Make Your Face Glow Without Makeup.


Massage Away!

In order to truly glow you need to embrace your natural you.

This is something you must be at true peace with in order to flourish in your natural essence face glow. Naturally you lurk through any imperfections. Perfectly imperfect.

Makeup is the art form to expression. Nothing wrong with adding some highlighting and make up. If you are anything like me I love accenting my natural features and playing around with radiant colors.

Furthermore, replenishing your body with water is very important not only for your facial glow obviously. Next time you have a dry mouth just keep in mind that you are already dehydrated at this point! While awake, flush your body with water consistently. Having water on the go is a must! Think about it, if you’re away from home for half or more of the day, are you drinking enough H2O? Flush that system!  Equates more flow, more good energy and damn you feel great!

The natural face needs time to detoxify free of make up. Exfoliation and massaging your face and body keeps your skin free of build up especially within your sebaceous glands!


If you are a coffee, latte, tea, or alcohol drinker, well then you better tick-tock with the water gallon shots too!

Coffee is dehydrating because it acts like a diuretic. The more caffeine you indulge in, best get down with the water machine! Sooner rather than later. How about during or after. MOMENTUM.


  • SMOOTH GROOVE NIGHT MASK– Boil some water. Add some oats and stir well. Add two spoons of Manuka Honey( my favorite) or Honey of your preference. One Egg white. Two spoons of plain yogurt. Squeeze a bit of lemon. Pinch of lavender oil for the aroma too. Mix well. Apply and good grace. I encourage you to keep homemade face masks on for no less than twenty minutes. Rinse!

Caffeinated Face Mask– Two table spoons of fine ground coffee. Add with Aloe Vera Gel. Mix it well so that the coffee is well mixed within the gel. Apply. Leave on for 1/2 hour. Rinse. Massage away and tighten before bed!

SKIN CALM ASTRINGENT Two teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar. Loose leaf chamomile tea add some boil warm water let it sit till warm and apply to face to calm skin down and leave a glow.


Aloe Vera, tablespoon of honey, Two full table spoons of fresh coconut and Teaspoon of turmeric. Mix it up as well. Mask Away.

Clean Beauty Routines From Nature that you can see with your own eyes while preparing them!

Keep in your mind and heart simultaneously that your natural face needs nourishment all the time, especially before applying any sort of make up. Massage your face to activate that collagen!!

Priming your face after it is cleansed is very important. Aloe Vera plant when in season is a great method I use. I cut up the Aloe Vera plant remove the green to expose the beauty within. The aloe gel. I place small chunks approximately dime size into ice cube trays with a bit of water and freeze it.

I leave that in freezer no longer than a couple months maximum if I do not use it. This hardly ever happens although I always use up my aloe vera gel. If you do not purchase Aloe Vera stalks, then any Pure Aloe Vera Gel will do in this process. I like to know that the plant form is pure aloe vera.

This in turn is applied to my face prior to putting on any make up for the day. If no make up for the day, it’s a beautiful primer and refreshment for your face all on its own!

Give it a try!  Not only does it improve your skin. It is astoundingly refreshing and boosts your face. You will feel more confident that your make up won’t clog up pores, or leave any residue while you wear it for that day/night/outing!

Maintenance of your natural face glow in essence is the groundwork to your best face.

Prime away. Massage Replay.

Please feel free to leave me comments. I hope you enjoyed yourself.

Much Love,

Patricia Divine Essence

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