About Patricia Divine Essence

Hello To All,

I am pleased to welcome you to my Vibrant Glow Facial website. Since I was really young, I’ve had a passion towards overall health facials and how to maintain and educate others on their natural face Glow. There are beautiful products out there, yet my focus has been to embrace my natural vibrant face Glow and to coach, empower others to embrace and maintain their Facial beauty starting from within, first and foremost. Little by little, yet vibrant steps!

Daily practices enrich strong will, breeds confidence and you learn to grow with your skin. Stop solely, relying on something to make you feel better. Now first, your face is naturally beautiful just the way it was created. When you want to improve the quality of a flower/plant what must be done? Apply product on the flower only? Of course not. You must attend to the soil within/ change the environment to which the flower grows. The groundwork!

I will guide you back to your Essence love, trust me. I got you!


Growing up since the age of five I have been a competitive dancer which entailed, putting on make up to compete. I understood why in expressive dancing we needed to highlight our faces yet I didn’t get caught up in it! I never really conformed to society telling me in order to feel/look beautiful you have to wear your make up like this/ or do this and use this. Make up came off as soon as dance was over and learning to embrace my natural Facial journey began! Routine and consistency not only builds discipline. These steps/tips are the signature to your Facial beauty journey. Everything will radiate as you continue to flourish and maintain your natural vibrant Facial Glow.


Finding your divine beauty from within will bring forth a natural glow within you that no product can foreshadow. It starts from within. Product is important sure. I have used many more natural based and organic products over my years, yet it’s not in all Essence to what your complexion and face needs in order to amplify your vibrant Facial Glow.

What do you do every morning when you wake up? Now think, what do you repeatedly see first thing when looking into a mirror? Your beautiful face!! I love empowering individuals to look at their face and fall in love with every little detail, to grow with your face. In doing this groundwork, I know you will essentially learn and love your natural vibrant Glow. I will help you make sure of it!

In essence, this is the roots of what I want and need to share with any individual who needs to feel this vibrant Glow from within, by simply sharing with you consistent steps and tips to take and which products to use with confidence on a repetitive, consistent basis.

My goal for my website is to guide you through not just the external but the internal. Topping it off with treatment and tips that work!

I want to thank you for taking your valuable time on my website.

Please keep in mind. Your natural vibrant Glow is your true essence. Start Owning All of It!

All the very best to you!

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Much Love,

Patricia Divine Essence