Bang It Bangles By: Patricia Divine Essence

Bangles and their unique details. Making jewelry and creating handmade accessories, clothes has been in the cornerstone of my mind sinc I was a teenager. Around the high school years I felt very out of place with resonating to anyone that really liked the same creations I did. School you never really centered on the […]


Hello everyone, I hope everyone is keeping as well as they can through these very challenging times. A lot of controversy surrounding mask wearing, well let me just say I/’m a walking example that they are not good for your well-being if be want to stay focused on the best optimal POSITIVE HEALTH care for […]

My Honest Reviews-Neutrogena Hydro Boost Exfoliating Cleanser

It is that time to review a Neutrogena project that you can grab off the shelf at any local Shoppers or stores that may carry Neutrogena products! We all try to find products that work well with our skin routine and our skin! Hyaluronic Acid devours your skin in one sizable pump. Making your skin […]

Visualize Role Play. Let It Flow Learning.

Sitting by the beautiful Lake Ontario with my eldest it was the perfect opportunity to not only teach my son about his internal emotions but to actually visually show him by using the flow of waves. What wonderful moments they are during the calmness of him being still and lessons that flowed through me to […]