Kaleidoscopes and Colour Therapy.

Well, Um, Geez!

Social Distancing. Self Isolation.

Challenging and Questionable Times…

My journal entry from when I was a child are raw, sometimes not nice, the true essence of myself!

No mask, no band aid, no excuse just reliable feelings and conjugations of how my day was / my experiences in certain situations

Other than dance; of course, there wasn’t a real outlet in the 1980s for stress release for kids!

In simple terms.

Evidently, like yes you have the swim meet, the piano lesson, gymnastic lesson, dance lesson, hockey practice, but when did you have a place you could go with fellow school classmates or bring yourself to a collaboration of fun activities such as stretching, theatrical dance, singing, performance art, guided imagery and dance?

That is a simple question.

We didn’t!


Kaleidoscopic images and colour therapy brings my mood and focus to levels you can’t really put into words!

Like being able to naturally and smoothly transition consciousness in various altered states all awhile exhibiting more flowing, executive functioning.

When creativity takes hold stretching yoga and this regime just felt like it would resonate with my being during these challenging times.

Imagination is everything. I think I am in a wondrous state of gratitude just hoping for the best that the universe has my back and everyone else’s!

Sometimes just shifting your thought process can begin a completely different day!

What not a better time than now to explode with words on this very stressful time right now with a global pandemic within this physical realm of existence.

Introducing this to my children has been phenomenal.

A great way to balance out the hardcore, energetic homeschooling!

Structuring Free play with intense workbook learning. Finding a balance a constructive routine that at times; will not go as planned

Furthermore, Integrating Reaction and Response/Responding methods you aid in transitioning/ cognitive functions. Going diligently through slow, rhythmic movements that entail stretching and breathing!

Great for unwinding/introductory to restful states/sleep. Relaxation techniques and coaching my children has been effective

Especially for children who deal with Attention Deficit Disorder or Obsessive Complusove Disorder, Autism, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), developmental challenges across the board.

The imagery of the kaleidoscope I hope remains engraved in subconscious minds to revert racing thoughts, anxiety, enhance focus, enhance relaxation to the present moment.

May the memory of the scope make you a persistent mobile of stillness!

Entering different brain waves using this technique I find has a practical sense towards sticking to it (routine) and following along and through (consistency) without realizing it.
A soothing flow of colourful pictures while stretching and talking openly and calmly has created a calm, “break” space for us.


Along my physical journey I told a beautiful friend I thought at the time when she was so caught up in what happened to her she didn’t even see that she was presently alive and this was her in the light standing before me asking me why didn’t I listen to you…

I told her years before this the importance of learning to be your own best friend without attachment of anyone.

She at the time thought I was wicked for saying this we discussed perspectives our opinion and thoughts on those perspectives and I simply told her that I don’t give advice to anyone unless I KNOW it has worked.

The simple thought focus of what I say and it’s form and why I chose to speak and say it in that moment, in that experience for her!

You see, in everyday life we go along and just say whatever we want to whoever we want at times for no reason other than to soothe our own emotional wounds.

Hurtful things.

It hurts me to see it, hear about it, feel it as I have experienced it myself.

People who lack consistent, successful, self healing are inadvertently hurtful towards others!

Self healing and creating/building healthy relationships are interdependent on one another; wouldn’t you agree?

Think About It!

We are supposed to naturally love one another, not walk around not trusting one another, not wondering what this person or if that person will hurt me or not,


why did I get treated this way? How about I let me go get mad or go project my traumas and anger / pain onto someone else and cause them pain.

Where does the cycle end?!…..

I told my friend that the only reason why I told her that you have to be your own best friend in this physical realm is because ( I’ve already gone through a few things in my life and spent these valuable moments to exchange through my verbal coaching who I needed when I didn’t have anyone to come to my rescue.

“There will come a time when the only person you will have around there for you is your damn self”

Well, to this day I perhaps shouldn’t of used the word damn because she got mad at my comment that was her instant reaction not response because in my journal journey world.

There is a difference! RESPONSE vs REACTION!!!!

Clearly, when you break it down they stand as not the same and many times reactions can be verbal and full off delusion.


Sometimes Reactions can be nonverbal and full of theatrics. My fancy word for aggression/anger grunts, kicking, etc!!

Response is speaking/using verbal, calm communication when homeostasis is present or when someone can easily express themselves with the intent to not inflict their pain/ignorance onto someone else.

We all need SELF HEALING!

Shouldn’t reflection of one self not be a continuous process?

This pandemic as much as it is challenging I am sincerely wondering if individuals are taking this time out of more pain and fear tendencies and centering it more towards proactive, mindful self healing!!

Introspection; the time we try more to convince ourselves that everything is of because we are used to having that arrive arm secretly trying to prepare us for whatever comes next but what comes next?

It is fear of the unknown because the media likes to scare people!!

Turn it off if it minds feeds you panic, frustration, worry and FEAR!

Go outside and do some exercises, use your human senses to help guide you through.

If the only vision we have of ourselves comes from the opinions, perceptions and paradigms of those around us then our view is like the reflection in the crazy mirror room at the carnival!

Isn’t this true?

Is this some hidden secret that no one wants to say out loud?!

The major media programming has a hard time not broadcasting more about perhaps the goodness that takes place everyday around the world, and the great positive work people are doing daily for fellow humans and our planet called earth to which we all live!


Here is a quote I made up myself a long time ago.

“There’s going to be times when the only person you can rely on and truly fall in complete love with is yourself! There are going to be times when the only best friend you really have present on your journey is yourself!”

Before I wrote that quote of mine for the first time I thought deeply about many people on this planet who are just alone.

No family here on Earth, perhaps friends or acquaintances live far away or the best friend they had perhaps passed away.

In a way, I sort of train my brain of these possibilities that could take place in life that would affect my daily life!

Self Acceptance, Self Awareness, Self Preservation, Self Esteem, Self Control can only grow positively from harbouring

Self awareness!

Do you think about this at least once a day!?

It has become an almost automatic reflection on my part.


Because how can you not be self-aware during reflection intervals?!

To really reflect on your day or in your mental journal…aka JOURNEY!


Holistic approaches that sincerely aims to bring balance of energy to our bodies!

Self Practice approach is assertively encouraged. Low threshold for patience renders small simple steps to start out. If you can absorb two minutes one day then it is still in the books as trying to test your patience threshold.

Train Your Brain!

So it Works!

Colours are everywhere. When you turn on a device such as a TV, computer, when you open your eyes, when you glance outside you are surrounded by colours.

It questions me constantly; is this a great way to communicate to nonverbal individuals? Set their mood/threshold? Colours and signs are everywhere and when we consistently promote these tiny details into individuals lives it emphasizes their outlook and their power within.

Using colour imagery to help joyfully stimulate minds of children, teenagers, adults and the respectable elderly.

I’ve witnessed depression, grieving, irritable moods, mood disorders, and other mental health conditions alleviate through colour therapy and guided imagery.

It is amazing to see!


Colours are continuously surrounding us and our natural environment/surroundings.

Out of each moment try to find gratitude in the small colourful things around you it may just brighten your day and hopefully add some courageous light to your many bright ideas, thoughts and feelings.

I hope your days to come are of peace of mind; until next time!

Much Love,

Patricia Maragos/Patricia Divine Essence

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  1. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. I have heard little about colour therapy from a friend. Having searched further I found your article, I have gotten a better perspective of colour therapy now.
    Considering that we have a young child, to learn about colour therapy and the power of the simple kalaidoscope has me intrigued to learn more and help our child develop.

    You are right about the media and negativity being broadcast.  Sometimes I turn on the news on TV but have to turn it off as it only showcases the crimes and tragedies.

    I will assume the best way to start with colour therapy is to buy a kaleidoscope, but I wonder if there are other ways?

    1. I access more visual kaleidoscopes for my children while stretching, meditating, breathing exercises. There are some beautiful you tube imagery of constant kaleidoscopes. The colours are therapeutic alone.

      Staying creative with the visuals first is a start point anyways 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by. I greatly appreciate it!


      Patricia Maragos/Patricia Divine Essence

  2. This is a beautiful fantastic exploration of the mind in a unique way of communicating to us the importance of reflection. I like it when you say “Sometimes just shifting your thought process can begin a completely different day!” That has truly occurred to me many times but very easily forgotten or not considered important, which reflection brings our awareness of its value. 

    I also love your quote. 

    It’s so awakening!

    1. Yes because there is thought form and process. With every negative thought i try my best to substitute a positive one. Not in any way trying to ignore the negative but yes to stay self aware and absorb and release thoughts smoothly like the flowing of circulation in our bodies our mind needs to regulate and flow as well. 

      Thank you so much !! 🙂


      Patricia Maragos/Patricia Divine Essence

  3. Hello there, thanks for sharing this great article here with us it’s so informative and educative article 

    This is a very beautiful website that you have got here. I have been come across a lot of your articles and have been given a platform to learn from you directly. You Website offers wide range of information that helps relate my personal experience a and helps me to be discreet when making a decision.. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I try my best to write about realistic things and to help anyway I can. 

      Positive intent.

      Thank you for stopping by and appreciating my writings. 


      Patricia Maragos/Patricia Divine Essence

  4. Hello dear, thanks so much for sharing with us such a great and beautiful article finding a very good article like your detailed expression on the subject Kaleidoscopes and Colour Therapy. does not come so easy so I must commend your efforts in putting together all the important points that are laid down in this article it really hold quality values that I will  ifollow your blog I think this is great thanks for sharing 

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words and thoughts. 

      Please feel free to stop by anytime and comment on any other articles that resonate. 

      Much Love,

      Patricia Maragos/Patricia Divine Essence

  5. hellloooo dear, thanks alot for sharing such an amazing post with us all, i really is nice to see these nice content here, i was actually doing some researh online when i saw your post on KALEIDOSCOPES, i really love your work here, its really nice seeing such an educative post, i already saved these post so as to come back for future referencing, thanks alot for the info

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I only hope my writing helps , guides and enlightens.

      You are very welcome!


      Patricia Maragos,Patricia Divine Essence

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