CBD And SkinCare! Cannabis, A Game Changer?!

Those three letters! C B D!


Talk about a booster CBD on the mind and body is no secret anymore.

Skin care is skyrocketing with CBD/hemp oils are a game changer not only for skin care worldwide but for individual based care!

The Cannabis plant is flashing with a bold reputation simply because the chemical compound in the cannabis plant other than THC is continuing to provide millions with the properties the cannabinoid has without using THC!

Having an outstanding yet positive impact. The Stigma in CBD unravelling is the lack of education and misinformation!

CBD is not psychoactive. It’s implemented in skin care and healing maintenance and only plummeting!

Our bodies directly respond to CBD due to our natural human body- biological system! Let me not get into the other effects CBD has on opiate receptors by disrupting them!


I don’t know about you but this definitely, as a result WILL assist with opiate addiction! That has, is and continues to be on a devastating rise!

Just a thought or Seed to ponder!

CBD vs THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)

Continued extensive research is being done on how CBD intervenes with the brain! We all have an endocannabinoid system.

Furthermore, breaking the stigma of the plant and CBD properties along with the natural receptors that we have in our human anatomy is what makes this discussion and the systems within our human body a vital one!

The cannabinoid receptors throughout our body can no longer go unnoticed!

This is real science!


Hands down to it alone.

Research the Hippocampus part of the brain to start!

Furthermore, this vital part of the brain enables a person to effectively form new memories and leads individuals attention and focus.

As a result, using marijuana (THC) can/will cause impaired thinking and interferes with a person’s ability to perform difficult tasks.

I would love to indulge in the brain’s anatomy when it comes in contact with CBD, thc and our canabinoid receptors that makes the endocannabinoid  system!

Ideally, that lesson is for another time perhaps! 🙂

CBD is the positive mark towards, sleep, anxiety, pain, opiate addiction
and post concussion injuries, etc!

It astoundingly can be added to skin care as I’ve added a few drops myself into my facial regimes and fruit protein powered smoothies!


THC gives the brain the “high” effects!

THC is able to attach to molecules called cannabinoid receptors on neurons in these specified brain areas and activate them. This in turn can/will disrupt various mental and physical functions.

THC can/will affect brain areas that highly influence memory, pleasure, how we think, concentration, memory, coordination and motion/movement. This includes sensory and perception. I always say THC is not for everyone to just load up on and self medicate like anything out there. There is misuse and abuse

and it does occur!

Abuse occurs because it signals the reward system in our brain’s. The center that’s validates the use ask pleasure To be able to advocate for CBD and THC you must research and be honest with yourself on the negative effects it can have in different parts of your brain which help function your system.


Anti-inflammatory properties. Well known for CBD hands down. Hemp and the properties of Cannabis can change the planet in thee most abundant ways worldwide.

Hemp has linoleic acid and oleic acids found in it! These particular acids are not made in our bodies.

Initially although they hold strong anti-aging factors through your skin’s natural aging process. These involve important nutrients to also add to your diet!

You without a doubt will begin and continue to see hemp and CBD infused lotions, soaps, moisturizers, make up and then some to the market!

Super popular reputation CBD will be the ignition to smooth, soothing winter skin care since it is such a restorative ingredient to add! Hemp is amazing for our health on the whole soulfully due to its moisturizing qualities and nourishing vitamins.

Like the flowers I eat gaining great skin health can be obtained from ingesting hemp/CBD oil and applying it topically! (Omega 6)

Skin types this amazing ingredient can aid in oil absorption and production. Hemp oil has that kind of power to drain out dryness with its moisturizing capabilities while balancing out the body’s natural oil production without clogging our skin pores.

Hemp clothes you, feeds you, and heals you! Hemp not only breathes in 4X the C02 of trees; Just one acre of hemp alone produces more oxygen than 20-25 acres of trees! 

Hemp can and will help save our planet.

CBD in 2018 increased to and hit the market at approximately 591 Million and is going to only increase, perhaps four times in the next four years rest assured!

CBD will be the alternative for individuals who smoke or use marijuana and have paranoia effects etc the CBD maybe the aid that releases that anxiety and tension. No psychoactive ingredients no psychoactive risks.


It just sounds delightful! I’ve been patiently waiting!

Again, it’s amazing to visit local farmers markets and family run businesses incorporating handmade soaps, bath products, lotions, serums and all!

CBD will take some time but it’s already beginning to hit the highest climax in sales once it goes fully legal in October(Canada a Time ;))

CBD and active green plant life and botanicals will be a definite inspiring game changer all across the board! Vibrant Flowing Skin!

Trust me, if you apply CBD; especially when facing eczema, asymmetrical skin tone, increased oily skin and acne fluctuations or stagnant you can start to observe results by planning and evaluating CBD into morning and night routines!


This powerfully packed antioxidant is a keeper! It’s potency delivers the highest potency than of Vitamin E and Vitamin C just to give you a surreal visual! Genuinely delivering rich, restorative therapeutics to our skin care regimes. Helping to decrease inflammation

to many optimal causes of skin issues and complexions.

An exciting and the quest of CBD is that it can be paired alongside many if not all other ingredients into skin care to deliver an abundance to not only value of product but more importantly to our skin and overall health/well-being in general!

Calming and detoxifying breakdown. CBD takes flight with so many benefits to our human bodies!

Beautified With Mother Nature!

Lastly, this is no finalization. Cannabis-HEMP and now CBD is here to stay earthlings!

Game changing and loved by so many and not just the beauty experts. 

Mother Nature has a way with restoring us and healing us! Keeping our skin restored of its natural balance.

It promotes cell rejuvenation with other botanicals and plant life. What is not to adore?

The earthy smell will have its watch through cologne and earthy based scents in no time

Trying product is giving a product the chance to work alongside you. Observing the positive effects is the transformation that will be not only the game changer but also the intervention of the future!

Please feel free to comment on my blog. Elaboration is always welcome.

Have a beautiful day!

Patricia Divine Essence


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  1. I have personally tried CBD for around 6 months now and I have to say I love it and am absolutely sure that it helps with more than one thing, as you are writing about skin care here I can say that I have better skin now, however, I went from a vegetarian diet to a vegan diet so it might be because of leaving dairy out from my diet as well… I also dring hemp protein pretty much every day with coconut milk, berries, and fruits… Bottom point, it was either the CBD or the vegan diet that made my skin look MUCH better…

    Great blog, keep posting!


  2. Hi PAtricia thanks for this informative read on hemp, CBD and skincare. Cannabis has just been legalized in our country so there are so many products doing the rounds at the moment.  Your article has definitely opened my view on the product, as you say there is so much misconception.  I agree we need to get more in touch with mother nature to find remedies and skincare products. Will be following up on your advise.

    1. Yes! Definitely more in touch with Mother Nature and remedies is an elevated, positive change! Thank you so much for visiting and sharing.



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