Human Body Essentials.

Bolder than Bold. Our human bodies are amazing when you just stop and think about everything at work constantly.

It has taken me many years to inner stand the simple concept of flowing with your body.

I am continuously reading, applying  and learning while indulging in my human anatomy and pathophysiology competence as a nurse.


Tiny but mighty cells in our bodies are amazing aren’t they ? The building blocks I guess you could say. Tissues and organs and systems

-skin cells enclose hair follicles ( darker circles with link centers) our skin has a protective barrier and remaining healthy PH levels is so important.

Sweat glands (small dark circles with white centers along with nerves and blood vessels.

Human body is amazing! Our bodies contain 50-100 TRILLION cells in more than hundreds of specialized forms!


Let us start by visualizing a running aquarium. Without the filter in the aquarium it would become filled with waste wouldn’t it? Therefore, it would then become filled with toxic; sometimes lethal waste to the life within the aquarium.

Our human body has the kidneys that do the same type of job filtering out the waste from our system and blood stream. Mind heart body. Soul.

What we choose to eat and put into our bodies is essential to how our organs and Mind Heart and Body Operates.

Now not only what we eat but our thoughts matter as well! Being more aware of our thoughts and stress management is also essential and similarly is flowing into our Mind and Body.

Coincidentally, if the kidneys do not filter out this waste or if kidney failure is left untreated it can and will cause death to the human body in two to three weeks!! 

Part of having a cleansing body is taking care of it!

The kidneys in cleansing are constantly at work.

Challenging yourself every day to make your mind, heart body, and soul better by not only the conscious choices but the feel good natural endorphins we supply ourselves with and can tap into by choice.

Our hearts pump about four times the volume of blood daily processed by the kidneys.

Furthermore, the kidneys filter about 48 gallons of water from our blood daily and produces urine.


Let us talk about breathing one of my favorite things to talk about!

The many patterns of breathing.

Normal adult respiration rate is 16-20 breaths/minute. Some variations exist of course based on an individual’s age.

Men and children breathe diaphragmatically, whereas women breathe thoracically!

Focus on and pay more attention to your breathing. Your nervous system will meet you there. Our nervous system’s are fascinating!

I love the meditative state of breathing.

The  Unlaboured, quiet breathing, with no use of your accessory shoulders, abdominal muscles, neck!

Symmetrically expanding your chest wall during respirations.

The quiet inhale and exhale.

The vigorous panting state of breathing takes place with anxiety attacks, exercise, sobbing, laughter, gasping (for just some examples) are righteously controlled by the respiratory centers of the brain stem and the receptors throughout the body.

Next time you are able to consciously regulate your breathing control soon amazingly reverts to the respiratory centers!

This sends the right amount of oxygen to the right place Timely matter. Talk about the right place at The right time! The neurons in the brain stem; respiratory centers control the rhythm of inhaling and exhaling.

Meditation and yoga is a daily practice or on some days nightly practice of mine. If I am trying to detoxify or rod toxins or waste through my body I put it into thought action and manifest that while I stretch yoga. 

Meditative state of being should be a daily practice. It’s a place within where you feel total peace whether it be with company, doing a hobby you enjoy, in the work you choose to do.

Is it possible that this is passion? Stay in tune with your breathing and your positive imagination and start changing your thoughts.  You may start to feel your human body start to positively shift as well! 


Another physiological process which injury to a tissue especially the skin is repaired. This results skin damage tissue in the formation of a scar.

Superficial skin wounds heal in several stages depending on severity and appearance and what is going on in our bodies.

Skin healing is taking a step back also and reflecting on what you choose to eat internally and paying attention to your thoughts and emotions.

The largest organ in our bodies is the skin so the foods we choose to eat have an affect. There are foods that promote healthier skin.

Sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamin E! This means a great antioxidant for your skin and body!          

Beta Carotene is two words we hardly ever even think about naturally in our conscious minds.

Have you heard is what is found in plants. Foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, oranges, supply you and acts like Vitamin A in your body.

Astoundingly, beta carotene makes your skin glow due to the antioxidant manifestations taking place. Supplying your skin with a natural sunblock.

Furthermore, this aids in fine lines/wrinkles. Helping to prevent your skin from receiving sunburn, dryness and cell death.

Next time you’re at a farmers market or local store pick up your colourful orange, yellow and red bell peppers!

Red bell peppers contain more Beta Carotene. Green peppers turn yellow and then orange and finally red.

Higher amounts of Beta Carotene are in the red ones and Vitamin C!    

MIND BODY SOUL CONNECTION consciously wants these nutrients in our body. Our bodies are fantastic when given the right fuel and we treat ourselves with care.


Rewarding your body mind and soul with stretching and breathing is such ways is a real privilege.


Almost instantly when we awaken for another day we stretch before we wake. I love to incorporate stretching in my day every day with in depth breathing while I stretch. I guess you could call this yoga. Stretching has always been a part off my life it gives my body the flow of momentum it needs to live a healthy life. The best life I can live while living.

Being that our human bodies are amazing and at work giving our body a thorough slow stretch is essential to help our bobdies feel more in motion and in line with our breathing.

I hope you can find the time to really slow the momentum of your breathing and stretch! Your body, heart, mind, soul will praise you.

Please feel free to comments and I hope you enjoyed this blog!

The Warmest Regards,

Patricia Divine Essence

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  1. Hi Patricia, I enjoyed reading your blog on looking after our bodies, minds, hearts and souls.  We often forget that all these things need to be addressed.  I did not realize that red peppers were higher in beta carotene than the yellow or green, so interesting.  I have long been interested in looking after my over all health, and your point about having a good stretch in the morning is so easy to do, but often we just jump out of bed and do not give our muscles time to wake up.
    I have never tried yoga, but have it on my to do list.  I would love to see a post on yoga, especially aimed at beginners, is this something you may look at doing in the future?
    Best regards Denise.

    1. I love yoga and you sparked a really great idea since my ideas are always wildly running. I have so much to share and so much more coming. I love that you suggested that Denise.  I will definitely note that and write about Yoga for sure! 

      Yes we all get up and just start our day but a nice good stretch with breathing while having your tea putting on some nice music to start your day matters. As a collective we need to get out of this “rush mentality”. If we cannot escape it at times it’s ya little things the little techniques that help bring our bodies and minds back to homeostasis. We just do everything more efficiently and effectively when in our positive, healthy state of being. 

      Denise, I will definitely write an article on beginners yoga. Thanks for your brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing and elaborating with me   It means a lot.

      Much Love,

      Patricia Divine Essence 

  2. Yes! The body is amazing, and what it does to repair itself is amazing! And I love to stretch, meditated, and do yoga, it just feels so good! Breathing techniques are awesome too, especially if you’re stressed. When I feel really stressed, I take a deep breath, hold it for about 5 seconds, then let it out in a controlled but fast breath. To me it feels like I’m blowing the stress out. It usually takes 2 or 3 times of these breaths to calm me down and relax.What do think about Interminet fasting?

    1. I love stretch yoga while breathing and holding your breath yes! So good for you. Good stress management for all! 🙂

      I love intermittent fasting. I do it everyday. I fast from on a good day 6pm till like noon the next day but I do this on fluids of course. H2O lemon water and I put herbs In my water too. Thanks for sharing! It was nice to hear your input. Thanks so much. 

  3. Hello Patricia,

    Excellent post about the importance of yoga and eating right. I used to do yoga but moved to another country and yoga isnt big here. As a result I have let myself slide in my commitment and now am paying for it. I need to get back into it as yoga is really good for the body. It is relaxing and helps keep you lose.

    thanks for the reminder,


    1. It’s ok we all have setbacks at times. Try not to feel too guilty about that. Congrats on the move I hope it is where you need to be at this time of your life and you’re enjoying it. What country did you move to? If you cannot eat to an actual yoga place I do yoga in the comfort of my own home with my facials of course;) Setting time for your self care can be in your own space. Thanks for stopping by and elaborating with me. 

      You are welcome. I wish you well. 


  4. Hi; you wrote a great article here. To detoxify the body is an essential task to get the body in tip-top shape. Only those who indulge in bodily exercise will understand how important it is to exercise authority. 

    The action also helps the kidneys to function adequately, and It is a bonus when one knows that the mind also needs to detoxify to keep it healthy. When the mind is sound, it produces serious thoughts. These also help the body to function healthily.


    1. Hello and thank you for stopping by and taking the time on my blog. I really like that. “When the mind is sound it produces serious thoughts”. Yes mind health is very serious and very vital to our overall health and bodily functions as well. I love the mind and heart connection channeling through this because you ever hear people say my mind is telling me one thing and my heart is telling me another.  I find that if you connect to yourself and mind and heart you start to think with more clarity. Seeking clarity even if it is uncomfortable. 

      Thank you for sharing. 

      Take care.

      Patricia Divine Essence

  5. Hi, I have read this article very carefully. I have learned a lot of important information about our body essentials through your article. I did not know anything about my body before. Your article is a research fundamental writing. Which will help us to keep our body safe. Finally, I have found through your article the time to really slow the momentum of my breathing and stretch! my body, heart, mind, the soul will praise for me. Thank you so much for writing the article.

    1. I am glad you found my article informative! You are quite welcome! 

      Yes slowing down is so important in our busy lives. It’s through slowing down where you find your true strengths. Kindness, compassion, love, empathy all comes more gracefully when we are in our slow, calm state of well being. 

      Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it. 

      Patricia Divine Essence 

  6. Dear Patricia,

    Thanks a lot for the informative and insightful post.

    Currently reading the book “Biology of Belief” in which I read a lot of amazing information on cells. Indeed, we are a miracle!

    Our thoughts are shaping us. When I read about the importance of our thoughts I was blown away and it was an eye-opener. Indeed, we need to be very careful on what we eat and what we think. Food is for our body, thoughts is for our mind and heart.

    The information you shared on body cleansing made me to think more on the subject.

    Patricia after reading about breathing you know what I said to myself, Oh my GOD, nobody taught me to breath properly or the right way. To be honest, although meditation is on my “To Do List” quiet for a while after reading your amazing post I am determined to meditate from today.

    The list of the healthier foods you shared for skin is a greater help. You have provided great value in this post and I am bookmarking it for future reference.

    Much Success!


    1. Thank you so much Paul. I appreciate you stopping by and elaborating. 

      That sounds like a fantastic book. Thanks for sharing I may have to look into this book for myself. I would definitely enjoy it! Yes! Meditation I say once you get really persistently good at it should be used in our everyday life. While waiting for our coffee, while waiting in traffic.Can we just surrender to being present in everything we do?  

      Meditation and our breathing techniques start when we consciously are aware of these functions that we perform automatically but don’t really give much time and thought to.  

      Yes I will be adding more healthy food facials into my homemade facial section on my website in the near future. 

      I’m glad this article was helpful for you. 

      Warm Regards,

      Patricia Divine Essence

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