Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is keeping as well as they can through these very challenging times.

A lot of controversy surrounding mask wearing, well let me just say I/’m a walking example that they are not good for your well-being if be want to stay focused on the best optimal POSITIVE HEALTH care for ourselves.

I am a graduate nurse of 2002; I’ve been through many outbreaks such as SARS, H1N1, Gastrointestinal, COVID19 just hits the top with absolutely making no sense as to why be have to cover our very faces.
I understand it helps to decrease droplet transmission and I understand the importance of direct care and mask wearing so before I receive the impulsive, reactive, responsive behaviours thrown my way, I just want to make that all clear first and foremost. Long term and consistent wearing while exerting is detrimental to your health and I experienced this first hand. Flu season is dead? Medical exacerbated pre existing health conditions are dead?

We have separated ourselves so far from being human it’s like a game.

As I watch our elderly ambulating on their own with these masks that are not breathable I ask myself if someone has congestive heart failure, or suffers with a chronic condition that hinders their blood circulation to begin with- are these masks not putting more of a hinder on their health? If not; we haven’t had the transparent proof over extended period of time to debunk that myth as many things are so readily debunked.
Are cells not suppose to receive oxygen..consistently over a period of time if a cell doesn’t receive a certain percentage of oxygen what do you thing takes place?
How do cells become cancerous?

Since when do we dismiss a human’s experience and separate so far from the truth…Since when do we receive a positive result from a nasal swab and not rule out by doing further tests to prove that it is not a false positive with a possible X-ray- further blood tests etc?

What do you think possibly happens to our immune systems when we distance ourselves/ cut off human being interaction and connection/interpersonal communication, totally limit our time outside, sanitize everything in sight with chemicals that have been documented down as causing some side affects, restrict our breathing of oxygen for prolonged periods of time awhile living in constant fear?!

A war on invisible viruses is really just a war on your everyday life!

Thousands of years we have dealt with microscopic organisms.
This pandemic was already orchestrated if you research and actually tune into what people like Bill Gates has said during TED talks. He said that if a people are going to be dying it will be through a virus and not a war? Not a direct quote but how does someone who isn’t even a doctor already know this was going to happen… We’re we led astray? …

Someone is lying and I refuse to have our children suffer huge consequences without questioning what is really going on?

As a nurse I refuse to scare people by the simple fact that viruses will never be totally eliminated and the simple fact of scaring the daylights out of people like jeepers creepers; I know is a very inhumane way to go as well.

Every physician must know that never in history have we treated a disease with a cure! Doesn’t exist or we would have cures here and real profit would be made on finding the root problem having surgery and restoring your health. Money would be poured into real education on how to improve your immunity. You would have wellness check ups at home.

We have only dealt with symptoms and use pharmaceutical drugs to hinder and keep these symptoms at bay while ignoring the underlining root of course.

Is your true real health/well-being really found in a physician’s office?

Ask yourself these questions.

People need to inner stand that we get sick when our bodies are deficient of minerals, nutritional deficiencies, overload of toxins(toxicity) not viruses and bacteria! Our god given bodies try to fight off viruses on their own.

so when we have a NATURAL reflex such as a cough, sneeze or fever it is the bodies way of saying you need to fight something off not with fear but with in tune, cautious attention!? Nope today it’s oh man that person may have COVID or psychologically it has placed in the human mind a threat towards someone else.

Aside from the corrupt fact that we are breathing in environmental hazards all the time, being supplied with toxic, pesticide enriched foods oh and did I mention they’re GMO, some people still don’t even have food or clean water to drink in some under developed countries but hey they are the first to get injected with vaccines that don’t deliver the very sustaining physiological needs that they need in order to stay alive! But hey…what do I know…

Am I the only person who is passionate about cleaning our air, water and food first before be start injecting people with vaccines that have damaged and went as even as far as killing them?

Or let us look at the screening symptoms shall be and how to differentiate between getting COVID vs wearing a mask for prolonged periods of time in exertion and getting sick and the same exact symptoms noted on the screening tool used? (Shortness of breath? Well Yes. Chest pain? Well yes. Diaherra from eating shitty dairy and processed foods, gmo foods?

Well yes should I go on?,…. Nah I’ll remain humble.

Evidently people that believe bacteria and viruses are the cause of illness awhile disregarding real nutrition and toxins are always sick?!!.. Oh the irony.

Deficient in minerals and toxicity within the body’s cells is where I focus and read about. We have a vast majority of doctors on one side that are speaking out and another that are not. There wouldn’t be a debate if there was something going on now would there be?……


Last I checked when you wear a mask your lung bases are not genuinely being filled and then exchanged out correctly as naturally intended when we inhale deeply and exhale it all out! Toxins from the lungs are entrapped and you are breathing that in! This is fact. 

Shallow breaths are taking place and carbon dioxide is in your mask and if you systemically look at this and your body over a period of time endures you will see the effects of the lungs and heart!

If any underlining/pre existing medical conditions exist wearing masks while working, and extended periods of time HAS exacerbated Effects to this pre existing conditions that perhaps were silently occurring in your human body with no real alarm…

In that simple fact in turn the cloth mask affect us and it’s stupid to think that they don’t. This is minus the psychological aspect of it all. Are we possibly protecting ourselves from something that is being sprayed in the air(airborne) ? If so we are to be geared up with the proper masks as shown above.( first picture)…

A common question being asked is: do cloth masks really prevent us from receiving COVID-19?

most common answer online…

“Well-designed and well-fitting masks or face coverings can prevent the spread of your infectious respiratory droplets. They may also help protect you from the infectious respiratory droplets of others”

I don’t know about you but since when are we considered infectious especially if we feel good and keep our distance?
Since when does a healthy person who has never been questioned by their family doctor that they’re not in turn considered unhealthy have to go outside to get tested to tell everyone that they are healthy or not?

Does anyone else ask these questions? These are serious times and I question corporate intentions at all costs especially the cost of our innocent children given to us by the good lord himself! Social cues at school don’t matter as a part of developmental, emotional, psychological well being anymore? Consent no longer matters? 

I see the psychological damage, emotional, psycho social, developmental to name a few like we are just going to wake up one day and this corruption will be gone?

We will be able to freely breathe and smile and travel with freedom of speech again?

I am going to close this one early folks because I never in a million years thought I’d have to walk around and see everyone in a mask as much as it helps with transmission we have to ask ourselves if we are even ready to live in a better world for the children we leave this planet earth to


Remain in the evil corruption of this world, medical tyranny and confusion it is leaving around to linger.

If this new normal is to totally remove our own human body autonomy.

To completely outsource our own Good lord given health for profits without looking at the very oath Doctors have to do no harm….

To totally disregard our inherent spirituality…

To walk around and not talk to each other and to treat one another as threats to our health…

To be continuously told what to think and feel….

To blindly accept what be are told and to withhold our own god given senses as a human being…

To shame on others if they think differently/shaming dissenting opinions….

To view the very reality you’re living as something separate and to live in fear….

Well then I continue to reject it. And why do you think that you shouldn’t reject it also?

If this is all in good faith, and not a plague of complete corruption hiding from the public scientific truths which might go against corporate economic interests then I revoke my words but I have a really big problem with people not being able to hug and kiss grandpa or grandma or visit them/ loved ones because they might send them to their death bed!?….

This is not where I am folks.
This psychological condition is called manipulation.

Poor nutrition and perpetual fear, lack of connections, and the synthetic toxins we apply, inhale, inject and ingest are FAR GREATER threats to our human health than are the non living microscopic particles and microscopic organisms we have been living with for thousands and thousands of years!!
Somebody is Lying….

Stay Safe. Stay Kind. If someone is taking a little breather and exposing their nose there is highly likely a good reason for it!

Stay In Tune With Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Much Love,



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