Flower Power Botanicals.

The flower power continues. I march to the notion that whichever I can put on my face/ skin; I can usually put in my hair as well and vice versa.

Integrally, owning my natural skin care. From the roots and from the ground up.

Flower Petal Steeped Teas.

Yes! Not only are steeped loose teas genuinely relaxing and great so are flower petals steeped.

These beautiful, creative steps can boost your skin and moisturize. It calms your skin depending on the teas you choose.

Seemingly, I drink flower petal steeped tea and also loose-leaf tea.

Furthermore, I use loose-leaf tea and pair it with flower petals just for finishing touches to my facial rinse.

I steep my flower petal teas and let some cool and place in compartments and label for my mini spa fridge.

A splash here or there within my regime. Boosts, hydrates and moisturizes. Sweet subtle sense of flower.

These aroma teas are stored in my spray bottles I take with me in my purse and then use it as a boosting face spray/mist on the go!

Creativity and botanical basking on those sunny days are refreshing. Don’t you think this is possible in your regime!?

I’ve been talking to numerous people lately this lurking spring season with regard to fresh loose-leaf tea.

Flowers evidently so, definitely makes it on my to go, and to do list without any doubt!

I continue to encourage others to incorporate flower petals in their steeps as well!

On the go. Prepare your purse with your little spray bottles or compartments. Usually during creative steeping you will find a lot of leftover water. This is where storing comes in handy and it gets more easier and manageable the more you do it.

Chamomile Tea And Lavender Flower.

These two infused together gives my face a relaxing calm revitalizing touch!

Chamomile flower petals steeped is also an option here. I say use your teas and flower petals interchangeably and accordingly to what you want. This is the power and magic of it all. Discovering the different kinds and benefits.

I steep the chamomile tea. Separately I take lavender flower and steep it and then add them together.

I do warm rinses and basking and cool to room temperature ones depending on my mood and time of day.

Go with your flow.

I only do this because sometimes I like to have a separate container stored of just lavender and other flowers and teas stored separately! This is how I stay organized and effectively save myself time. Having options and choices available consistently.  

This in turn, also saves me time if I want to add lavender to other blends like my fruit smoothies for instance that I blend up to drink!

A Splash here and a splash there!

Utilizing the steep teas and flowers interchangeably!

Jasmine Tea And Sunflower

Jasmine loose-leaf tea is great for your skin and promotes healthier skin. A magnificent assistant in removing harmful bacteria and promotes a stronger immune system. Jasmine flowers alone have a beautiful scent if you choose to steep loose jasmine flowers or a jasmine tea bag. Choice is yours!

The loose flowers and loose leaf teas I feel more up close and personal with nature itself when I can see, feel, taste and smell!

It will remain tricky not to have your natural senses activated here in this botanical practice.

Sunflowers are not only my favourite flower they provide so much to my skin care.

Whether you choose to steep it or drink/eat it. Benefits are countless.

Pluck these beautiful sunflower petals when they have fully extended out. I can always tell by the smell of the flower. My personal flower power experience has automatically made me a competent pluckier.

For sunflowers among all flowers. You have to get rid of the green bud center or come centre of flower before steeping or ingesting.

Steeping sunflower petals then adding butter on them tastes really good.

Let me know how your sunflower adventure goes, if and when you choose to venture with them. Please feel free to comment down below!


The energy simply in water alone, calls out to us empathetic souls often!

If you love being near water, oceans, streams or dispersing yourself in a bath/ including splashing these botanical flower power facial rinses or sprays you may just be an em path my friend!

Em paths feels a close connection with nature as if it calls out to them while streaming, relaxing. Instantaneously, calming takes effect!

Water immensely improves while benefiting self care and well-being more efficiently and effectively.

Water flows just like our emotions. Water in a way protects our inner and outer self. Very important to stay grounded within your personal space.

Surrounding yourself in nature is one of the most relaxing things you can choose to do.

Nature has its’ natural way of just resetting our internal rhythm. We can set aside other people’s energy and emotions that we’re sensitive to and totally release ourselves in being present and welcoming peace by processing our own deep feelings and emotions.

Next time you’re out within nature whether it be by the ocean or a lake. Sitting at a beach, or in a park. Wherever your calm, relaxing space may be. Just make sure it is somewhere totally releasing yourself within nature.

I want you to take out your flower power botanical spray bottle or rinse and just be one with nature!

Be one with your energy! Be one with your momentum space! This is your moment!

Bask away in your botanical!

Everywhere you go.

You deserve it! You Glow!

Much Abundance,

Patricia Divine Essence


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