Beginners Yoga. Finding Your “Chi”.

We are nothing short of protein!

We are energy like waves constantly in motion!

I need to ask you, how do you channel your energy from day to day?


Your focus a goal should be the release and balance of life its self Chi is giving life!

We are alive and living and it’s design is what separates us from a dead corpse to put it a tad bluntly.

Acknowledging your strength, balance and strong will force is what drives alertness, elevated good energy and positive flow good vibes.

You feel overall more alive, grateful, full of life!

Practice Makes Progress!

In everything, we do!

Practicing as maintaining your CHI makes us mentally flow better, executive function better and in relation to this balance we extend positive flow energy.

You are in a state of vibrant health operating from this energy flow!

What makes CHI a skill on its own is the fact that it extends abundantly more from the physical self!

Entailing the discrete energies all around you flow through you during your thoughts, your feelings and your emotions!

Unbalanced, we are more agitated, impatient, aggressive and heightened stress response. BREATHE! Stop Reacting!

Realize you need to be more present. Self absorbed individuals with unbalanced CHI? Now, this is an interesting equation.

Is it possible that this energy can have an effect on the next individual? Like a wave, ripple effect?


-Stay inclined with your posture at all times in all your functions of daily life; part of everything from the tips of your toes to the tips of your fingers to the tip of your head.


– as we become with nature and ourselves as looking at nature in a reflection of ourselves we need to feed our Chi.

Nuture it. Maintain it.

– Sequence movements with simple basic poses while breathing and staying in position for two minutes is a beautiful progression in itself!

-Stretches that are rather simple while deeply breathing in and out and holding these positions.

-During this focus this balance phase of just surrendering and releasing to tap into the energy flow around us and flowing within us.


When we are at our weakest we feel drained and more tired state of being.

Beginners yoga gives you the gift hence opportunity to channel and balance this life force. Let us go step by step!

1. Surrender to any habitual feeling and thoughts from the past that cause unbalanced energy.

2. Focus on your breath all the time. Be conscious of the Breath. Breathe. What a life force flow in itself.

3. Surrender To Positive thought only during these stretches and breathing.

Affirm all that you want to make happen today, set goals even if they’re minuscule. They are still goals and achieve them.

4. Smile And Serve Others Genuinely. I always say there is a softness to us all when we stay active in the constantly learning brain and continue to create not react, help one another and spread love and joy as much as we can!

5. Yes this is part of CHI. Mental Clarity.

6. Admitting when you are unbalanced so that progress can and will happen because the positive flow and elevated emotion makes that connection.

7. Stay in your Yogi poses. Do you close your eyes like I do? Feels so great to feel your amazing body stretch and breathe and feel your heart pump and flow throughout your body systems. Flow and Flourish.

8. Don’t try to be going above and beyond and try to fit the “Yogi” status.

Anyone can attainably get here.

We need more laughter in the world and establishing your positive, good vibe energy will help you achieve this more effectively!

It just takes practice and progress so it becomes your experience in itself.

You are the creator.


Now who said the symbol of the snake is a bad thing?

Let’s lean on perspective here of course while asking ourselves is it possible that the snake signifies the chakras and energy at the base of your spine.

Kundalini means “she who is coiled”. Hindu for divine energy throughout your spine.

Your Chakras and Yoga are a synchronized skill. Through practice and consistency and dedication your Yogi capabilities will be of second nature.

Anything worth doing is doing it to our best ability or what is the point really?

Stay Creative and Inspire Others Watch Your Body we are energy. Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells

Start treating it like the incredible creation it is!

Chakras are the circular vortex like energy fields along the spinal column.

Keep radiating that’s feel good energy. The good vibes. Sprinkle that everywhere you go.

Chakras are as Qi or Praana. The life force throughout these seven circular vortex’s of energy. Visualize each one as you close your eyes and imagine each one it as it is throughout your spinal column.

Light Weights And Dance Fitness.

Dance is a passion of mine so attaining my CHI while I choreograph a fitness dance routine/workout or hype up my cardio for that fun, constructive endurance.

Dance is welcomed with an integral, effective, thorough stretch first always.

It’s a win win for me when I remain in my meditative CHI balance naturally.

Through consistent awareness of this goal defies my performance defies my capabilities and my capabilities capture the CHI in all I do.

For example; I feel unbalanced when negative energy displays itself towards me.

I recollect, reflect and start from my posture and breath once again.

I discover my CHI while unraveling towards my centre core and focus.

Observing is listening too!

Most important part is awareness and applying yourself.

Stay Creative. Stay Passionate.

Dance is that all fitness levels are welcome.

Dance is easy on the body and works out the body the best without strain while pulsating a fantastic cardio workout. Sincerely, dance is a universal language of movement no matter who you are!

The dance floor is a release. An expression to all join and embrace the strength, the freedom of movement on the floor!


Mastering self is work we all need to service and attend to consistently!

Personal development not only for our own well being and balance, likewise for the betterment of working alongside others/ serving others with integrity!

Mastering self is work we all need to service and attend to! For our own well being and balance and for the betterment of working alongside others and  serving others with integrity.

Start your day with the stretch and introduce some CHI into your stretch routine or during some movements during your activities of daily living.

If that’s a wide yoga stretch for you…. ( No pun intended 🙂

Just start small steps out of the usual routine you do when you wake up.

Switch up how you do things. Don’t perform the same things every morning.

Make interesting, different connections!

You may find in these small changes, you’re aware. In turn, it may inspire and ignite a CHI response in you without you even realizing!

Reflect on how you felt before and after applying yourself if you feel a positive difference.

I hope my beginners yoga has influenced you to create positive flow and CHI in your life.

I commend you for being here and hopefully through practicing flow, this will begin to shed the light in your internal self more.

Hopefully bringing you more ease and clamness cultivates throughout your day.

Just trying to make it easier for you, your body and for others you surrounded yourself with.

As always, feel free to comment and elaborate with any of your experiences and thoughts. I would love to listen in!

Have a beautiful day!

Patricia Divine Essence

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  1. These are all great tips for finding your chi and what we need in order to do effective yoga and meditation. I think that clearing your mind of all thoughts is the best way to become more calm and relaxed but I sometimes forget to do this when I need to unwind. Which of of these tips do you use the most often?

    1. Most important tip since we all get caught in the habit of life. Is focus your breathing and find balance once everything you choose to do. Conscious breathing.Conscious Mindset. The goal isn’t really to have a special spot each day and do it quietly depending on an individual’s way of balancing themselves if you can find time to do that then amazing!! Time management is a continuous skill to attain throughout our journey;so the main goal is to find calm, displace reaction and negativity with compassion, empathy and inspire through your breath and all the physiological ailments shall follow. Your cells will thank you. Just in those skills and daily acts your energy life force will raise in vibration. 😊 

  2. I really enjoyed reading your article, it has inspired me to do some small but significant changes. Mastering self is something that we all should strive to achieve. Doing some light exercises will definitely help keep that positive energy flowing through me. We should be more focused on what’s happening within ourselves I am sure that with enough practice and consistency I able to channel my energy on a daily basis. Thanks for this inspiring post I’m looking forward to your next one.

    1. Hello Alex,

      Yes some really vital self affirmations you just made with yourself! That is inspiring in itself. Spread that around. The world needs more of it. We have the power to create beautiful things even amongst inner chaos and the external environment. Mastering ourselves is success and it should be consistently embraced and a continuous process. Thank you for being here and elaborating. It is motivating.❤️ 


      Patricia Divine Essence 

  3. Interesting article. I do not practice Yoga, but I am aware of different breathing techniques and I do apply them. What calms me the most is being present. I am achieving this by focusing only on my breathing and each and every breath.

    I also like to practice deep breathing, or breathing from my stocmach. This is the number one thing for me as it really reduces the stress I experience.


    1. I think a lot of it too comes from doing something that you love. Finding your passion and enjoying being your own. Try to experience this breathing and Yoga while building your own goals.  Check Wealthy Affiliate out. It has changed my life and it doesn’t cost a thing to sign up and talk to amazing people and team builders. 

      I hope you continue to unravel your stress and indulge in your awesome breathing techniques! 🙂


      Patricia Divine Essence 

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