you really pay close attention our bodies talk to us all the time. Tune in!

Neither one of us alike have the same gut microbiota.

Furthermore, your well-being and imminent response plays a significant role in the prognosis of your digestive tract. ( Leaky gut, stomach bloating, etc!)

When I or while helping others tell me about their mood lately one of the first things I ask them is what have you been eating lately or if they are taking any medications/ taking a prebiotic/probiotic!

Changing our eating habits always helps as well and to keep mindful of vegetables, beans and even grains will have a positive impact on your gut health.

Your eating habits and the foods you eat can also be linked to your allergies you experience. All things to look into!

You are able to change your body’s microbiome within a 24 hour cycle if you stick to conscious, healthier choices to which you ingest/consume!

This in turn, will help to alleviate and balance your gut flora and enhance your mood to greater heights.

Ashwagandha Benefits.

I just want to finish up by magnifying these herbs benefits!

Hopefully you can relate to this herb the way I have and it may be suitable for your self care. Healthy Planet is my go to place  and speaking to a naturopath is always recommended as well.

Benefits Include and I can advocate for In my own personal experience:

– Aides with anxiety levels by blocking the stress pathways in the brain and also actively balancing the chemical signals in our nervous system.

– Aides and can improve memory function and brain function.

– It’s said to improve thyroid function such as hypothyroidism and this herb can be used to help stimulate the thyroid gland.

– Can improve fertility and enhance testosterone in men.

– While this shrub improves our own resistance to stress response in our bodies it inherently plays an important role in depression!

– Immunity Booster! This great adaptogen improves vastly your immunoglobulin production which cohesively improves immune function altogether!

– Look out exercise lovers and weight trainers! This herb signifies the ability to increase strength and muscle mass!

Withania somnifera

Commonly used in Auyurvedic medicine and also known as poison gooseberry/ Indian ginseng/ winter cherry are names this herb is given but when seeking more information at your local natural food store/ market- Ashwagandha is the name I go by.

This perineal type shrub. The flowers are small, green and bell-shaped. The ripe fruit is orange-red.

Being the nature lover that I am, this herb has helped me in the ailments I’ve listed for you!

Traditional medicine is not for everyone but I’d love to think that we live in a world open to seeking knowledge and interest in medicines and herbs that have been used for many individuals and for thousands of years!

I hope this blog has helped you in some way and if you have anything to comment, ask or share I would love to listen and elaborate with you as always!

And please try to remember and keep in mind and heart that It’s always better to burn out than to fade away…

Much Love,


Patricia Divine Essence

CBD And SkinCare! Cannabis, A Game Changer?!

Those three letters! C B D!


Talk about a booster CBD on the mind and body is no secret anymore.

Skin care is skyrocketing with CBD/hemp oils are a game changer not only for skin care worldwide but for individual based care!

The Cannabis plant is flashing with a bold reputation simply because the chemical compound in the cannabis plant other than THC is continuing to provide millions with the properties the cannabinoid has without using THC!

Having an outstanding yet positive impact. The Stigma in CBD unravelling is the lack of education and misinformation!

CBD is not psychoactive. It’s implemented in skin care and healing maintenance and only plummeting!

Our bodies directly respond to CBD due to our natural human body- biological system! Let me not get into the other effects CBD has on opiate receptors by disrupting them!


I don’t know about you but this definitely, as a result WILL assist with opiate addiction! That has, is and continues to be on a devastating rise!

Just a thought or Seed to ponder!

CBD vs THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)

Continued extensive research is being done on how CBD intervenes with the brain! We all have an endocannabinoid system.

Furthermore, breaking the stigma of the plant and CBD properties along with the natural receptors that we have in our human anatomy is what makes this discussion and the systems within our human body a vital one!

The cannabinoid receptors throughout our body can no longer go unnoticed!

This is real science!


Hands down to it alone.

Research the Hippocampus part of the brain to start!

Furthermore, this vital part of the brain enables a person to effectively form new memories and leads individuals attention and focus.

As a result, using marijuana (THC) can/will cause impaired thinking and interferes with a person’s ability to perform difficult tasks.

I would love to indulge in the brain’s anatomy when it comes in contact with CBD, thc and our canabinoid receptors that makes the endocannabinoid  system!

Ideally, that lesson is for another time perhaps! 🙂

CBD is the positive mark towards, sleep, anxiety, pain, opiate addiction
and post concussion injuries, etc!

It astoundingly can be added to skin care as I’ve added a few drops myself into my facial regimes and fruit protein powered smoothies!


THC gives the brain the “high” effects!

THC is able to attach to molecules called cannabinoid receptors on neurons in these specified brain areas and activate them. This in turn can/will disrupt various mental and physical functions.

THC can/will affect brain areas that highly influence memory, pleasure, how we think, concentration, memory, coordination and motion/movement. This includes sensory and perception. I always say THC is not for everyone to just load up on and self medicate like anything out there. There is misuse and abuse

and it does occur!

Abuse occurs because it signals the reward system in our brain’s. The center that’s validates the use ask pleasure To be able to advocate for CBD and THC you must research and be honest with yourself on the negative effects it can have in different parts of your brain which help function your system.


Anti-inflammatory properties. Well known for CBD hands down. Hemp and the properties of Cannabis can change the planet in thee most abundant ways worldwide.

Hemp has linoleic acid and oleic acids found in it! These particular acids are not made in our bodies.

Initially although they hold strong anti-aging factors through your skin’s natural aging process. These involve important nutrients to also add to your diet!

You without a doubt will begin and continue to see hemp and CBD infused lotions, soaps, moisturizers, make up and then some to the market!

Super popular reputation CBD will be the ignition to smooth, soothing winter skin care since it is such a restorative ingredient to add! Hemp is amazing for our health on the whole soulfully due to its moisturizing qualities and nourishing vitamins.

Like the flowers I eat gaining great skin health can be obtained from ingesting hemp/CBD oil and applying it topically! (Omega 6)

Skin types this amazing ingredient can aid in oil absorption and production. Hemp oil has that kind of power to drain out dryness with its moisturizing capabilities while balancing out the body’s natural oil production without clogging our skin pores.

Hemp clothes you, feeds you, and heals you! Hemp not only breathes in 4X the C02 of trees; Just one acre of hemp alone produces more oxygen than 20-25 acres of trees! 

Hemp can and will help save our planet.

CBD in 2018 increased to and hit the market at approximately 591 Million and is going to only increase, perhaps four times in the next four years rest assured!

CBD will be the alternative for individuals who smoke or use marijuana and have paranoia effects etc the CBD maybe the aid that releases that anxiety and tension. No psychoactive ingredients no psychoactive risks.


It just sounds delightful! I’ve been patiently waiting!

Again, it’s amazing to visit local farmers markets and family run businesses incorporating handmade soaps, bath products, lotions, serums and all!

CBD will take some time but it’s already beginning to hit the highest climax in sales once it goes fully legal in October(Canada a Time ;))

CBD and active green plant life and botanicals will be a definite inspiring game changer all across the board! Vibrant Flowing Skin!

Trust me, if you apply CBD; especially when facing eczema, asymmetrical skin tone, increased oily skin and acne fluctuations or stagnant you can start to observe results by planning and evaluating CBD into morning and night routines!


This powerfully packed antioxidant is a keeper! It’s potency delivers the highest potency than of Vitamin E and Vitamin C just to give you a surreal visual! Genuinely delivering rich, restorative therapeutics to our skin care regimes. Helping to decrease inflammation

to many optimal causes of skin issues and complexions.

An exciting and the quest of CBD is that it can be paired alongside many if not all other ingredients into skin care to deliver an abundance to not only value of product but more importantly to our skin and overall health/well-being in general!

Calming and detoxifying breakdown. CBD takes flight with so many benefits to our human bodies!

Beautified With Mother Nature!

Lastly, this is no finalization. Cannabis-HEMP and now CBD is here to stay earthlings!

Game changing and loved by so many and not just the beauty experts. 

Mother Nature has a way with restoring us and healing us! Keeping our skin restored of its natural balance.

It promotes cell rejuvenation with other botanicals and plant life. What is not to adore?

The earthy smell will have its watch through cologne and earthy based scents in no time

Trying product is giving a product the chance to work alongside you. Observing the positive effects is the transformation that will be not only the game changer but also the intervention of the future!

Please feel free to comment on my blog. Elaboration is always welcome.

Have a beautiful day!

Patricia Divine Essence

Beginners Yoga. Finding Your “Chi”.

We are nothing short of protein!

We are energy like waves constantly in motion!

I need to ask you, how do you channel your energy from day to day?


Your focus a goal should be the release and balance of life its self Chi is giving life!

We are alive and living and it’s design is what separates us from a dead corpse to put it a tad bluntly.

Acknowledging your strength, balance and strong will force is what drives alertness, elevated good energy and positive flow good vibes.

You feel overall more alive, grateful, full of life!

Practice Makes Progress!

In everything, we do!

Practicing as maintaining your CHI makes us mentally flow better, executive function better and in relation to this balance we extend positive flow energy.

You are in a state of vibrant health operating from this energy flow!

What makes CHI a skill on its own is the fact that it extends abundantly more from the physical self!

Entailing the discrete energies all around you flow through you during your thoughts, your feelings and your emotions!

Unbalanced, we are more agitated, impatient, aggressive and heightened stress response. BREATHE! Stop Reacting!

Realize you need to be more present. Self absorbed individuals with unbalanced CHI? Now, this is an interesting equation.

Is it possible that this energy can have an effect on the next individual? Like a wave, ripple effect?


-Stay inclined with your posture at all times in all your functions of daily life; part of everything from the tips of your toes to the tips of your fingers to the tip of your head.


– as we become with nature and ourselves as looking at nature in a reflection of ourselves we need to feed our Chi.

Nuture it. Maintain it.

– Sequence movements with simple basic poses while breathing and staying in position for two minutes is a beautiful progression in itself!

-Stretches that are rather simple while deeply breathing in and out and holding these positions.

-During this focus this balance phase of just surrendering and releasing to tap into the energy flow around us and flowing within us.


When we are at our weakest we feel drained and more tired state of being.

Beginners yoga gives you the gift hence opportunity to channel and balance this life force. Let us go step by step!

1. Surrender to any habitual feeling and thoughts from the past that cause unbalanced energy.

2. Focus on your breath all the time. Be conscious of the Breath. Breathe. What a life force flow in itself.

3. Surrender To Positive thought only during these stretches and breathing.

Affirm all that you want to make happen today, set goals even if they’re minuscule. They are still goals and achieve them.

4. Smile And Serve Others Genuinely. I always say there is a softness to us all when we stay active in the constantly learning brain and continue to create not react, help one another and spread love and joy as much as we can!

5. Yes this is part of CHI. Mental Clarity.

6. Admitting when you are unbalanced so that progress can and will happen because the positive flow and elevated emotion makes that connection.

7. Stay in your Yogi poses. Do you close your eyes like I do? Feels so great to feel your amazing body stretch and breathe and feel your heart pump and flow throughout your body systems. Flow and Flourish.

8. Don’t try to be going above and beyond and try to fit the “Yogi” status.

Anyone can attainably get here.

We need more laughter in the world and establishing your positive, good vibe energy will help you achieve this more effectively!

It just takes practice and progress so it becomes your experience in itself.

You are the creator.


Now who said the symbol of the snake is a bad thing?

Let’s lean on perspective here of course while asking ourselves is it possible that the snake signifies the chakras and energy at the base of your spine.

Kundalini means “she who is coiled”. Hindu for divine energy throughout your spine.

Your Chakras and Yoga are a synchronized skill. Through practice and consistency and dedication your Yogi capabilities will be of second nature.

Anything worth doing is doing it to our best ability or what is the point really?

Stay Creative and Inspire Others Watch Your Body we are energy. Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells

Start treating it like the incredible creation it is!

Chakras are the circular vortex like energy fields along the spinal column.

Keep radiating that’s feel good energy. The good vibes. Sprinkle that everywhere you go.

Chakras are as Qi or Praana. The life force throughout these seven circular vortex’s of energy. Visualize each one as you close your eyes and imagine each one it as it is throughout your spinal column.

Light Weights And Dance Fitness.

Dance is a passion of mine so attaining my CHI while I choreograph a fitness dance routine/workout or hype up my cardio for that fun, constructive endurance.

Dance is welcomed with an integral, effective, thorough stretch first always.

It’s a win win for me when I remain in my meditative CHI balance naturally.

Through consistent awareness of this goal defies my performance defies my capabilities and my capabilities capture the CHI in all I do.

For example; I feel unbalanced when negative energy displays itself towards me.

I recollect, reflect and start from my posture and breath once again.

I discover my CHI while unraveling towards my centre core and focus.

Observing is listening too!

Most important part is awareness and applying yourself.

Stay Creative. Stay Passionate.

Dance is that all fitness levels are welcome.

Dance is easy on the body and works out the body the best without strain while pulsating a fantastic cardio workout. Sincerely, dance is a universal language of movement no matter who you are!

The dance floor is a release. An expression to all join and embrace the strength, the freedom of movement on the floor!


Mastering self is work we all need to service and attend to consistently!

Personal development not only for our own well being and balance, likewise for the betterment of working alongside others/ serving others with integrity!

Mastering self is work we all need to service and attend to! For our own well being and balance and for the betterment of working alongside others and  serving others with integrity.

Start your day with the stretch and introduce some CHI into your stretch routine or during some movements during your activities of daily living.

If that’s a wide yoga stretch for you…. ( No pun intended 🙂

Just start small steps out of the usual routine you do when you wake up.

Switch up how you do things. Don’t perform the same things every morning.

Make interesting, different connections!

You may find in these small changes, you’re aware. In turn, it may inspire and ignite a CHI response in you without you even realizing!

Reflect on how you felt before and after applying yourself if you feel a positive difference.

I hope my beginners yoga has influenced you to create positive flow and CHI in your life.

I commend you for being here and hopefully through practicing flow, this will begin to shed the light in your internal self more.

Hopefully bringing you more ease and clamness cultivates throughout your day.

Just trying to make it easier for you, your body and for others you surrounded yourself with.

As always, feel free to comment and elaborate with any of your experiences and thoughts. I would love to listen in!

Have a beautiful day!

Patricia Divine Essence