Best Face Skin Tightening Experience.


Mask me away to a brighter face. Homemade and facial masks are simply delightful. Reciprocally, the time we take to make our homemade masks for tightening and rejuvenating our skin is what keeps it fun and gets us involved in our continuous self care regime. When you apply yourself daily to your own outcome of your face journey; it surely makes you cherish your face even more!

Instant face lifting and tightening are the self talk whispers you hear as you mask massage away isn’t it?!

Hey, I understand this is a very passionate topic ladies and gents. Integrally, skin care is everywhere. Ironically, it’s only our largest, most expeditive organ of the human body.

Naturally, the tightening of your skin is going to receive best results the more you spend time with your face every morning and every night.
Ten minutes each time you want to quickly massage and activate your collagen without massaging with your fingers! I call it my mini spa! Check this out.

If you happen to go out into the sun; make sure you spend time with your face prior to and post sun exposure as well.

Now, Now, Who doesn’t love avacados? If you don’t eat avacaods, I would first love to know why. Secondly, you may want to start grabbing a couple for your base to this amazing homemade facial mask I’m about to share with you. Undoubtedly, I will share with you many more fruit facial concoctions and nature blend masks in the near future! Your immense curiosity and willingness is greatly appreciated!

Here We Go…..                                                    

  • Take a very soft, ripe avocado and unravel it removing the center and place it in your face masking bowl. Once your Avocado is mixed up in your bowl you are simply going to measure and add just one teaspoon of vitamin c powder.
  • I hope you have a blender nearby. Use it where you feel you need to. This mask can certainly be mixed by you manually as well. Take an orange and peel off the orange peel. Blend up the orange peel with a touch of water only. Technically, you want the peel plus the water to have a smooth/thick texture (no excess water) and then add it to your face mask bowl.
  • In a bowl of just one avocado. You want to squeeze two orange slices into your bowl as well. Squeeze with ease.
  • Next, mix in half a mango in this particular bowl with the one avocado.
  • Add a teaspoon of cinnamon.
  • Add a teaspoon of Manuka Honey.
  • Cut a lemon in half and squeeze some fresh lemon juice in there. Approximately a teaspoon and continue mixing very well.
  • To apply this mask you must have a towel or something draped over you and once applied lie back and relax.
  • Give yourself 30 minutes with this best natural face regime that you created with your valuable time, your valuable hands and valuable energy!

While this face mask is on you can either enjoy it as it is. Sometimes, I like to open up gauze type cloth     ( breathable material) and place on top of mask. Apply dry heat sparingly over the mask, followed by dry cool over the mask. Or just air dry.

Open the pores with heat. Close the pores with cold.

I I really hope you enjoyed this fruit facial remedy. It’s one of many homemade masks I create and advocate by. Skin feels soft and replenished. Just keep in mind, before applying any facial mask your skin must be properly cleansed thoroughly and dried to gain absolute full effects of your invigorating mask.

Lay back, deep breathing. Focus on a positive affirmation mindset.

Rinse and Ravishing!

Much Love,

Patricia Divine Essence

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