Ashwagandha Powder Benefits.

I would love to share with you something I’ve recently came across during my busy, hectic lifestyle of what is called Motherhood/Parenthood and balancing everything in between!

Work life, home life, self care, child care and all of the things in between!

I’ve been open to trying new herbs that not only would benefit my body and mind health as a busy mother but also open to learning and wondering what exactly nature was trying to tell me through this adaptogen surely known as Ashwagandha.

Originally, if you haven’t heard of this herb let me help you become more familiar.

Ashwagandha has been used as medicine/herb in India for about 3000 years!

I want to start by admitting that I came to a very stressful, burnout lately.

Without getting too personal!

I was running on adrenaline and hardly no sleep.

I let stress get the worse of me which increased anxiety and as I let time go on this way I needed support! WE ALL DO!

All in all, this herb was a complete brain booster paired along with conscious eating choices to get me back to feeling more content and alleviated my stress response!

Can You Tell The Difference Between Anxiety And Stress?

Recently my mind and body went into overdrive. It was established by inadequate sleep.

Working nights and staying wide awake to then going home to be with my children since I am pretty hard on myself and am very passionate about putting them first!

I still have to work on this; as a mother, as a woman, to not feel bad or guilty when needing the time for self care and when asking for that time!

I felt very stressed out and just exhausted which in turn made my mood and capabilities decrease.

This goes beyond my natural, positive, energetic mood so I take it very seriously.

In these challenging
days I was writing in my journal and telling myself that I was going to be alright and I did everything under the sun to help alleviate my stress response.

I felt very deeply about some things in my life and they drastically changed and I admit I got into a very sad state.

The lady who always stuck out her hand to help someone else and others now needed the help and support this time!

As much  as we like to sweep these kinds of things under our rugs sometimes and not admit it to ourselves and think we are OK…………

You know what?

It is OK to not be OK!

It is OK to find a balance and resolve at a steady pace was my motive!

I chose to stand firmly and honestly tell myself that I’ve been through quite a lot.

Anxiety and stress are two major components in stagnation and learning more about them in depth was very important to me during this difficult time for many personal reasons.

Stress for us all will cause anxiety as a secondary result do you agree?

Anxiety has a huge effect our brains in relation to performing cognition well (mental performance), our overall mood, etc!

Just keep in mind your response is the stress and anxiety is your reaction to that stress or stresssor.

Constantly learning and being open to how to perhaps reduce your stress and how much it can have an impact on your mind and body is so important!

Chronic stress since stress and anxiety somewhat can explicit the same physical symptoms!

Being aware of chronic stress is more of a detriment to look for!

Along with anxiety if it’s persistent and continuous feeling of dread then you need to take a step back and ask for help and seek support around you.

If you do not have any close family or friends near by well do I ever feel for you wholeheartedly!

You can still seek help and support around you. There are helpful hearts, minds and hands all around.

Knock Out Stress And Anxiety Without The Mess Entirely!

1. Stressor & Anxiety– Could be from worrying about bills/unpaid bills, worried about things out of your control really. Romantic relationships/ committed relationships over it is like grieving and it leaves a feeling of loss/ important life events that may occur on your physical journey.

Outcome depends really on your stress response; and anxiety causes you to be ineluctably distressed to which interferes with your everyday life. Also what your situation is if you have to deal with it on a constant basis,etc!

Keep in mind, stress triggers anxiety.

Within the unraveling physical symptoms can look rather the same so it’s very important to notice heightened stress and it’s response to a threat in any given situation.

Now when I say mess it doesn’t mean as in “clean up your mess you look ridiculous.”

I seriously mean that if you every day stress yourself it will lead to a storm within you that is unbalanced due to various reasons which then in turn increases your anxiety which then decreases your mental performance, mood, constant worry, so on and so forth.

It may be the time to make time with yourself and attend self care. Yes?

Time outs do not work TIME IN’S do! That Life.

Don’t let it control you. Let go of control and embrace what is as if you woke up that day and live it like you have a positive purpose here.

Stress reduction Should be the cornerstone of everything we do and are involved in and attending to it consciously and with your full awareness will constitute the grounding your mind and body needs to positively restore.

Changing The Mind.

Changing Your Mind!


Your gut health is so important in the role for brain performance. Let us get into how probiotics improve and enhance your brain health and function too!

Our guts as funny as it sounds when I say it sometimes “ Trust Your Guts” is interconnected with your brain and you’re cognition!

Our digestive tract is nothing to play with!

Remember the saying “You Are What You Eat”?!

Does anyone not believe this saying today?

I know I stand by it strongly and I find when I emotionally make choices is when I can get into a little storm within.

A mess can be anything tailored to an individual. For instance, eating something and not feeling good afterwards and receiving physical signs that it was probably not best to eat what you just ate.

Your healthy gut flora and keeping it healthy feels more vibrant!

I enjoy not craving sugary foods and desserts like I once use too! Yes I enjoy life and have that once in a while indulgence but I understand balance and when my body is negatively telling me some things are out of balance.

Body talks are fascinating. Wouldn’t you agree? If you really pay close attention our bodies talk to us all the time. Tune in!

Neither one of us alike have the same gut microbiota.

Furthermore, your well-being and imminent response plays a significant role in the prognosis of your digestive tract. ( Leaky gut, stomach bloating, etc!)

When I or while helping others tell me about their mood lately one of the first things I ask them is what have you been eating lately or if they are taking any medications/ taking a prebiotic/probiotic!

Changing our eating habits always helps as well and to keep mindful of vegetables, beans and even grains will have a positive impact on your gut health.

Your eating habits and the foods you eat can also be linked to your allergies you experience. All things to look into!

You are able to change your body’s microbiome within a 24 hour cycle if you stick to conscious, healthier choices to which you ingest/consume!

This in turn, will help to alleviate and balance your gut flora and enhance your mood to greater heights.

Ashwagandha Benefits.

I just want to finish up by magnifying these herbs benefits!

Hopefully you can relate to this herb the way I have and it may be suitable for your self care. Healthy Planet is my go to place  and speaking to a naturopath is always recommended as well.

Benefits Include and I can advocate for In my own personal experience:

– Aides with anxiety levels by blocking the stress pathways in the brain and also actively balancing the chemical signals in our nervous system.

– Aides and can improve memory function and brain function.

– It’s said to improve thyroid function such as hypothyroidism and this herb can be used to help stimulate the thyroid gland.

– Can improve fertility and enhance testosterone in men.

– While this shrub improves our own resistance to stress response in our bodies it inherently plays an important role in depression!

– Immunity Booster! This great adaptogen improves vastly your immunoglobulin production which cohesively improves immune function altogether!

– Look out exercise lovers and weight trainers! This herb signifies the ability to increase strength and muscle mass!

Withania somnifera

Commonly used in Auyurvedic medicine and also known as poison gooseberry/ Indian ginseng/ winter cherry are names this herb is given but when seeking more information at your local natural food store/ market- Ashwagandha is the name I go by.

This perineal type shrub. The flowers are small, green and bell-shaped. The ripe fruit is orange-red.

Being the nature lover that I am, this herb has helped me in the ailments I’ve listed for you!

Traditional medicine is not for everyone but I’d love to think that we live in a world open to seeking knowledge and interest in medicines and herbs that have been used for many individuals and for thousands of years!

I hope this blog has helped you in some way and if you have anything to comment, ask or share I would love to listen and elaborate with you as always!

And please try to remember and keep in mind and heart that It’s always better to burn out than to fade away…

Much Love,


Patricia Divine Essence

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  1. I for one know how much stress and lack of sleep can lead to so much anxiety. I fact, it put me into a depression just a few years back. While I have never heard of Ashwagandha, it sounds very interesting to me. My family and I use essential oils already, so we are certainly into using natural vs. chemical. Do you happen to know if this particular herb is also made into an essential oil?

    Thanks for writing this article!

    1. You’re welcome!

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience here and elaborating. 

      As far as oils go ashwagandha does come in oil form. I have used it on my hair only so far. 

      Nonetheless, essential oils are my favourite also! My family and I also indulge in our medical diffuser when we fight off illnesses/viral infections. Or just for aromatherapy and massaging!

       I would advocate for essential oils till the cows came home for all! 🙂

      As far as essential oil form to place ashwagandha in a diffuser or what not; I need to look into this further and you sparked a very great idea!

      This definitely will be my next google search and it will then lead me to my next venture to a natural health food store on a quest for a top of and hopefully a new essential oil! 


      Patricia Divine Essence

  2. Nice presentation, very informative.

    I was advised to take ashwaganda to help my hair grow. But the result went beyond hair growth. As you have stated it improves the immune system. And I did not realize it until I got to my normal check up. The only thing I did change in my was the use of ashwaganda in my hair mask.

    It is a great product to use but you need to get advised by an ayurveda doctor to use it safely, that what  I did.


    1. Yes of course any herb as contradicted in pregnancy and breastfeeding should most definitely be consulted by a physician naturopath or ayurvedic Doctor for sure! With anything comes the potential risks of self medicating and it is always wise to get advised by the appropriate health professional in that field when it comes to herbs/drugs/medications!

      Wow I’m glad to hear it helped your hair growth and beyond!!

      . Thank you for sharing your experience with me and us! Absolutely wonderful! 🙂

      Thank you!


  3. Hi, Patricia.
    Thanks for the detailed update on Ashwagandha and its benefits.
    Apart from stress buster, immunity booster it is also used for gaining weight when taken with milk.
    In our region, Ashwagandha is basically used by malnutrition people searching for quick recovery after prolonged illness and weight gain.
    It is considered a complete food supplement and very popular in India.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Hello Gaurav,

      This is a very interesting point to make and thank you for bringing it to my attention! 

      Food supplementation is extremely important and weight gain post illness and malnutrition. I would love to visit India one day and learn more about many things! I was just amazed by Ashwaghanda and continue to openly learn more about it from others especially those from India. 

      Many thanks for sharing! 


  4. Yes, stress leads to both anxiety and depression. It has been researched. Probably stress first causes anxiety, which leads to depression, if the anxiety continues for an extensive period. I have also experienced this cycle, unfortunately. 

    I´m always open to finding new ways to relieve stress. The connection between the stomach and brain is also very real. It is said the intestine is our second brain. 

    When it comes to natural medicine, taking prescription drugs and natural medicine don´t out exclude one another, right? You can benefit from both. I have tried Ashwagandha, but it has been a while, so I don’t quite remember how it affected me. I have ADD, so I was interested in improving my cognitive functions. I might try this herb again to see if it works for me.

    1. Hello Kirsti and thank you for sharing your experience with me and learning more about you! It depends on what medications people are taking   Consulting with a physician/naturopath it is always wise to let them know what medications you are on in fact it is usually the process of assessing someone asking them what medications they are on/taking. 

      As a nurse I know it is a definite factor to look into to which medications someone is on and go from there. Focusing on absorption/ any interactions could take place.

      Yes I want to make it clear that I am always as others should always try to seek and find healthier/therapeutic ways to relieve stress like going for a walk/exercising/meditation etc. 

      I just want to make clear substituting a herb or medication for signs of stress as anxiety is not what I advocate for everyone it is an integral approach to wellness. I don’t oermanently take Ashwaghanda I try to find ways to alleviate stress by doing activities that make me feel good, happy and healthy.

      Ashwagandha most definitely helped me through some intensified emotions, feeling of loss, sadness while boosting my mood and immunity for sure and aiding with my cognitive functions when I needed it the most! 

      I learned a lot from these experiences and hope to continue to help people/ coach accordingly.


      Thank you for stopping by! 

      Patricia Divine Essence 

  5. This herbal supplement Ashwagandha sounds like a very useful herb that can help for relieving stress and help many areas of the body to include addressing anxiety, stress, the functioning of the brain, improving thyroid function, raising fertility and testosterone levels, and is an immune booster.

    One of the above benefits would be enough to convince me that I need to try this, but having the potential to get all these in one package is like icing on the cake. I will definitely try this, is there any brand that I should stay away from (I am sure there are some that are okay and some that may not be in regards to quality)? 

    Also, what is the recommended intake per day and is there any cautions if using other herbs or supplements or medicines? I do use a number of supplements and try to eat foods that naturally have some of the ingredients that I know are helpful for body function. Thanks in advance, this was a very interesting post! 


    1. Hello and thank you for elaborating and visiting today!

      It is very helpful. With any herb/drug I would most definitely consult a naturopathic doctor.

      I do not have a specific brand to choose. My best advice for you st this time is to check out a natural health food store/healthy planet and consult someone in there to help you since there are many brands available at times. From there you can get into more personal details depending on if you’re on any current medications/supplements of any kind etc. 

      It is always important to disclose all of this prior to taking Ashwagandha/other herbs and supplements:)

      Awesome to hear. Take care!


      Patricia Divine Essence

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