Bang It Bangles By: Patricia Divine Essence

Bangles and their unique details.

Making jewelry and creating handmade accessories, clothes has been in the cornerstone of my mind sinc I was a teenager. Around the high school years I felt very out of place with resonating to anyone that really liked the same creations I did. School you never really centered on the inner you the focus is getting the work done that is assigned to you.

This really is when I started to silently sit in my own feelings, emotions, thoughts. Through collecting different pieces of jewelry throughout the years as child, fabrics from previous outgrown clothes, beads, brass, materials and things you could use to make something out of it.


Soldering and crafting bangles is a great jewelry piece I add to my boutique collection.

inspired by Indian jewelry looks/styles and keeping an eye out for various ethnicities when I incorporate and create.

I use the term remake because I never like to waste anything. Whether it be an ancient sweater that’s been in my closet for years to jewels I have collected over the years I look at everything as an articulate thing that can be remade into something else if need be. If I am to cut T-shirt’s into a tank top I am that person who uses the sleeves to make a Hairband or use it for something else. I am always trying to interior design something.

This journey along with this pandemic that hit us all in 2020 made me dive into creating even further than ever before! Sure I’m hitting some stall moments but these moments make for my children homeschooling and trying to balance everything as a mother. In these times’ creativity has been the center Stone of this household. Production for my online store is u deniable at times’ not going as productive as initially intended but if I can dedicate at least half hour to adding more to my boutique currently I am a happy camper. Custom orders and having virtual auctions/meets during this virtual everything has been a bittersweet, humbling transition.

Bangles and bracelets have been a great way for children to apply themselves to with their mom at times’ as the circle of the bracelet at my boutique signifies the circle of life. Teaching them lessons through creativity has a relaxing, stress free notion to it where they can also feel like they are contributing their own sense of self to creating for others/customers.

I’ve got a lot of creative ideas that stream through this rain of mine and I can seriously say I’m never bored as they’re is always something to do/create/start/complete.

I hope once you start to see my online store open up this year you can just know that every piece was articulated from start to finish with Unique detailing and a one-off a kind mindset. Every piece handmade/remade with love, joy, peace in mind.

I want to acknowledge all other fellow small businesses and know that I fully support each h and every one locally/online for I truly understand what it takes, what it feels like to grow something of your own and to embrace that every Individual is good at something:)

There is so much more to come and create and complete so for now I say farewell, and thank you for tuning Into my blog and boutique!

Much love and internal peace to you.

In Good Health,

Patricia Divine Essence

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  1. Wow, the bang it bangles concept sounds like such a rewarding project. It’s great to be able to remake objects that are past their usable life into something that will have new life as something treasured. I’d love to see more photos and follow you online. Do you have a shop or social media accounts? Best of luck in this unique and fun venture!

    1. Hello Aly,

      Thank you so much for stopping by. I absolutely love creating iris such a rewarding space to be something you’re very passionate about while supporting other local shops/communities. My Instagram account is @patricia.divine.Essence & @Patricia_divine_essence my online store is under maintenance and will be up online this year as I am in production stages now as I am a one woman show. 😉 I have online google/meets, virtual auctions and people contact me via IG regarding things I post going into my #uniqueboutique and I send links if purchases want to be made etc. That would be awesome thanks for your support please add your IG accounts/links as well I love to see others blossom into their own. ❤️
      In Good Health,

      Patricia Maragos/Owner: PatriciaDivineEssence

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