CBD And SkinCare! Cannabis, A Game Changer?!

Those three letters! C B D!


Talk about a booster CBD on the mind and body is no secret anymore.

Skin care is skyrocketing with CBD/hemp oils are a game changer not only for skin care worldwide but for individual based care!

The Cannabis plant is flashing with a bold reputation simply because the chemical compound in the cannabis plant other than THC is continuing to provide millions with the properties the cannabinoid has without using THC!

Having an outstanding yet positive impact. The Stigma in CBD unravelling is the lack of education and misinformation!

CBD is not psychoactive. It’s implemented in skin care and healing maintenance and only plummeting!

Our bodies directly respond to CBD due to our natural human body- biological system! Let me not get into the other effects CBD has on opiate receptors by disrupting them!


I don’t know about you but this definitely, as a result WILL assist with opiate addiction!

Just a thought or Seed to ponder! 😉

CBD vs THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)

Continued extensive research is being done on how CBD intervenes with the brain! We all have an endocannabinoid system.

Furthermore, breaking the stigma of the plant and CBD properties along with the natural receptors that’s we have in our amazon bodies is what makes this discussion and the systems within our human body a vital one!

The cannabinoid receptors throughout our body can no longer go unnoticed!

This is real science!


Hands down to it alone.

Research the Hippocampus part of the brain to start!

Furthermore, this vital part of the brain enables a person to effectively form new memories and leads individuals attention and focus.

As a result, using marijuana (THC) can/will cause impaired thinking and interferes with a person’s ability to perform difficult tasks.

I would love to indulge in the brain’s anatomy when it comes in contact with CBD, thc and our canabinoid receptors that makes the endocannabinoid  system!

Ideally, that lesson is for another time perhaps! 🙂

CBD is the positive mark towards, sleep, anxiety, pain, opiate addiction
and post concussion injuries, etc!

It astoundingly can be added to skin care as I’ve added a few drops myself into my facial regimes and fruit protein powered smoothies!


THC gives the brain the “high” effects!

THC is able to attach to molecules called cannabinoid receptors on neurons in these specified brain areas and activate them. This in turn can/will disrupt various mental and physical functions.

THC can/will affect brain areas that highly influence memory, pleasure, how we think, concentration, memory, coordination and motion/movement. This includes sensory and perception. I always say THC is not for everyone to just load up on and self medicate like anything out there. There is misuse and abuse

and it does occur!

Abuse occurs because it signals the reward system in our brain’s. The center that’s validates the use ask pleasure To be able to advocate for CBD and THC you must research and be honest with yourself on the negative effects it can have in different parts of your brain which help function your system.


Anti-inflammatory properties. Well known for CBD hands down. Hemp and the properties of Cannabis can change the planet in thee most abundant ways worldwide.

Hemp has linoleic acid and oleic acids found in it! These particular acids are not made in our bodies.

Initially although they hold strong anti-aging factors through your skin’s natural aging process. These involve important nutrients to also add to your diet!

You without a doubt will begin and continue to see hemp and CBD infused lotions, soaps, moisturizers, make up and then some to the market!

Super popular reputation CBD will be the ignition to smooth, soothing winter skin care since it is such a restorative ingredient to add! Hemp is amazing for our health on the whole soulfully due to its moisturizing qualities and nourishing vitamins.

Like the flowers I eat gaining great skin health can be obtained from ingesting hemp/CBD oil and applying it topically! (Omega 6)

Skin types this amazing ingredient can aid in oil absorption and production. Hemp oil has that kind of power to drain out dryness with its moisturizing capabilities while balancing out the body’s natural oil production without clogging our skin pores.

Hemp clothes you, feeds you, and heals you! Hemp not only breathes in 4X the C02 of trees; Just one acre of hemp alone produces more oxygen than 20-25 acres of trees! 

Hemp can and will help save our planet.

CBD in 2018 increased to and hit the market at approximately 591 Million and is going to only increase, perhaps four times in the next four years rest assured!

CBD will be the alternative for individuals who smoke or use marijuana and have paranoia effects etc the CBD maybe the aid that releases that anxiety and tension. No psychoactive ingredients no psychoactive risks.


It just sounds delightful! I’ve been patiently waiting!

Again, it’s amazing to visit local farmers markets and family run businesses incorporating handmade soaps, bath products, lotions, serums and all!

CBD will take some time but it’s already beginning to hit the highest climax in sales once it goes fully legal in October(Canada a Time ;))

CBD and active green plant life and botanicals will be a definite inspiring game changer all across the board! Vibrant Flowing Skin!

Trust me, if you apply CBD; especially when facing eczema, asymmetrical skin tone, increased oily skin and acne fluctuations or stagnant you can start to observe results by planning and evaluating CBD into morning and night routines!


This powerfully packed antioxidant is a keeper! It’s potency delivers the highest potency than of Vitamin E and Vitamin C just to give you a surreal visual! Genuinely delivering rich, restorative therapeutics to our skin care regimes. Helping to decrease inflammation

to many optimal causes of skin issues and complexions.

An exciting and the quest of CBD is that it can be paired alongside many if not all other ingredients into skin care to deliver an abundance to not only value of product but more importantly to our skin and overall health/well-being in general!

Calming and detoxifying breakdown. CBD takes flight with so many benefits to our human bodies!

Beautified With Mother Nature!

Lastly, this is no finalization. Cannabis-HEMP and now CBD is here to stay earthlings!

Game changing and loved by so many and not just the beauty experts. 

Mother Nature has a way with restoring us and healing us! Keeping our skin restored of its natural balance.

It promotes cell rejuvenation with other botanicals and plant life. What is not to adore?

The earthy smell will have its watch through cologne and earthy based scents in no time

Trying product is giving a product the chance to work alongside you. Observing the positive effects is the transformation that will be not only the game changer but also the intervention of the future!

Please feel free to comment on my blog. Elaboration is always welcome.

Have a beautiful day!

Patricia Divine Essence


Beginners Yoga. Finding Your “Chi”.

We are nothing short of protein!

We are energy like waves constantly in motion!

I need to ask you, how do you channel your energy from day to day?


Your focus a goal should be the release and balance of life its self Chi is giving life!

We are alive and living and it’s design is what separates us from a dead corpse to put it a tad bluntly.

Acknowledging your strength, balance and strong will force is what drives alertness, elevated good energy and positive flow good vibes.

You feel overall more alive, grateful, full of life!

Practice Makes Progress!

In everything, we do!

Practicing as maintaining your CHI makes us mentally flow better, executive function better and in relation to this balance we extend positive flow energy.

You are in a state of vibrant health operating from this energy flow!

What makes CHI a skill on its own is the fact that it extends abundantly more from the physical self!

Entailing the discrete energies all around you flow through you during your thoughts, your feelings and your emotions!

Unbalanced, we are more agitated, impatient, aggressive and heightened stress response. BREATHE! Stop Reacting!

Realize you need to be more present. Self absorbed individuals with unbalanced CHI? Now, this is an interesting equation.

Is it possible that this energy can have an effect on the next individual? Like a wave, ripple effect?


-Stay inclined with your posture at all times in all your functions of daily life; part of everything from the tips of your toes to the tips of your fingers to the tip of your head.


– as we become with nature and ourselves as looking at nature in a reflection of ourselves we need to feed our Chi.

Nuture it. Maintain it.

– Sequence movements with simple basic poses while breathing and staying in position for two minutes is a beautiful progression in itself!

-Stretches that are rather simple while deeply breathing in and out and holding these positions.

-During this focus this balance phase of just surrendering and releasing to tap into the energy flow around us and flowing within us.


When we are at our weakest we feel drained and more tired state of being.

Beginners yoga gives you the gift hence opportunity to channel and balance this life force. Let us go step by step!

1. Surrender to any habitual feeling and thoughts from the past that cause unbalanced energy.

2. Focus on your breath all the time. Be conscious of the Breath. Breathe. What a life force flow in itself.

3. Surrender To Positive thought only during these stretches and breathing.

Affirm all that you want to make happen today, set goals even if they’re minuscule. They are still goals and achieve them.

4. Smile And Serve Others Genuinely. I always say there is a softness to us all when we stay active in the constantly learning brain and continue to create not react, help one another and spread love and joy as much as we can!

5. Yes this is part of CHI. Mental Clarity.

6. Admitting when you are unbalanced so that progress can and will happen because the positive flow and elevated emotion makes that connection.

7. Stay in your Yogi poses. Do you close your eyes like I do? Feels so great to feel your amazing body stretch and breathe and feel your heart pump and flow throughout your body systems. Flow and Flourish.

8. Don’t try to be going above and beyond and try to fit the “Yogi” status.

Anyone can attainably get here.

We need more laughter in the world and establishing your positive, good vibe energy will help you achieve this more effectively!

It just takes practice and progress so it becomes your experience in itself.

You are the creator.


Now who said the symbol of the snake is a bad thing?

Let’s lean on perspective here of course while asking ourselves is it possible that the snake signifies the chakras and energy at the base of your spine.

Kundalini means “she who is coiled”. Hindu for divine energy throughout your spine.

Your Chakras and Yoga are a synchronized skill. Through practice and consistency and dedication your Yogi capabilities will be of second nature.

Anything worth doing is doing it to our best ability or what is the point really?

Stay Creative and Inspire Others Watch Your Body we are energy. Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells

Start treating it like the incredible creation it is!

Chakras are the circular vortex like energy fields along the spinal column.

Keep radiating that’s feel good energy. The good vibes. Sprinkle that everywhere you go.

Chakras are as Qi or Praana. The life force throughout these seven circular vortex’s of energy. Visualize each one as you close your eyes and imagine each one it as it is throughout your spinal column.

Light Weights And Dance Fitness.

Dance is a passion of mine so attaining my CHI while I choreograph a fitness dance routine/workout or hype up my cardio for that fun, constructive endurance.

Dance is welcomed with an integral, effective, thorough stretch first always.

It’s a win win for me when I remain in my meditative CHI balance naturally.

Through consistent awareness of this goal defies my performance defies my capabilities and my capabilities capture the CHI in all I do.

For example; I feel unbalanced when negative energy displays itself towards me.

I recollect, reflect and start from my posture and breath once again.

I discover my CHI while unraveling towards my centre core and focus.

Observing is listening too!

Most important part is awareness and applying yourself.

Stay Creative. Stay Passionate.

Dance is that all fitness levels are welcome.

Dance is easy on the body and works out the body the best without strain while pulsating a fantastic cardio workout. Sincerely, dance is a universal language of movement no matter who you are!

The dance floor is a release. An expression to all join and embrace the strength, the freedom of movement on the floor!


Mastering self is work we all need to service and attend to consistently!

Personal development not only for our own well being and balance, likewise for the betterment of working alongside others/ serving others with integrity!

Mastering self is work we all need to service and attend to! For our own well being and balance and for the betterment of working alongside others and  serving others with integrity.

Start your day with the stretch and introduce some CHI into your stretch routine or during some movements during your activities of daily living.

If that’s a wide yoga stretch for you…. ( No pun intended 🙂

Just start small steps out of the usual routine you do when you wake up.

Switch up how you do things. Don’t perform the same things every morning.

Make interesting, different connections!

You may find in these small changes, you’re aware. In turn, it may inspire and ignite a CHI response in you without you even realizing!

Reflect on how you felt before and after applying yourself if you feel a positive difference.

I hope my beginners yoga has influenced you to create positive flow and CHI in your life.

I commend you for being here and hopefully through practicing flow, this will begin to shed the light in your internal self more.

Hopefully bringing you more ease and clamness cultivates throughout your day.

Just trying to make it easier for you, your body and for others you surrounded yourself with.

As always, feel free to comment and elaborate with any of your experiences and thoughts. I would love to listen in!

Have a beautiful day!

Patricia Divine Essence

Green Goddess Face Masks.

Add your green supplements! ********************************************************************************************************************************************HOMEMADE FACIAL MASKS! 

Grab a quick vibrant minute with these amazing facials I make!

So good, you can use it as a salad dressing.

Oh yes! That’s Right!

Add your green supplements! ********************************************************************************************************************************************

1/2 Cup Plain Yogurt

1 Blended Up Small Red Bell pepper or Half Big Red Bell Pepper

(Red Peppers are the  Highest in Vitamin C in relation to Green, Yellow, Orange Peppers)

1 Tablespoon Blended up fresh parsley             

2 Teaspoons Blended Fresh Dill.

2 TableSpoons Fresh Spinach

Dash of Himalayan Sea Salt.


These include kale, collards, beet greens and Swiss chard, spinach, Endives, fresh parsley, arugula.

Dont resist your greens. Grab greens you never even used before. I will be getting more into depth regarding what greens benefit your body and your face coming soon!

Discard damaged or yellow leaves. Trim off toot ends or large, coarse stems. Blend up.

Or braise your greens as I like to say for a little bit for warmer facial.

That’s Right. Perhaps, I will be having you excited to use your food facials while you eat also.

Anything is possible here when it comes to Mother Nature and Life, Vitality Foods.

Your night routine is a great way to escape into the warmer facials before going to sleep/ rest! Evidently so, a warmer approached facial naturally ignites such a calming, more relaxed state of being.

*** Add 1/4 cup of steamed milk. I love using coconut milk or hemp milk. Or you can use regular cows milk.

Your preference remember.

I will admit you reap great benefits with the vegan milks. Coconut and hemp have in my opinion the best results. Give it a sample!

Try the different options of milk out there and reap great benefits! You will not be dissatisfied and your vibrant skin will praise you too!


Purées and mashed textured facials are so appealing! The smooth textures. It reminds me of childhood food.

To prepare your purée or extra purée for your facial after preparing a meal for yourself.

It becomes second nature to have leftovers to integrate into your facial skin care as it is easy to compost the wet food when you are preparing the food prior to cooking.

Small vibrant flowing steps!

This picture below            


is my homemade braised sweet potato with honey, cinnamon and cloves braising dish. (Honey glazed over in the last two minutes of adding).

Before I added the Parmesan cheese for my son. As much as I love warm facials as this one would be soon ready to plaster on.

I placed some of this dish for my evening facial or fridge compartment for later use.

Vegetables to be finished this way can be sweated, boiled, steamed, or baked. Or any prepared blend up facial can be warmed up prior to applying.

I speak from personal experience.

I have even cooked and awhile awaiting for my delicious recipe to finish I set aside some extra and apply it to my face.

Oh the irony.

I embrace life foods like they are second nature to my existence.

Mother Nature in essence, my sanctuary!

When I choose to indulge I enjoy every aspect and moment of creation.

Leek And Herbs.

Leeks, celery, red, yellow and orange bell peppers, fresh parsley, fresh chive and blend with warm (milk of choice)

Facial consistency should be thick like a chowder facial. Oh yes I store my chowders as facials too!

Give it a try!Give it a try!

Your goddess green glow with unfold!

Green face was embedded into my subconscious from when I was a little girl picking fresh endive with my greek grandmother. I use to watch her and it was inspiring to see how she cuts the endive and even ate them raw.

I was that child who ate everything and tried everything at least once. Endives are amazing for your health and incorporating it in my face mask is green heaven amongst the many green life family essentials!

Embrace and unravel in the value of Mother Nature.

So humbled to share with you my passion and creativity. Thank you for being here.

You are a soul. Get your green on and enjoy yourself today.

Please feel free to comment or elaborate.

Much Love,

Patricia Divine Essence

Human Body Essentials.

Bolder than Bold. Our human bodies are amazing when you just stop and think about everything at work constantly.

It has taken me many years to inner stand the simple concept of flowing with your body.

I am continuously reading, applying  and learning while indulging in my human anatomy and pathophysiology competence as a nurse.


Tiny but mighty cells in our bodies are amazing aren’t they ? The building blocks I guess you could say. Tissues and organs and systems

-skin cells enclose hair follicles ( darker circles with link centers) our skin has a protective barrier and remaining healthy PH levels is so important.

Sweat glands (small dark circles with white centers along with nerves and blood vessels.

Human body is amazing! Our bodies contain 50-100 TRILLION cells in more than hundreds of specialized forms!


Let us start by visualizing a running aquarium. Without the filter in the aquarium it would become filled with waste wouldn’t it? Therefore, it would then become filled with toxic; sometimes lethal waste to the life within the aquarium.

Our human body has the kidneys that do the same type of job filtering out the waste from our system and blood stream. Mind heart body. Soul.

What we choose to eat and put into our bodies is essential to how our organs and Mind Heart and Body Operates.

Now not only what we eat but our thoughts matter as well! Being more aware of our thoughts and stress management is also essential and similarly is flowing into our Mind and Body.

Coincidentally, if the kidneys do not filter out this waste or if kidney failure is left untreated it can and will cause death to the human body in two to three weeks!! 

Part of having a cleansing body is taking care of it!

The kidneys in cleansing are constantly at work.

Challenging yourself every day to make your mind, heart body, and soul better by not only the conscious choices but the feel good natural endorphins we supply ourselves with and can tap into by choice.

Our hearts pump about four times the volume of blood daily processed by the kidneys.

Furthermore, the kidneys filter about 48 gallons of water from our blood daily and produces urine.


Let us talk about breathing one of my favorite things to talk about!

The many patterns of breathing.

Normal adult respiration rate is 16-20 breaths/minute. Some variations exist of course based on an individual’s age.

Men and children breathe diaphragmatically, whereas women breathe thoracically!

Focus on and pay more attention to your breathing. Your nervous system will meet you there. Our nervous system’s are fascinating!

I love the meditative state of breathing.

The  Unlaboured, quiet breathing, with no use of your accessory shoulders, abdominal muscles, neck!

Symmetrically expanding your chest wall during respirations.

The quiet inhale and exhale.

The vigorous panting state of breathing takes place with anxiety attacks, exercise, sobbing, laughter, gasping (for just some examples) are righteously controlled by the respiratory centers of the brain stem and the receptors throughout the body.

Next time you are able to consciously regulate your breathing control soon amazingly reverts to the respiratory centers!

This sends the right amount of oxygen to the right place Timely matter. Talk about the right place at The right time! The neurons in the brain stem; respiratory centers control the rhythm of inhaling and exhaling.

Meditation and yoga is a daily practice or on some days nightly practice of mine. If I am trying to detoxify or rod toxins or waste through my body I put it into thought action and manifest that while I stretch yoga. 

Meditative state of being should be a daily practice. It’s a place within where you feel total peace whether it be with company, doing a hobby you enjoy, in the work you choose to do.

Is it possible that this is passion? Stay in tune with your breathing and your positive imagination and start changing your thoughts.  You may start to feel your human body start to positively shift as well! 


Another physiological process which injury to a tissue especially the skin is repaired. This results skin damage tissue in the formation of a scar.

Superficial skin wounds heal in several stages depending on severity and appearance and what is going on in our bodies.

Skin healing is taking a step back also and reflecting on what you choose to eat internally and paying attention to your thoughts and emotions.

The largest organ in our bodies is the skin so the foods we choose to eat have an affect. There are foods that promote healthier skin.

Sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamin E! This means a great antioxidant for your skin and body!          

Beta Carotene is two words we hardly ever even think about naturally in our conscious minds.

Have you heard is what is found in plants. Foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, oranges, supply you and acts like Vitamin A in your body.

Astoundingly, beta carotene makes your skin glow due to the antioxidant manifestations taking place. Supplying your skin with a natural sunblock.

Furthermore, this aids in fine lines/wrinkles. Helping to prevent your skin from receiving sunburn, dryness and cell death.

Next time you’re at a farmers market or local store pick up your colourful orange, yellow and red bell peppers!

Red bell peppers contain more Beta Carotene. Green peppers turn yellow and then orange and finally red.

Higher amounts of Beta Carotene are in the red ones and Vitamin C!    

MIND BODY SOUL CONNECTION consciously wants these nutrients in our body. Our bodies are fantastic when given the right fuel and we treat ourselves with care.


Rewarding your body mind and soul with stretching and breathing is such ways is a real privilege.


Almost instantly when we awaken for another day we stretch before we wake. I love to incorporate stretching in my day every day with in depth breathing while I stretch. I guess you could call this yoga. Stretching has always been a part off my life it gives my body the flow of momentum it needs to live a healthy life. The best life I can live while living.

Being that our human bodies are amazing and at work giving our body a thorough slow stretch is essential to help our bobdies feel more in motion and in line with our breathing.

I hope you can find the time to really slow the momentum of your breathing and stretch! Your body, heart, mind, soul will praise you.

Please feel free to comments and I hope you enjoyed this blog!

The Warmest Regards,

Patricia Divine Essence

Flower Power Botanicals.

The flower power continues. I march to the notion that whichever I can put on my face/ skin; I can usually put in my hair as well and vice versa.

Integrally, owning my natural skin care. From the roots and from the ground up.

Flower Petal Steeped Teas.

Yes! Not only are steeped loose teas genuinely relaxing and great so are flower petals steeped.

These beautiful, creative steps can boost your skin and moisturize. It calms your skin depending on the teas you choose.

Seemingly, I drink flower petal steeped tea and also loose-leaf tea.

Furthermore, I use loose-leaf tea and pair it with flower petals just for finishing touches to my facial rinse.

I steep my flower petal teas and let some cool and place in compartments and label for my mini spa fridge.

A splash here or there within my regime. Boosts, hydrates and moisturizes. Sweet subtle sense of flower.

These aroma teas are stored in my spray bottles I take with me in my purse and then use it as a boosting face spray/mist on the go!

Creativity and botanical basking on those sunny days are refreshing. Don’t you think this is possible in your regime!?

I’ve been talking to numerous people lately this lurking spring season with regard to fresh loose-leaf tea.

Flowers evidently so, definitely makes it on my to go, and to do list without any doubt!

I continue to encourage others to incorporate flower petals in their steeps as well!

On the go. Prepare your purse with your little spray bottles or compartments. Usually during creative steeping you will find a lot of leftover water. This is where storing comes in handy and it gets more easier and manageable the more you do it.

Chamomile Tea And Lavender Flower.

These two infused together gives my face a relaxing calm revitalizing touch!

Chamomile flower petals steeped is also an option here. I say use your teas and flower petals interchangeably and accordingly to what you want. This is the power and magic of it all. Discovering the different kinds and benefits.

I steep the chamomile tea. Separately I take lavender flower and steep it and then add them together.

I do warm rinses and basking and cool to room temperature ones depending on my mood and time of day.

Go with your flow.

I only do this because sometimes I like to have a separate container stored of just lavender and other flowers and teas stored separately! This is how I stay organized and effectively save myself time. Having options and choices available consistently.  

This in turn, also saves me time if I want to add lavender to other blends like my fruit smoothies for instance that I blend up to drink!

A Splash here and a splash there!

Utilizing the steep teas and flowers interchangeably!

Jasmine Tea And Sunflower

Jasmine loose-leaf tea is great for your skin and promotes healthier skin. A magnificent assistant in removing harmful bacteria and promotes a stronger immune system. Jasmine flowers alone have a beautiful scent if you choose to steep loose jasmine flowers or a jasmine tea bag. Choice is yours!

The loose flowers and loose leaf teas I feel more up close and personal with nature itself when I can see, feel, taste and smell!

It will remain tricky not to have your natural senses activated here in this botanical practice.

Sunflowers are not only my favourite flower they provide so much to my skin care.

Whether you choose to steep it or drink/eat it. Benefits are countless.

Pluck these beautiful sunflower petals when they have fully extended out. I can always tell by the smell of the flower. My personal flower power experience has automatically made me a competent pluckier.

For sunflowers among all flowers. You have to get rid of the green bud center or come centre of flower before steeping or ingesting.

Steeping sunflower petals then adding butter on them tastes really good.

Let me know how your sunflower adventure goes, if and when you choose to venture with them. Please feel free to comment down below!


The energy simply in water alone, calls out to us empathetic souls often!

If you love being near water, oceans, streams or dispersing yourself in a bath/ including splashing these botanical flower power facial rinses or sprays you may just be an em path my friend!

Em paths feels a close connection with nature as if it calls out to them while streaming, relaxing. Instantaneously, calming takes effect!

Water immensely improves while benefiting self care and well-being more efficiently and effectively.

Water flows just like our emotions. Water in a way protects our inner and outer self. Very important to stay grounded within your personal space.

Surrounding yourself in nature is one of the most relaxing things you can choose to do.

Nature has its’ natural way of just resetting our internal rhythm. We can set aside other people’s energy and emotions that we’re sensitive to and totally release ourselves in being present and welcoming peace by processing our own deep feelings and emotions.

Next time you’re out within nature whether it be by the ocean or a lake. Sitting at a beach, or in a park. Wherever your calm, relaxing space may be. Just make sure it is somewhere totally releasing yourself within nature.

I want you to take out your flower power botanical spray bottle or rinse and just be one with nature!

Be one with your energy! Be one with your momentum space! This is your moment!

Bask away in your botanical!

Everywhere you go.

You deserve it! You Glow!

Much Abundance,

Patricia Divine Essence


April Flowers Bring Facial Powers.

April Flowers Bring Facial Powers.

Change of season. Spring is here. Many celebrate Easter; and I’m not sure if you’ve noticed the gorgeous flower assortments within your store surroundings lately?! So bright and  gorgeous out there!

Something I’d  really like to get my face into. Yes, flower petal facials please!

Hello total recall!

Get yourself started with rose petals or tulip petals, lilies even lavender. There are so many flowers to choose from! It’s all about observing and integrating and reflecting.

Flowers are so sweet and deliver such tranquility all on their own. Many are loaded with hydration, antioxidants to help diminish any scarring, fine line and wrinkles.

Yes flowers are this amazing. Amazing scents. This nourishes the soul that I am. The Soul that you are.

When the flower is close to passing I pick them and either steep them in boiling water and introduce it to my face care regimens.

Petals of Prominence.


I’ve been flowers into my smoothies and adding them to my homemade face masks for years.

Yes, perhaps yes, that makes me a flower eater I guess you could say if you want to get into specifics here.

Flower petals once picked, I store within a paper towel wrap and place it in .my mini spa fridge.

One petal by one petal I unravel an exuberant homemade facial every night or every morning. When I’m not chasing time, lucky me embraces and enjoys the benefits of this facial both morning and night!

Give it a try and comment below please I would love to listen to all you have to say.

Next time you’re in a store enjoying your day really observe the flowers that pass you by. Maybe, awhile you’re choosing a flower for your loved one or yourself anytime at anytime.

Visualize The endless possibilities of vibrancy face care you are seemingly in presence of.

Sensational!! From the ground up.

Oh Patricia Divine Essence and her groundwork woes again.

This is everyday practice. Grounding with facials.

Oh! How I like that!

You are so worth it! Indulge. Disperse yourself.

Give this concoction a spin!

Flower Honey Face Mask

After soaking flower petals mix up one petal or two only with preferred flower you chose and add a bit of honey. Approximately three drops depending on how many petals you use. I do three drops or half a teaspoon to every petal and grind ingredients. Then add a splash squeeze of lemon and corner top to half a teaspoon of fresh ground up fine coffee beans.

Mix it up observe the texture and consistency before application. Make sure your face is cleansed well. Heat applied to face first prior to mask. Heat therapy or warm water dab to your face and dry. Go with your preference of heat prior to opening the pores.  

Paste it on yourself. Lay back and feel the flower power. Half an hour to an hour at times. I leave this mask on my face. Rinse with cool water.

It’s in the little things.

Everything counts.

Every ingredient.

Your time in the present.

Your divine energy.

Vibe away and Enjoy in yourself. 

Stay Wild Flower Child.

In joy, we trust.

I encourage any flower simply because flowers no matter what kind benefit me and serves us all something our skin and body would adore and should try at least once right? Is it possible?

Mother Nature nurtures.

I personally have no allergies so using any kind of flower is an open door.

Learn and grow with your preferences based on experience.

It all depends on the individual in relation to allergies of course.

Biochemically, the flower petals are a huge part of my creative passion for nature and natural beauty, embracing my true self and what nature truly provides us all on an everyday basis when truly cared for!

Use your flower power no matter who you are! I love my wild flower petal homemade face masks! They continue to discreetly yet magically provide and I absolutely love the skin care products out there that I’ve tried myself that have petals added to them!


In Essence, Divinely So!

I hope each one of you has and enjoys a beautiful time with close friends, family, people you adore the most this season.

Happy Holidays to all. Happy Easter.

Much Love,

Patricia Divine Essence

Organic Vegan Face Skin Care.

What drove me originally towards vegan and organic, is not because of the fancy names! Simply because, I myself, (morning regime, natural fresh face);

have made and continue to naturally make products for my face and overall skin care from collectively purchasing food from the local grocery stores/ farmers markets/ farms.

I also use flower pedals in my face regimes! Oh yes! Flowers pass on and I like to pick them when they are at their peak of their heightened smell and flourishing.

Creativity is the cornerstone of skin integrity and everlasting divine skin care.

Purchasing life, healthy foods is a regular, consistent hobby of mine! A task that has to be done anyways, so might as well stay rested as the creative soul that I am and truly use up what I am buying right?

Keep it fun and exciting!

Organic and vegan face skin care to me is in the food we plant and what Mother Nature gives us. It’s in our fruits, plants, vegetables, nuts, seeds, flowers, plant life.

Many products that lean towards Vegan, ECO Friendly, NON GMO, ORGANIC are becoming more mainstream as individuals become more conscious of their everyday choices and preferences.

Great SkinCare starts from within and this is exactly why I am passionate about GROUNDWORK!! From the ground up.

To really gain momentum in our organic skin care face regime you have to indulge into the mini refrigerator. Nothing speaks volumes to persistent efficient face care like a mini spa fridge!

Convenient, saves you time and you learn to grow and organize your regime to better suit your needs and your self care.

**mini spa fridge!**

Not only does this little convenient friend keep my products cool. It reminds me of how important and dedicated my passion for facing really is.

Some of my make up and skin care like lipsticks, elixirs, astringents, serums, moisturizers and my homemade products, Aloe Vera, etc are kept in the mini spa fridge along with other products. Did you even know you needed one or wanted one?

You know, Just to start giving you the visual.

Give it a try and let me know how you find your products and regime conveniently packed and stored.

Your face and skin will inspire you. Your self love will inspire you.

Just knowing there are clean, non GMO, organic, vegan products out there is refreshing for myself and many people becoming more conscious of their overall facial!

Winter To Spring Transition Regime

Weather changes. Season ends. New Season begins.

What does this mean upon reflection and groundwork it means warmer temperatures’ are coming mixed in with temperamental cold, rain,  climates!

Therefore, I choose the lighter weight products on my face.

Really let my face breath after laying the groundwork to my natural face. Such as my Aloe Vera primer.

If I wear make up its more on top of extra priming and hydrating initially first and once again post make up wear of course!

My night mask Is already in the freezer as I’m having my morning coffee. Organic Skin care is all about gardening your face. Work your art. Transition your skin care routine as the seasons ever change.

Feel the momentum.

Prepare yourself. Quick, easy vibrant steps to halo make your transition face regime present.

You don’t want to be packing on the oil and grease on your facial regime too much with the warmer temperatures’ lurking and cold to warm climate changes.

Lightweight options such as vegan friendly, organic options become a huge part of my priming and adjusting to new weather changes. My lightweight moisturizers with the SPF content to help my face during the long hours in the sun is already in my purse ready for me to use! Making sure your face is also protected from UV A and B rays of light are key.

Elastin and Collagen are then affected! See how everything connects when it comes to your vibrancy!

It all starts with routine. Change of season shifts us is in gears without even realizing it at times.

Shopping for more Eco friendly beauty products is more than a good idea. I feel you my beauty conscious consumers. Who doesn’t  love to look and feel great?While making conscious choices.

Earth friendly choices perhaps?

Little actions go a long way for just one example. My astringents, toners and serums or anything that could be used to go on my face on the go I place in little spray bottles.

This in turn not only saves product it decreases waste. I do not put the product on a face pad I spray it directly on my face and massage away.

Serums are a sensational choice for your face regime in this spring season simply because they are lighter than your average moisturizer cream or creams during the day. Serums boost and replenish.


All I am going to say is face packs! Now, what I mean by face pack is not a pack of stuff you pit on your face to prepare yourself from the weather conditions and changes.

Face pack as in a therapeutic face mask. Adjustable straps soothes puffy eyes during overnight. Yes you guessed it. I love my eye wear face pack on my face!

Quite frankly, I hold my upper facial/ eye wear face mask with great integrity as I crawl into my bed once my night is ceasing to a final end! I also apply The cool mask intermittently as needed in the morning as well. Refresh!

Did I mention this face mask can be frozen for a couple hours prior to applying or you can heat up the face mask!?

At night, once my face is all cleansed, face masked, and massaged. My Eye face mask plays an important cool role in revitalizing my under eye, cheek bone and forehead areas as I fall asleep.

Ready to dream and manifest.

Promoting great facial and skin care is a beautiful hobby. Treat it like one and it will slowly diminish the resistance of it as you get into a suitable routine.  As I snack on my assorted nuts and seeds.

Spring clean your face too! Seasons are for setting aside the old and unraveling the new! Anything left is great to continue!

Hope my tips have inspired you in some way.

Please feel free to leave any comments open for  elaboration!

Much Love,

Patricia Divine Essence

Self Maintenance-You Owe It To Yourself!

No matter who you are you owe it to yourself every single day! Being caught up in a busy work schedule or perhaps it’s motherhood or fatherhood or what I like to call personal-hood.! The habitual patterns of life can and will get in the way of your self maintenance! You owe it to yourself while you are here to fully self accept yourself and to positively share it with others.


In order to truly self accept yourself you need to be able to know, accept and embrace the less desirable attributes about yourself as well. Unconditional self acceptance. Pinpointing not only the positive attributes. Embracing the negative attributes as well. Embracing and spending time, hence reflecting on the negative is where your growth can start to take place for real change within yourself! This focus is to fully start accepting all of yourself.


  • Self reflection and being honest with yourself. The positive and negative. Granted that, if you’re are not honest with yourself. Subconscious will be set to autopilot. In turn, hinder your positive progress. Don’t try to reflect too much at the beginning of the day this will have an effect on your thoughts and emotions depending on what you are reflecting on. The best time for me is at the end of the day.I generate a way to better myself or improve based on the day I just experienced and go to bed with a positive mindset.
  • Depending on your day, set aside (even if it is only 20 minutes) for just you; without no other distractions to start. Some people enjoy swimming, yoga, exercising, reading a book, sitting outside by the water, etc! Immensely, you’re separating yourself from the external environment and centering on just yourself. Try to dedicate more time with you as time goes on. Make an appointment with yourself. Start your day with positive intentions. Find someone who resonates with you whether it is at work, a colleague, a friend. Learn something new with this person; something you know nothing about where the other person does and you work together alongside.
  • Self maintenance exudes self-improvement. Find a motive to want to improve in a certain area in your life. Whether it be at work, or in a certain relationship you have with someone. Motivate each other. Cultivate an inspiring experience where you or another person can continue to grow on this life’s journey even if it means apart.  Make amends. Inspire yourself. Inspire another individual.
  • Keep it practical. Don’t be socially hard on yourself.
  • In today’s world as technological as it is, set aside or turn off your mobile devices and read a book instead or create something you are passionate about. Get involved with another story other than your own! Books are fascinating at creating profound wisdom within us. Tap into a great book and see where it takes you.
  • Pick a new or find a passionate hobby to disperse yourself in. It will open you up mentally, physically and emotionally even spiritually.
  • Mind, Body and Spirit.
  • Whichever fears you have (if any). Work through them! Learn a new skill or create and build something apart from your daily routine.

Continuously owing yourself the maintenance and self-love to fuel not only yourself but you’re surrounding energy you exude and to which surrounds others around you that you encounter. Do you remember a time you woke up feeling great, positive to start a new day and went to grab your morning coffee or any incident  of another person in front of you shouting at you or had a mean look on their face or treated someone frantically!!? How did you feel inside? Did you feel the energy shift at all? The energy transference? I don’t know about you, but I am the assertive person who lets others know genuinely that their behavior is unnecessary. I bring to you this example simply because our behaviours do have and will have an effect on others. Constantly keeping our energy in balance is a constant practice.

Self love is continuous simply because if we do not stay in close contact with ourselves we begin to immerse our self and our current state or repetitive thought process on to others and emotional instability is displayed. Self care and self dedication which takes persistence in return just makes you feel more happy and is secondary to how we treat others! Mind and heart connection is immensely important!


What you put out into the universe will come back to you. Honestly, challenges and negative occurrences take place in all of our lives! Channeling these lessons and testaments of life and resort to mindfulness, positive affirmations and goal setting to live a better life within you first determines how you behave and treat those around you. 

First experience your feelings for what they are. Make sure it’s not a feeling or emotion that is attached to negative setbacks or patterns that you’ve experienced before.  Stop, rewind, Reflect as you forward and resume. This is where your awareness comes into play. Sincerely, it is all about listening and being in a place of observing rather than reacting.


Running from pain or suppressing pain which attaches itself to deep emotional feelings isn’t healthy and will find its way, catching up with you in a hasty manner. Your inner balance is your mindfulness! Connecting what you feel with where you want to be is a positive outlook. Come to acknowledge onneratanding running from your pain Vs. embracing your pain.     I choose to embrace pain because pain is inevitable in this life journey for all of us!

Without resisting it. I choose to synthesize my feelings consciously, so that moving forward is a conscious choice and my behaviour and actions follow this conscious choice I make with myself and self maintain in all my self care and self maintenance practice. Practice makes Progress!

Granted that, if you shall ever need to comment or ask questions or share a part of your life where your self maintenance, self-love and center balance was extremely challenging please share! I am genuinely here to support and listen.

I hope my writing delivered some light or peace within you here. Wishing you well.

Continue to support your true self and shine your abundant light to yourself and to others. The world needs more of you and you got it to give!

Much Love,

Patricia Divine Essence

Make Your Face Glow Without Makeup.


Massage Away!

In order to truly glow you need to embrace your natural you.

This is something you must be at true peace with in order to flourish in your natural essence face glow. Naturally you lurk through any imperfections. Perfectly imperfect.

Makeup is the art form to expression. Nothing wrong with adding some highlighting and make up. If you are anything like me I love accenting my natural features and playing around with radiant colors.

Furthermore, replenishing your body with water is very important not only for your facial glow obviously. Next time you have a dry mouth just keep in mind that you are already dehydrated at this point! While awake, flush your body with water consistently. Having water on the go is a must! Think about it, if you’re away from home for half or more of the day, are you drinking enough H2O? Flush that system!  Equates more flow, more good energy and damn you feel great!

The natural face needs time to detoxify free of make up. Exfoliation and massaging your face and body keeps your skin free of build up especially within your sebaceous glands!


If you are a coffee, latte, tea, or alcohol drinker, well then you better tick-tock with the water gallon shots too!

Coffee is dehydrating because it acts like a diuretic. The more caffeine you indulge in, best get down with the water machine! Sooner rather than later. How about during or after. MOMENTUM.


  • SMOOTH GROOVE NIGHT MASK– Boil some water. Add some oats and stir well. Add two spoons of Manuka Honey( my favorite) or Honey of your preference. One Egg white. Two spoons of plain yogurt. Squeeze a bit of lemon. Pinch of lavender oil for the aroma too. Mix well. Apply and good grace. I encourage you to keep homemade face masks on for no less than twenty minutes. Rinse!

Caffeinated Face Mask– Two table spoons of fine ground coffee. Add with Aloe Vera Gel. Mix it well so that the coffee is well mixed within the gel. Apply. Leave on for 1/2 hour. Rinse. Massage away and tighten before bed!

SKIN CALM ASTRINGENT Two teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar. Loose leaf chamomile tea add some boil warm water let it sit till warm and apply to face to calm skin down and leave a glow.


Aloe Vera, tablespoon of honey, Two full table spoons of fresh coconut and Teaspoon of turmeric. Mix it up as well. Mask Away.

Clean Beauty Routines From Nature that you can see with your own eyes while preparing them!

Keep in your mind and heart simultaneously that your natural face needs nourishment all the time, especially before applying any sort of make up. Massage your face to activate that collagen!!

Priming your face after it is cleansed is very important. Aloe Vera plant when in season is a great method I use. I cut up the Aloe Vera plant remove the green to expose the beauty within. The aloe gel. I place small chunks approximately dime size into ice cube trays with a bit of water and freeze it.

I leave that in freezer no longer than a couple months maximum if I do not use it. This hardly ever happens although I always use up my aloe vera gel. If you do not purchase Aloe Vera stalks, then any Pure Aloe Vera Gel will do in this process. I like to know that the plant form is pure aloe vera.

This in turn is applied to my face prior to putting on any make up for the day. If no make up for the day, it’s a beautiful primer and refreshment for your face all on its own!

Give it a try!  Not only does it improve your skin. It is astoundingly refreshing and boosts your face. You will feel more confident that your make up won’t clog up pores, or leave any residue while you wear it for that day/night/outing!

Maintenance of your natural face glow in essence is the groundwork to your best face.

Prime away. Massage Replay.

Please feel free to leave me comments. I hope you enjoyed yourself.

Much Love,

Patricia Divine Essence

Self Esteem. IMPROVE IT!

Point blank! I care about your mental well-being. Without stressing ourselves out here, let me shed some light throughout some self-help coach tips to overcome poor self-esteem vs. Good self-esteem.

Self Improving Thy Self Esteem is a steamy subject because most our self-esteem surrounds our emotional subjective!

Choose you. Choose to let go instead of trying to control it and resist it.


  1. Self Talk, who does it? We all do! In our awake hours we are in self talk mode. It is, in it’s entirety, natural.
  2. Is it possible that instead of focusing on what you feel about yourself at any given moment please check first if you are going through anything challenging in your life presently. Our emotional and psychological health can have a drastic, negative influence when it comes to our thought process and how we rationalize and think.
  3. Try asking yourself questions you are willingly able to answer honestly. This leaves room for self reflection and the focus shifts towards personal growth rather than self blame and discharging pain onto ourselves and others. Toss the negative emotions.
  4. Your journey is about embracing you and extend it to knowing your true self and who you really are and what your purpose is in this physical experience.
  5. A Maintenance journal is a great tip to not only channel your energy and emotions but something about writing or in our technological world; typing your emotions and feelings down in front of you to see, is a skill you should be darn proud of. Make sure you pair it with a positive affirmation when it comes to your natural beautiful you.
  6. Your well-being flowing with your presence and existence here is a beautiful thing if you just let go of a lot of the mental baggage we can all carry around if we remain unaware.
  7. Positivism takes maintenance like anything in life. Attend to it. Do not ignore, suppress or resist. Let it flow through you. Think of yourself as water. Life comes in waves. Are you going to flow with the wave or let it take you under? Questions in relation to our self talk is progress! Especially (yes or no questions) Close Ended- to dignify how you feel first and then an open-ended question that exudes talking it out.
  8.  Journal flow if you have to. Read it out loud. Consciously Breathe.
  9. Positive affirmations are your positive self talk and putting it into manifestation such as planning and goal setting  is being successful!
  10. EXERCISE!! What is your preference for exercise? Move your body. A brisk walk. Running up and down your stairs. Going for a run. Going to the gym. Your state of negative emotion will exchange itself with a new space and you will find it won’t  be as heightened once you engage in some type of exercise and release. Would you like me to guarantee? The guarantee is you applying yourself. Self awareness. You hold the key. You got this!
  11. Our mind, body, spirit flow communicates to us and when we start really paying attention to it we find the best results and therapeutics.
  12. I AM _________! Fill in the blank with a positive about you. I AM CAPABLE. I AM STRONG. I AM say your name. I AM SMART. I AM FULL OF SELF LOVE. I AM ONE. I WILL______!


Negative self talk will lead to spreading it to others. This will and does happen every day in my journey through observing and listening. Two silent actions lived through our senses, yet influential towards self-improvement and self discovery!

Taking everything in as a teacher or lesson in disguise is part of my self talk. You know who made me more self-aware of my negative vs positive self talk?! My firstborn son. I use and continue to use positive self talk in everything I do.

Children listen and observe they are great teachers. Incorporating outspoken Self talk for him remaims extremely helpful for his progression towards persistent, inconclusive well-being and for mine as well.

During this very challenging emotional time I was constantly writing and reflecting on what it was doing positively.

In the disguise of it all, it taught him to repeat certain positive affirmations and this was a reward towards my self care and his self care and both of our self esteem at groundwork level simultaneously!

Apply Your best self as much as you can. You WILL INSPIRE greatness for yourself first and foremost so that you can better serve others. Your internal self extending and radiating outwards to the external self.

What a profound creation. Inner body balance. Radiate Glow.

Rest Easy. Quietude. Assured. Repose Positive.

You do not have a soul. You are a Soul.

Please feel free to elaborate or comment.

I Appreciate your existence.

Much Love,

Patricia Divine Essence