Green Goddess Face Masks.

Add your green supplements! ********************************************************************************************************************************************HOMEMADE FACIAL MASKS! 

Grab a quick vibrant minute with these amazing facials I make!

So good, you can use it as a salad dressing.

Oh yes! That’s Right!

Add your green supplements! ********************************************************************************************************************************************

1/2 Cup Plain Yogurt

1 Blended Up Small Red Bell pepper or Half Big Red Bell Pepper

(Red Peppers are the  Highest in Vitamin C in relation to Green, Yellow, Orange Peppers)

1 Tablespoon Blended up fresh parsley             

2 Teaspoons Blended Fresh Dill.

2 TableSpoons Fresh Spinach

Dash of Himalayan Sea Salt.


These include kale, collards, beet greens and Swiss chard, spinach, Endives, fresh parsley, arugula.

Dont resist your greens. Grab greens you never even used before. I will be getting more into depth regarding what greens benefit your body and your face coming soon!

Discard damaged or yellow leaves. Trim off toot ends or large, coarse stems. Blend up.

Or braise your greens as I like to say for a little bit for warmer facial.

That’s Right. Perhaps, I will be having you excited to use your food facials while you eat also.

Anything is possible here when it comes to Mother Nature and Life, Vitality Foods.

Your night routine is a great way to escape into the warmer facials before going to sleep/ rest! Evidently so, a warmer approached facial naturally ignites such a calming, more relaxed state of being.

*** Add 1/4 cup of steamed milk. I love using coconut milk or hemp milk. Or you can use regular cows milk.

Your preference remember.

I will admit you reap great benefits with the vegan milks. Coconut and hemp have in my opinion the best results. Give it a sample!

Try the different options of milk out there and reap great benefits! You will not be dissatisfied and your vibrant skin will praise you too!


Purées and mashed textured facials are so appealing! The smooth textures. It reminds me of childhood food.

To prepare your purée or extra purée for your facial after preparing a meal for yourself.

It becomes second nature to have leftovers to integrate into your facial skin care as it is easy to compost the wet food when you are preparing the food prior to cooking.

Small vibrant flowing steps!

This picture below            


is my homemade braised sweet potato with honey, cinnamon and cloves braising dish. (Honey glazed over in the last two minutes of adding).

Before I added the Parmesan cheese for my son. As much as I love warm facials as this one would be soon ready to plaster on.

I placed some of this dish for my evening facial or fridge compartment for later use.

Vegetables to be finished this way can be sweated, boiled, steamed, or baked. Or any prepared blend up facial can be warmed up prior to applying.

I speak from personal experience.

I have even cooked and awhile awaiting for my delicious recipe to finish I set aside some extra and apply it to my face.

Oh the irony.

I embrace life foods like they are second nature to my existence.

Mother Nature in essence, my sanctuary!

When I choose to indulge I enjoy every aspect and moment of creation.

Leek And Herbs.

Leeks, celery, red, yellow and orange bell peppers, fresh parsley, fresh chive and blend with warm (milk of choice)

Facial consistency should be thick like a chowder facial. Oh yes I store my chowders as facials too!

Give it a try!Give it a try!

Your goddess green glow with unfold!

Green face was embedded into my subconscious from when I was a little girl picking fresh endive with my greek grandmother. I use to watch her and it was inspiring to see how she cuts the endive and even ate them raw.

I was that child who ate everything and tried everything at least once. Endives are amazing for your health and incorporating it in my face mask is green heaven amongst the many green life family essentials!

Embrace and unravel in the value of Mother Nature.

So humbled to share with you my passion and creativity. Thank you for being here.

You are a soul. Get your green on and enjoy yourself today.

Please feel free to comment or elaborate.

Much Love,

Patricia Divine Essence

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  1. I always say that it is better to go green and organic when it comes to skincare and health products, even makeup. Some companies put damaging materials in their conventional makeup so you should make it a priority to get organic products. Have these recipes given you a better way to take care of your skin as opposed to buying products?

    1. It has opened my eyes long ago! The food we eat and grow Mother Nature provides us with what we need to not only grow a sustainable healthy environment but it is better for your skin and who wants harsh chemicals on their skin!! I’m glad you brought this up a lot of companies say cruelty free, paraben free which I guess stripes  away any pesticides bit the ingredient list still contains stuff I cannot even pronounce and know what it is exactly going on my face/skin! 

      I’ve used in my experience the cheaper Make up lines on my skin. I broke out in a huge rash once applying eye shadow and eye make up that stated cruelty free but I had a bad reaction!! 

      I would; We all would love to see a future with more conscious, chemical free, organic, plant life(nature) in a lot of products that came out originally with chemicals in them!  It’s amazing to see the innovation out there with business/companies/creators implementing green make up etc it’s where my passion lies on so many levels!! I am about the bigger picture! No animals being slaved and used it is possible to change the world and it starts by the different choices and experiences  we make helps change it!!! Our money is our mouth sort of speak. 🙂

      Yes I do make a priority in buying organic and nature derived vegan make up or free from harsh chemicals! My homemade masks and skin care has incredibly helped my skin and I continue to advocate and purchase skin care lines that integrate these kinds of practices and review them when I use them to help others and spread the goodness always!

      IOrganic green plant life without testing on animals or using animals is growing and it’s  a great time to be alive and experiencing the market.   Yes it has definitely helped my skin but I will forever remain a consumer as well and try out other products in the green Mother Nature sector because it is my calling.  

      Thanks so much Jon 🙂 

      Take care


  2. Hey Patricia

    What an interesting post. I’ve used food on my face before as a face mask, such as banana, avocado and yogurt but I’ve never come across using other veggies like leafy greens and peppers. Do you suggest blending the leafy greens up before applying to your face? 

    This may seem an obvious question but does adding the sea salt work as a face scrub? Thannks


    1. Hello Teresa, 

      Yes blending up ingredients by too thin like a thick consistency mask. The salt is used as a type scrub yes within the mask. That’s awesome that you have used foodie masks too! 🙂 

      Oh yes the pepper idea is to formulate the rich vitamin c properties in the red pepper especially. Highest in vitamin C than the other peppers. They all have nutrients although. The sea salt alone I have something with lemon but I add a base like sweet potato or coconut milk so it decreases the chance of harsh on skin. I have used it as a scrub with coconut oil is an incredible base as well with lemon and greens. Hope you look forward to my homemade masks that I will be sharing in more depth in the homemade mask menu tab in the near future on my site! Thank you so much for your time.  

      Thanks so much for stopping by.  It means a lot and sharing your experience. I love that. 


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